September 7, 2016

Review Of Language Of Desire By Felicity Keith

Women, do you wish you had more passion and intimacy in your relationship? Do you wish you could access a part of the man’s brain that turns on his primal instinct for passion? Do you wish you could say and do things with your man and not worry about being judged or rejected by him? If yes, then you need to read this review of The Language of Desire. Felicity Keith has written an instruction manual on how to get your man’s mind focused on you and intimacy. It’s a manual that could change your entire relationship, which could change your entire life.

What Is The Language of Desire About?


In part, it’s about dirty talk, but it’s also about so much more. It’s about understanding how men work and what they want. It’s about learning techniques that help you give your man what he desires most. It’s about learning techniques that help you get what you desire most from your man! It’s about increasing the desire in your relationship.

It was created when Felicity Keith knew that she had to do something to create more desire in her marriage, and she thought that learning dirty talk was the answer. But her research led her to something more than just things to say in person, through text, or on the phone. It led her to techniques that tapped into the sexual psychology of men and turn her into a fantasy woman that he dreamed about.

That’s why The Language of Desire is in demand. It’s not about being bad or being dirty. It’s about being super sexy to your man. It’s about tuning into your man’s mind and giving him the messages that he is dying to hear from you.

It’s broken up into 10 Modules.

1. Introduction: Learn about Felicity Keith and the program.

2. Become a Sexual Superwoman: Get out of your comfort zone that tells you that you need to behave in a certain way in order to be proper. For instance, remove the fear of being called a slut because you are a sexual woman. And, learn how to be dirty with dignity!

3. Loving Man’s Best Friend: Learn the secrets of his sexual drive and what he really holds near and dear to him. You will also learn what pornography means to men. With this information, you can stop hating it or labeling your man as something bad if he watches it and, instead, start understanding what he gets from it. This section will be a heavy topic for many women, but it’s worth the read. Plus, you will learn how to use the reason he watches porn to your advantage!

4. Brain Chemistry and Sex: Learn more about the primitive brain and how desire works with it. You will also learn a couple techniques that will increase your intimacy. And you will learn a phrase that every man wants to hear, but very few women say.

5. Create an Erotic Action Movie: This takes role-playing to an exciting level for you and your partner. When he feels like the star of his own sexy script, he won’t need to pretend to be in any other scripts! You will learn how to write and deliver your own sexy movie.

6. Desire Intensifiers: Turn up the heat in your relationship with these intensifiers. This includes a ‘Verbal Viagra’ intensifier that helps snap ‘him’ to attention. And a ‘tease’ intensifier that helps feel the thrill of the chase, even though he already has you.

7. For The Single Lades: If you are single, then this module will help you use the right kind of talk while dating and teach you something to help you get your next guy to commit to you! You will also learn what to do if you have been friend zoned by a man you want to date.

8. Getting Your Fantasies Met: You will learn some techniques to help him become the type of man in bed that you want. You will also learn how to read his mind with what Felicity Keith calls ‘Erotic Telepathy’.

9. When Sex Isn’t Possible: If you are in a long distance relationship or if you are unable to get intimate, this module will help you keep things hot anyway. You will need to be comfortable being verbal with your partner, but it’s worth it!

10. Dirty Talk Mastery: This is where it all comes together and you get your plan in action. Moreover, you will learn how to overcome his objections and deal with a guy who is just not willing to be intimate at all. Lastly, you will learn how to fine tune your techniques.

There is also bonus content that includes:

– The Silent Seduction: Learn how to use your body language to seduce your man.

– Done For Your Texts: I’m sure you text your man, so this will come in handy! There are over 200 text messages, including conversation starters that you can use as is or tweak for your own unique flare.

– Unstoppable Confidence: This is a 48-page PDF and a 95 minute mp3 of a conversation between Michael Fiore and Michael Griswold. So, you can either listen to it or read it. They discuss how the lack of confidence is a problem for so many women and give some insight into men that will boost your understanding and confidence even more.

How It Works

Each section in each module has a PDF file and a mp3 file included. For instance, there are three sections in the first module, and each one has its own PDF file and mp3 file. You can download the PDFs and create a little eBook that you can read wherever you are or put the mp3s on your phone and listen them as you go to and from work.

Each module has worksheets included to help you learn more about yourself and implement what you learn into your relationship. For instance, the first module – Become a Sexual Superwoman, has three worksheets titled:

1. What do you find sexy worksheet
2. Sexploration worksheet
3. What to do if you’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’ worksheet

There is a lot of information in The Language of Desire, so Felicity Keith wants you to keep a journal. This is where you are going to make notes and brainstorm. This is really a place where you can come up with ideas for your own relationship and build a plan.

You can print everything out and put it in a binder. While the program is organized in an easy to use manner, it just helps to have everything in a binder to follow along with or read at your own time. Plus the worksheets need to be printed off, so you can put them behind the appropriate module to keep things in order and work on them when the time comes.

Why Listen To Felicity Keith?

She makes it very clear that she’s not a professional and she doesn’t have experience in an industry that might qualify her to be an expert in dirty talk. But, instead, she is a wife who figured out how to dirty talk to her man in an erotic way that changed their relationship.

She created the Language of Desire as a result of her research into men and what turns them on. The research turned into a blueprint that worked for her. Her friends wanted to use that blueprint and found success with it. And soon she realized that the Language of Desire was something that every woman would love to have because so many women are dying to have the connection with their man that they once had and lost.

The bottom line is that she created a blueprint that works, and that’s why you will want to listen to her. Her blueprint is the key to changing your relationship.

Who Is This For?

You may be thinking that this blueprint won’t work for you because you’ve been together for too long. Or maybe you are worried that you haven’t been together long enough, and your man will think that you are too risque for him. Either way, I’m telling you that there is nothing to worry about because this blueprint is for you. It is for any woman in a relationship with a man.

Even if you just met a guy, the information found inside will teach you how to get his focus on you and keep it on you! You won’t have to worry about any other women turning his head because he will be so drawn to you. And, his focus will always be on you when you understand this stuff.

Who Is This Not For?

This might not be for you if you are unwilling to try something new in your love life. Therefore, if you don’t want to be the one who takes action in your relationship, and you want to wait until you man decides to become more attracted to you – for whatever reason, then don’t get this program. Also, expect your relationship to stay exactly like it is now because if you are not willing to change how you talk and what you do, then nothing is going to change.

What I Loved About The Program


The way they set up the program, with a membership area, allows them to put a comment section under each topic, and you will see that plenty of women are taking advantage of the comment section. The insights and concerns give even more value to the program, so I recommend reading them and sharing your own comments! You can even help other women understand things that you picked up in the program.

Each technique is covered thoroughly so you are not left with more questions than answers. For instance, The Romance Rotator is a technique that puts your desire for romance and desire in the spotlight so that he actually knows what to do to romance you. You learn what ‘need’ you are going to activate in your man. And, you learn how to do it through a step-by-step system.

Lastly, I love the worksheets. Most of them are a few pages long and they make you think about you, your man, and your relationship. They give you actionable tips to increase the intimacy in the relationship and they help you discover things about you, your man, and your relationship in relation to the topic. In other words, you are not just listening to her talk about what worked for her. You are brainstorming how to make what worked for her work for you! You are learning how to take control of your relationship and make your man and you happy again.

The Only Con I Found In The Program

The format of this program is different. You are not going to be delivered a book, which was upsetting to some women who thought they were getting more of a book to download than a bunch of modules to go through. What this means is you have to go through each module (and each section in each module) and download it all separately. I don’t know why they don’t have an option to download all the information with one click. I guess they figure women will learn better the way that they have it.

That said, it’s pretty easy to move through the program the way they have it set up. You sign in with your membership details and you can access the information from anywhere at any time.

Should You Buy The Language of Desire?

Only if you want a better relationship. How’s that for an answer?

The reality is that relationships that lose the passion and fun that they once had can easily go downhill. When one or both people are not satisfied, then one or both people can start to either look for satisfaction in other places or just settle with a mediocre relationship. Neither of those options should be what you want for you or your man.

It can be hard to move out of your comfort zone on your own. You may not want to talk dirty to your man. You may not feel like being intimate with him because, in the past, it’s been so bad. You may not want to come across as too sexual to a new man. But, if you want to change the way your man or men in general interact with you, the techniques and tricks in this program need to be used. In other words, you may need to push yourself out of your comfort zone at first, but once the passion ignites in your relationship, it will be easier and easier to do the things that Felicity Keith recommends doing.

In the end, this program gives you techniques, tips, and tricks to win over your man and make him want you more than he ever has before. That, in my books, is something worth buying. Plus you get a 60-day money back guarantee with the program, which means you can email them for a refund if you are not satisfied. That means you have nothing to lose (besides some time working through the program) and everything to gain.



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