July 7, 2016

Free Your Mind Quotes To Help You Let Go Of Things That Suffocate Happiness

The term ‘free your mind’ means many different things to many different people. It all depends on what stage you are at in life, what is bothering you, and what you think your mind is or is not capable of. The following free your mind quotes will take a look at a few common things that can hold your mind hostage and how they can affect you, as well as ways to free your mind for more happiness.

1. Free Your Mind From Angry Thoughts For More Peace


If you want more peace in your life, then you need to free your mind from anger. You need to let go of the anger that is holding your thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs hostage so that you can open up to more loving and kind ways to think, perceive, and believe.

When your mind is always focused on anger, you are always ready for battle. The hormone adrenaline is released, which causes you to get worked up and prepare to fight. And, you can’t have a very peaceful life when you always expect a battle in your life. Anger produces hate, which causes all of the conflicts that we have seen in the world lately.

If you want to free your mind from anger, you have to realize that anger is primarily there to help you to fight off threats in the world. You get angry when someone is threatening your well-being, relationships, happiness, or anything else that you want in life. But, for the most part, it is all a perception.

If you are confident in yourself and know that other people can’t steal your happiness, cause you harm, or affect your life in a negative way, then your anger goes away because the threat goes away. And, the truth is that they can’t! You have control over your life. Other people’s opinions and actions can’t hurt you if you don’t let them.

You are not weak. You have nothing to fear from other people. You don’t need to get on your hind legs to prove how great you are because you already know how great you are. Other people’s thoughts and beliefs can’t hurt you unless you let them.

I guarantee that once you develop a confident mindset, anger towards other people will start to lift, and you will feel much more peace in your life. When you are full of peace, you can also affect other people in a peaceful and positive way – even angry people. This is great for making big changes in your life and the world!

2. Free Your Mind From Bias For More Awareness


To be bias means to have a judgment for or against something or someone. A news story that only presents facts or opinions supporting one view is biased. A person who can only present facts or opinions supporting one view is biased.

People who are biased don’t open up their mind to other ways of looking at the situation, person, or people. They won’t even try. It’s like their mind has blinders on and can’t see anything past what it has learned or thinks it knows.

When you free your mind from a biased outlook on life, your awareness opens up. You understand other people better. You can see that what you thought were negative situations were really positive ones. You can see things that your mind would not let you see before because you simply were not willing to comprehend it. In short, your whole world opens up and you are able to move past your judgments and experience other people and situations in a completely different way.

The first step to free your mind from a biased outlook is to accept that there are other ways of thinking about the world. You are not always right; you’re just opinionated. Just because you think that something or someone should be one way doesn’t mean that it or they should be!

Try to see where other people are coming from. Try to see why other people have the perceptions and beliefs they do. Try to see that there are many different ways to feel and express love, happiness, and self-worth. Try to see that there are many different ways to live. When you can do that, you can start to free your mind from the bias that makes you judgmental and even hateful towards people who are not like you and situations that you do not think are right.

3. Free Your Mind From Worry For More Success


If you want to increase the amount of success you have in life, then you have to free your mind from worry. The fact is that you often know what you need to do to get more wealth or live the life you want, but worry that it might be the wrong decision or too hard or anything else will keep you from doing what you need to do. It will hold you back. It will stifle your efforts and produce results that are less than what you want.

Iyanla once said that we don’t worry about the essential things in life, so why not extend that trust into all areas of our lives? I love that viewpoint. We put our faith in things that have been proven to us, but we lose our faith when we are confronted with something new or something that has the potential to change our lives in some way.

The best way that I’ve found to stop worrying and have more faith in myself, other people, and new situations, is to believe that everything is happening for my better good. Believing that everything, the good and the bad, the big and the small, is working in some way towards your personal growth is a life changer.

If you can maintain a faith that everything will work out for your best interest, then you can free your mind from worry and start doing what you need to do to have more success in all areas of your life.

4. Free Your Mind From Ignorance For More Of Everything


The word ignorance has long been misunderstood. Many people believe it means being rude, but it actually means having a lack of knowledge. A person is ignorant when they do, say, or believe things based on a lack of knowledge. For instance, someone getting mad at someone else for eating raw dough because they believe they will get worms is ignorant. They are speaking out of ignorance.

When I was young, I bought into the whole myth that ignorance was bliss. I tried to shelter myself from information about things that I was scared about or things that I simply didn’t want to know so that I didn’t have to deal with them. But, as I had life experiences, I quickly figured out that ignorance is not bliss. It keeps you in a place of fear and stupidity, and it holds you back from having the life you want. Once you start to learn more, you can handle life better, be happier, be healthier, and feel more in control of your life.

Ignorance also promotes hate. If you are ignorant about someone else’s culture, then you form your own opinions based on your own beliefs. Usually, those opinions are far off from the truth. And that can cause you to be mad at other people for no reason and disrespect them for no reason.

Ignorance also hurts our world. For example, when you are ignorant to the fact that you are hunting an endangered species, you can contribute to the extinction of that species and all the consequences that go along with that. Just the other day a family killed a threatened thresher shark at the Mako Mania Tournament. The tournament is an ignorant act on so many levels, but the fact that they are proudly displaying their kill shows how much knowledge they really have about the fragile balance of the marine ecosystem.

The bottom line is that once you know better, you do better. And that’s why you need to free your mind from ignorance and fill it with as much information as you can. Don’t live your life in a state of not knowing or not caring to know. By doing so, you are hurting your life and the lives of many people around you on many different levels.

How can you free your mind from ignorance? Don’t assume you know everything, especially about things you haven’t experienced or researched. When you are unsure of something, ask questions and looks for answers. If you are scared of something, ask questions and look for answers. If you are uneducated about something, ask questions and look for answers. Your mind will find the right question to ask, and you will come across the answers that will help you get free from the ignorance and experience more of what you want to experience.

For example, believing that you are healthy when you smoke, drink too much, or do drugs, is harming you. When you really believe it’s not hurting your health, it will keep you unhealthy and affect your life negatively in many different ways. But, once you ask some questions about what it is doing to your body, search out the answers, and then have the knowledge needed to understand how your choices are affecting you, your awareness around the situation changes, and you are able to make the changes you need to make for better health.

5. Free Your Mind From Overthinking For Getting More Done


In an article about free your mind quotes, overthinking had to be included. Almost everyone I know overthinks about things in their lives. They are overthinking about their weight, their past actions, their current actions, their future worries, their desires, their relationships, their fears, and everything else. If you can overthink it, people are doing it somewhere! But, overthinking kills your happiness.

Overthinking causes you to get stuck in your mind, a place of imagination and made up stories. A huge portion of the thoughts you think are just thoughts. They are not truths or facts. They are made up stories that you have in your head that cause you to feel scared, upset, angry, worried, depressed, stressed, and all those other negative emotions that eat away at your happiness.

Overthinking hinders your ability to make decisions and be productive, which are necessary for personal growth and success. Even something small, such as overthinking what you should eat for supper, can waste hours of your day that could be spent on better things, such as meditation, exercising, spending time with family, or getting some work done.

The worst part is that overthinking is usually not productive. Unless you are trying to come up with a new idea for your business or a solution to a problem, overthinking is a waste of time. It’s just going through thoughts made up of worries, regret, and fear, and it’s not going to solve anything – it’s just going to waste your time.

Stopping overthinking can be easier said than done, but one trick to limit the amount of time you spend thinking is to focus on action that requires focus. The more you are doing something that requires your brain, the less you are thinking.

For example, if you are overthinking an encounter you had with someone earlier, then you need to shift your focus from the encounter and put it on something else. Even a funny movie can help you get out of your head and focus on the characters and the message in the movie.

Of course, sometimes shifting your focus only eliminates the overthinking for a while. Once you are done the movie, your mind can instantly bounce back to the encounter and start overthinking again. So what are some more permanent techniques to reduce the amount of time you waste on overthinking? There are two big techniques you can incorporate into your life.

1. Meditation: In meditation, you learn to recognize and quiet your thoughts. You recognize that the majority of your thoughts are just ideas that come and go but don’t actually influence you in any way. And, when their importance diminishes with that knowledge, you are able to quiet them down.

2. Be mindful: When you are focused on the now, you don’t get caught up in overthinking about the future or the past. Being mindful simply means putting your attention on the moment. You can be mindful by using your senses to really experience what you are doing. For instance, on a walk, you can pay attention to your footsteps, the noises around you, the sights around you, and the feeling of the sun or wind or rain on your skin. You can’t overthink and be mindful at the same time.

When You Can’t Free Your Mind On Your Own

An important note is that not everyone can free their mind on their own. Some people cannot stop negative thoughts, worry, anger, or other unhealthy ways of thinking without help from a professional. If you are unable to free your mind on your own, then it’s important you seek help. As you can see from these free your mind quotes, the benefits to your happiness and health, as well as the happiness and health of other people and the world are worth the effort!

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