March 13, 2016

Encouraging Quotes For Living Your Best Life

Living your best life can be hard. It means you need to make some hard decisions, do some hard things, and face some hard facts. But it is rewarding. Living your worst life is easy. You just sit back and let life happen to you. You don’t choose what you want. You don’t take action on what you want. You just complain, do things you don’t want to do, and waste your life away. It is a painful way to live. If you are finished living your worst life – or even a mediocre life, then you need to start doing the hard things. Following are some encouraging quotes to get you up and do what you need to do!

1. Satisfy Your Soul


If you are wanting to live your best life, then your soul is calling out to you to do so. There is a longing or a need inside of you to do what you need to do, and that desire is going to keep you in a place where you feel lack or disappointed in yourself and your life until you do. That can lead to extreme unhappiness and even depression.

Encouraging quotes like this are what keep you moving when you don’t have any other reason why you should keep doing what is right. The very fact that you are doing something to satisfy your inner self is all you can see sometimes, and it should be enough. That’s why you will make the harder decisions or the less lucrative decisions. You do what you need to do to stop the disappointment or feeling of being unfilled, and you do what you know is right for you. And, it always leads to more happiness.

For example, I have a friend who was in an executive job that demanded a lot of his time and energy. He was making a lot of money, but he was not happy. He had no time to spend with his wife and kids, and he was starting to become sick with aches, pains, migraines, and low energy. He had barely had a cold in his adult life, but his immune system was being affected negatively from all the stress, and he was getting colds almost every month. He knew what was right. His soul was begging him to get a job that didn’t demand so much from him. But that meant a huge pay cut and it was hard to let go of the money! When he finally switched jobs, he was making over 50% less than he had been in his executive job, but he was 200% happier and more satisfied with his life.

2. Your Best Life Is Up To you


We all know Arnold Schwarzenegger, but what many people don’t know is that he was made fun of for his bodybuilding dreams. Everyone told him that he was going in the wrong direction or that he was living in a dream world, but he had a vision of being a world champion, and he couldn’t let go of it.

Even though his father thought his dream was embarrassing, and set him up in the military to become a tank driver, Arnold still wanted to become the most muscular man in the world. So much so that he risked severe punishment to leave basic training and go to an international competition where he could get himself noticed and started on his dream. He wasn’t supposed to leave the country, but he still went to the competition in the hopes that he would win – and he DID win! From that point on, things changed, and he had created a blueprint for living his best life. He knew that he had to do what he wanted to do, no matter how silly it seemed to other people.

If anyone is an example that your best life is up to you, Arnold definitely is the guy. If he had listened to his friends, his father, or anyone else around him, he wouldn’t have had the incredible life that he’s had. At 68, he’s done more than most of us will do in our lifetime. He’s an amazing example of what living your best life can do for you.

So, the next time someone tries to tell you how you are supposed to live, remember Arnold! Remember what going after your dreams can do for your life, and then do it. You don’t want to look back at the end and realize you lived someone else’s life and never took the chance to do what you want to do.

3. Learn How To Deal With The Difficult Aspects Of Life


There is a reason that so many people love Iyanla Vanzant and her encouraging quotes, and it is because she has walked the walk, not just talked the talk. She has moved through the difficult aspects of her life and gathered the tools to help her deal with anything that comes into her life now. She is living her best life by facing the difficult aspects of life so that she can live an authentic life in everything she does.

The fact that people suffer needlessly is something to always remember when it comes to living your best life. You don’t have to suffer. You don’t have to let things bring you down and keep you down. You don’t have to hold onto the past and let it dictate who you are and what you are capable of. You don’t have to have to sacrifice because you have been taught that you should sacrifice. You need to learn how to move through those feelings of guilt, shame, anger, or being a victim in life so that you can move past the charade and start living your best life!

Iyanla advocates a few different tools for living your best life. If you can, catch one of her shows, such as ‘Iyanla Fix My Life’, or listen to one of her speaking engagements to really learn how you are capable of living a better life. But, until then, following are some recommendations from her.

– Have a vision in your life. When you have a vision, you have a direction.

– Develop a spiritual practice. Just 5 minutes is better than nothing, and it can include reading something inspirations, prayer, meditation, or listening to someone inspirational. It keeps you connected to your inner self.

– Practice gratitude. Being grateful will help you to stop comparing, complaining, rejecting, and ignoring the bad things in your life.

– Forgive! Iyanla has a book, 21 Days To Forgive Everyone for Everything, and I highly recommend it. Forgiveness will help you get unstuck and start moving forward in your life. To forgive means to ‘give’ this up ‘for’ something better! So, when you forgive, you can start living your best life.

4. You Can Contribute To Serious Change


Why is this one of the encouraging quotes I’m including in this article? Because it should have you excited to make changes in your life that can make changes on a grander scale. If you have ever wanted to make a difference in this world, then making changes in your life and living your best life is the way to do it.

Imagine a group of people who are living a miserable life. They are complaining, angry, and upset with how things are working out. They blame other people and, in the process, contribute to other people’s lives negatively. They don’t change anything. They hold other people and positive progress back in the world, just like they do in their own lives.

Now, imagine a group of people who are working towards living a better life. They are willing to make changes in their lives. They take ownership over their lives and what happens. And, they know that their actions in lives have more than just an impact on them. Together, they can work towards influencing some serious and positive change in the world.

If you choose to live your best life, you have an opportunity to be a part of the positive group who promote change. You have the ability to help others and the world become better. That should be an extremely encouraging thought to keep you focused on making change and moving towards the life you want.

5. Hold The Belief That You Are Capable Of Living Your Best Life


When you believe in yourself, big things happen. Oprah said that even if she had been working at a shoe store, she would have sold the most shoes in the store because her belief was that she was going to be really good at whatever she was doing.

You can take that lesson and apply it to your own life to start living your best life. Believe that whatever you are doing, you are going to be the best at it. And take it a step further and believe that you are capable of finding the path in life that is your best life, and you are capable of doing it very well!

I have yet to meet someone who believes in themselves who is not living a life that is worthy of them. I don’t know one person who believes in themselves who is sitting around in a job they hate, complaining about life, and being miserable. Do you?

Do what you have to do to believe that you are great. Listen to inspirational people who believed in themselves. Use positive affirmations to drill home the belief that you are worthy and capable of living your best life. And, take action on life to prove to yourself that you are worthy and capable of living your best life.

6. Embrace Social Interactions


Embrace all social interactions you have because they are what teach you how to live your best life. You may think that the jerk who tells you off in the grocery store is not an interaction you want to have, but it is because it teaches you about who you want to be and who you don’t want to be. It can give you insights into your own behavior, and it can give you ideas into what path you want to take in life.

I used to avoid conflict or social interaction with people I disliked, but I have found that some of my most conflict-orientated interactions have taught me the most about how to live my best life. Every interaction I have is helpful for me. Every interaction I have has the potential to teach me something that might correct my behavior or beliefs and get me on a path to a better life.

This is one of those encouraging quotes to remember when you are faced with social interactions you just don’t want to face. Take the lesson from them to make them an important part of your life, and let them help you come to the conclusions about what you prefer so that you can vibrate in a way you want to vibrate for your best life.

7. Stop Acting Like You Are Alone In Life


It can be hard to live your best life, and doing it alone is especially hard. When you feel like you are the only person you can depend on, then it becomes easy to throw in the towel and give up. That’s why it is important to believe that someone or something is standing right beside you in every part of your life.

Shirley Caesar was referring to God, but you may believe in something or someone else. It doesn’t matter what you believe in, the point is to believe that you are not alone. Something or someone is looking out for your best interest and there to help you. Other people are there for you, not against you. You were put here to live out your best life. All of those beliefs will help you feel more supported as you move towards the life you want.

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