March 27, 2016

8 Thank You Quotes And Why They Are So Important

Saying thank you is something that we do almost daily. We say it to strangers, friends, and family without really thinking about what it means. The following 8 thank you quotes have a lot of meaning behind them, and once you understand it, you may find yourself not just saying thank you more, but really understanding why you are saying it and how it is benefiting you and your life.

1. Why You Should Say Thank You For Today


It doesn’t matter what is going on today, you are alive. You are here. You are able to experience the day and all that comes with it. That is something to say thank you for.

But you are not just thanking some higher power that you are here when you say thank you. You are also reminding yourself of what there is to be happy about, even if there seems like there is nothing to be happy about. You are reminding yourself that there IS something to be grateful for today, and that can help you stay optimistic in the face of anything.

So, wake up and say thank you as soon as you open your eyes. If you do that, you will get started on the right foot and help set the tone for the rest of the day.

2. Recognize That Other People Have Helped You Get Where You Are By Saying Thank You


If you don’t know Colleen Evans, she is a YouTuber who does a character called Miranda Sings. She is currently having some great success in her life – getting a show on Netflix, having great success with her YouTube videos, and doing all kinds of projects on the side, but the above thank you quote from her came after she did a live Miranda show. She expressed how much she loved doing the live shows and how she knows that it is simply because of her fans that she is able to do what makes her happiest in life. While she is obviously extremely talented, her success is due to her fans supporting her.

Who is helping you in your life? Your friends or family members? Your boss or your teacher? Your co-workers? Make sure you say thank you to them because they are playing an important role in your success, and you need to acknowledge that in order to stay grounded and remember why you are where you are.

3. You Make Others Feel Good With Your Gratitude


Not only is saying thank you important for your own mental well-being, it is important to make other people feel good about themselves. Research has shown that receiving expressions of gratitude, such as a simple thank you, makes us feel better about ourselves and the person who expresses the gratitude. It also causes us to do more helpful things towards the person we received gratitude from, which is a win-win for anyone.

Lady Gaga was speaking to her incredible 57 million Twitter followers, and understanding how we feel when we are thanked, you can imagine how good her followers felt about themselves and her. She didn’t just thank them. She told them straight up why they were benefiting her so much and how she wants to return the favor. It’s hard not to like her after hearing something like that.

But, you don’t have to be Lady Gaga to affect people. Say thank you with sincerity to everyone who benefits you in some way. If they make your life easier, serve you in some way, help you out, or stand by you, say thank you and make them feel good with your gratitude.

4. Saying Thank You Instead Of Praying For Help


This was one of the interesting thank you quotes that I really want to include in this article. Almost everyone prays in some way. It may not be to a higher power, though. It may be to your inner self or just to an unknown place that you don’t really think about.

When we pray, we tend to complain about what is not going right and then ask for help because we can’t take what is happening anymore. This can cause us to dwell on what is going wrong and, if we don’t really have total faith that things are going to work out, we may sabotage ourselves by doing or saying things that hurt our chances of getting help.

But, by saying thank you instead of complaining, we lift ourselves into a state of gratitude. A state where we feel happier, become healthier, have more success, have more hope, and feel more connected spiritually. In short, thank you can move us into a state where we can see things differently and do things differently, and experience the benefits of that.

Remember, you are the one who ultimately changes things around in your life. Your ability to see opportunities and take action can change a situation around completely. Moreover, the way you feel about yourself can influence your body and mind and overall health. So, when you say thank you as a prayer, you are setting yourself up to be open to change what is wrong and feel better.

5. Why Saying Thank You After A Sincere Compliment Is Important


This is one of the thank you quotes that everyone will relate to on some level. Most of us are not good at taking compliments. We say things that negate the compliment. We tell other people that we are just having a good day or we are covering up all those faults so that they can’t see them, and we ultimately remind them that we are anywhere near as great as they think we are.

But, there is a huge problem with doing that! First, we are telling ourselves that we are really not that great with all that negative self-talk. It’s not being humble in the face of someone telling us how important we are. It is an act of hate towards ourselves that we don’t often recognize while we are doing it, but still affects our self-worth and self-confidence.

And, second, we are telling the person who gave us the compliment that we really don’t value their opinion or trust it. If they truly think our hair looks good, for example, and we tell them that it is all an illusion and they obviously don’t know the real us, how do you think they feel about themselves and their opinion?

Furthermore, how do you think they feel about you? They probably don’t like the fact that you are not in agreement with them because we all like people to be in agreement with us. And, they probably are taking your words and looking at you in a completely different way. Maybe as if you have low self-esteem. Maybe as if you are delusional. Who knows? But the point is that their perception of you can be affected by the picture you paint of yourself.

For example, I have a friend who is beautiful and naturally skinny, but when anyone compliments her, she talks about how fat she is and how old she is and how ugly she really is under all the makeup. I had one person tell me that if she thought she was fat and ugly, they couldn’t imagine what she thought about them. I can totally relate to that! If someone like her judges themselves so harshly, what do they think about someone else who isn’t blessed with their body and natural beauty?

Sometimes the compliment is not sincere. You can often tell when someone is trying to suck up or just be nice. They usually say it in passing as they look around at other things or quickly change the subject to something about themselves. But, it is still important to say thank you for your own sake. Even if they are not saying something nice from a place of honesty, you can at least send a nice message to yourself by saying acknowledge it is a truth, whether they believe it or not.

6. Can You Say Thank You Too Much?


Some people would argue that saying thank you too much can make favors and obligations blend together. For instance, if we say thank you every time someone does something we ask them to and everyone time someone does something they are supposed to, then we can reduce the reward they feel when they do us a favor. I don’t see it like that, though. I tend to agree with Ronnie Woo.

The fact is that saying thank you sincerely, no matter if it is done after a favor or an obligation, will still make someone feel good about themselves and the person who said it. It will make their efforts feel valued and appreciated. It will make them feel like it was time well spent and encourage them to do more for the person, whether it is a favor or an obligation.

I think the trick is to say thank you sincerely. Don’t just thank someone half-heartedly as you run past them towards something else. Instead, take the time to look them in the eyes and mean what you say! If you do it this way, then it will never blur the lines between what they need to do for you and what they are taking the time to do for you because they already know the difference and appreciate the gratitude for both.

7. Random Acts Of Kindness


If you’ve been struggling to come up with random acts of kindness that you can do every day, then saying thank you is your new go-to act. But, not just a polite thank you that you say after someone helps you out or packs your groceries or brings you your food – a real thank you that explains why you are grateful.

For example, the other day I was at a fragrance shop trying to find a cologne that my friend liked. He couldn’t remember the name of it, so the girl behind the counter was listing off every cologne known to man. After about 20 different names, she finally said the one he was looking for. As he was paying, I didn’t just thank her as most customers do after they get their receipt. Instead, I thanked her for taking time to list off so many different colognes and help us find the right one that he was looking for. She smiled from ear to ear, looked me in the eyes, and said your welcome with complete sincerity.

As Jennifer L. Armentrout said, sometimes a thank you can mean the world. After hearing a million fake or ‘just being polite’ thank yous during the day, one sincere thank you can really make someone feel good about themselves and what they do. So, acknowledge others with more detail and honesty to really brighten up their day.

8. Saying Thank You Can Save Your Marriage


Research has found that you can help fix your marriage with two simple words: thank you. This is because believing that your partner values you, influences how you view them and how you behave in the marriage. It also dictates how committed you feel to the marriage. In fact, the research found that gratitude is so powerful, it can help interrupt the need to be critical of each other during times of stress.

So, in your relationship, make sure you show gratitude towards your partner for all that they do. It just may be the thing that keeps you marriage strong or, even, saves your marriage from going towards divorce.

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