April 27, 2016

8 Sister Quotes To Remind You Of How Special Your Sister Is

We all talk about how important our parents, kids, friends, and spouses are, but the relationship with a sister is often not brought up. Yet, unless they are completely off their rocker, they are there for us through childhood, in our awkward years, and well beyond. And we always have a place for them in our heart, even when we can’t stand them, don’t agree with them, and are busy with other people in our lives. Following are some sister quotes that will remind you of why sister is so important!

1. Sisters See Through Your Lies

1If you have a sister, then this is one of the sister quotes that will make you laugh and irritate you at the same time. We all know how true this is.

Parents can be fooled quite easily. Friends can be fooled some of the time. Even your spouse can be fooled once in a while. But sisters have a way of seeing through the lies and the games and calling you on them. They know when you are upset, and they know when you are happy, and they are not afraid to talk to you about any emotion they think you are going through, even if you don’t want to talk about it.

The thing about sisters is that they are not trying to impress you, nor you them, so you don’t put on as good of a facade as you do with people you really want to fool. Moreover, we know that they are going to tell us what they think we need to hear when something in our life is going wrong, so I think when we know we are doing something wrong or unhealthy, we let our sister see it so that she can tell us to smarten up when we don’t have the strength to tell ourselves that.

So the next time you get annoyed with your sister’s uncanny ability to read you like a book, this is one of the sister quotes you need to read. It’s impossible to kid your sister. And thank God that there is one person in your life that you can’t fool!

2. Sisters Are Both Like You And Not Like You

2I don’t know too many siblings who are exactly alike. In fact, most siblings I know are completely different. Obviously, brothers and sisters can be extremely different, but even sister and sister can look at each other and wonder how they become so different. One will be a rebel while the other is a perfect child. Or, one will be into dance music while the other will be into heavy metal. There always has to be some big differences, but there are also always some big commonalities.

I think the differences we have are the universe’s way of teaching us patience and compassion. We have to put up with our sisters for a long time, so we learn to tolerate those differences because we literally have no other choice. And we are also treated to moments where we are on the same page and can understand exactly why we have the relationship that we do.

I recently saw a cartoon that has two circles, one labeled ‘best friend’ and one labeled ‘enemy’, and ‘your sister’ is the tiny little overlap that those two circles make when they come together. When you look at it that way, there really is no one like your sister who can fit into both the enemy and best friend overlap so well!

In short, sisters teach us how to accept them and others the way they are. They let us get our judgmental years out with them, and then teach us that even though other people are different, it doesn’t mean we can’t have a long-term relationship with them that is based on commonalities, fun, and shared memories.

3. Sisters Are There To Listen (And Talk)


If you are a brother to a sister, then you know that she is willing to listen and give advice any time you need her to, and even when you don’t need her to. She will tell you exactly what ‘you need to know’ if you let her. Even if you tick her off and make her feel bad, she will still offer you the support you need.

But, if you are a sister to your sister, then those talk sessions can turn into moments where you forget who brought up what and who came up the idea to do something first. It is like a flow of ideas, insights, and walking down memory lane, and it all blends together in a way that makes you look back later wondering whose memories belong to whom.

I find that it doesn’t matter if you are a brother to a sister or a sister to a sister, when no one understands you, turning to your sister can help. It doesn’t matter if you are not as close as the woman in the above sister quote. Talking with your sister is the ultimate way to remind yourself that someone else out there understands you on a level that you want to be understood on. They don’t try to make you be someone different than they are because they long ago accepted you for who you are. That’s the ultimate type of person to have in your life.

4. You Need Your Sister In Your Life


It doesn’t matter how much you argue about stupid things or how honest you are with each other (where a few hurt feelings arise), your sister is always someone you need in your life. In fact, nobody is more honest than a sister, so if you don’t need her for anything else, then you need her to tell you when you are acting like an idiot or getting ready to send a completely different vibe out into the world than you want to.

But a sister is needed for many other reasons. They are there to remind you of who your parents are or were. They are there to remind you of where you came from and how far you have come in life. They are there to remind you that family is always something you can depend on, even when so-called friends give up on you. They are an important part of keeping you sane, making you feel loved, and giving you a sense of belonging in this world. That’s why they are so needed even when you are complete opposites.

5. A Woman’s Siblings Will Always Stand Up For Her And Make Things Happen

5Now, I know that many brothers stick up for their sisters with a vengeance. I know one guy who in his younger years held up his sister’s bully over a railing from the second floor just to convince him that he should stop bugging his sister. Brothers have a way of confronting those bullies, ex-boyfriends, and everyone else when their sister is not around. But, when you have a sister and a sister in a situation where one needs help, then you have to deal with two women who are not very happy and know how to get their point across.

Sisters can fight and talk bad about each other, but they will stand together when they have to. And, if you have ever tried to come between two sisters or pick a fight with one sister while the other one is there, you know that things can get pretty tense.

I think as siblings, we have a desire to protect each other. Even if we don’t like our sibling at the moment, that desire to protect them is still there if a threat comes into play or if they need us. It doesn’t seem to be lost with age, distance, or differences. It’s always there, and it is what makes sisters feel as if someone is always on their side when they need them the most.

So anyone who crosses someone’s sister better watch out! This includes people who break her heart and people who try to talk bad about her, and if you are a combination of the two, you better hope you don’t run into her brother or sister ever!

6. We Got To Teach Our Sisters To Be Strong


This is one of the many sister quotes I love from the Kardashians. You may not like them, but they are a shining example of what sisters can do for each other, and what a sister can mean in your life.

If you have a sister, you have an obligation to teach her to be strong. Khloe Kardashian obviously has a lot of sisters, and I think while it is important to be a good role model for your younger sisters, it is equally important to be a good role model for your older sisters.

All women are influenced daily by negative messages that can affect their body, mind, and spirit. There is no escaping these messages in media. Even friends and other family member’s will say or do something that makes women question their value and equality in the world. But, brothers and sisters are the people who should be telling their sisters how worthy they are, how strong they are, and how amazing they are. Moreover, they should be leading by example and owning themselves as a strong and confident person, not a female or a male.

7. It’s Never Too Late To Reunite With A Sister


In an article on Stylist, Cara Helene wrote a letter to her estranged sister and the above quote expresses a hope she has that she can get her sister back in her life. This is a sentiment that a lot of people have.

I have seen sisters move away from their siblings for many reasons, including conflicts that can’t be worked out, alcohol or drug abuse, and getting into an abusive relationship and not having the ability to stay in contact with their siblings. All of these things can drive your sister away from you. Even your parent’s choice to put you or your sister up for adoption can limit your ability to be together from a young age. But as Cara Helene said, as long as you both have regret, desire, or the need to try in your heart, then there is a chance that you can find your way back to each other.

For example, I know one man who is in his late 60’s and is just reconnecting with his sister, who was his best friend up until their mid-twenties. She became an alcoholic and was in an abusive relationship, and they just kind of grew apart because they had so little in common and could not overlook it. Now, she is sober, and has long left her husband, and after years of not talking to each other, they have reconnected in a way that makes it seem like no time has passed. They still have those core commonalities they shared when they were best friends, and they can laugh with each other and be silly with each other like they can’t do with anyone else. It’s amazing to see how that connection is never lost.

8. Sisters Help You Keep Your Childhood Memories Around

8This is the last of the sister quotes, but definitely not the least meaningful! We don’t always remember our parents, neighbors, friends, classmates, or teachers, but we do remember our sisters. We remember some of the laughter, the fights, the silliness, the games, the missions, the imagination, and the trouble. And if we don’t our sister will remind us!

All that memory boils down to one thing – a childhood that can never be lost. Those memories take us back to the moments of innocence and help us reconnect when we need a reminder of why we bothered staying connected to our sister in the first place.

I think, also, a sister understands your inner child. They understand those weird things you do and why you love to play games in the rain or watch Disney movies for hours. They get that you are someone who stems from a place of fun, laughter, and silliness because they have seen you in that place! That’s a pretty special person to have in your life.

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