March 22, 2016

8 Independent Women Quotes To Help Claim Your Independence

For a long time, women have been viewed as dependent on others. Since I was a kid, I have constantly – in fact, daily, seen messages or heard words that were meant to portray how dependent women really are. For instance, women require a man to support them financially, emotionally, or physically because they are the weaker sex and need that support. Or they require their family members to help them because they are so weak and unable to cope on their own. The message that women are weak and need to be taken care of seems to be something that has been marketed in every area of life from food to work.

Now, messages of strong, self-sufficient, and self-reliant women have been popping up and making their messages heard about what women really deserve. In fact, if you follow the hashtag #istandup, you will see many strong and independent women voicing their opinions. But before you check that out (and hopefully join the hashtag movement) following are 8 independent women quotes that will help mold the future of how women view themselves.

1. Getting Out Of The Traditional Role


I saw a commercial the other day that is promoting traditions. I can’t remember what is it for, but I came away from the commercial feeling like I had to follow all of the traditions that my family had set long ago because it was what I was supposed to do. I’m assuming that’s how they wanted me to feel! But, for women who want to be independent, some traditions need to be broken.

Yes, in most cultures, women are the ones who have always stayed at home and took care of their men. The traditions of women in the kitchen are passed down from generation to generation, and it can be really hard to break free from that role, especially if your entire family believes in it. It doesn’t matter what generation you are a part of, everyone from Baby Boomers to Generation Z are faced with the traditional roles of their parents.

For example, I have a male friend who has a sister that is living out her Italian and Catholic mother’s traditional role. Her Italian mother cherishes motherhood and being a wife and puts it above all else – including herself, and she has taught her taught to cherish it too, to the point that she is staying in a physically and mentally abusive relationship because, as her mother has outright told her, “You need to take care of your kids and man, despite what is happening.” Unfortunately, she’s not actually taking care of her kids because they are living in an unhealthy household, and she is being brainwashed that she can’t live on her own by her husband, his huge Italian family, and her mom. She even had an escape plan at one point that was sabotaged by his family. They told her that she needed to stay and work it out as divorce is not a consideration.

The point is your grandmother, mother, aunts, and other women in your family are going to try to keep you in a traditional role. They are going to tell you to take care of others, because that’s what women do. They are going to tell you to get a strong and capable man to take care of you so that you can survive and thrive in this world. It’s what they feel is right, despite what is happening in your world or how you feel. They are going to try to convince you that you can’t make it on your own as a single woman. But you can. Their tradition is based around their beliefs, and sometime traditions need to be broken.

2. One Habit To Maintain Your Independence


The people in your life will have a huge influence on how independent you are. There are some people in life who you can move out of your life when they start to affect your independence. For instance, a negative friend who is trying to convince you that you need him or her to feel valued, have fun, or anything else, is someone you can push out of your life. You are not committed to stay friends with someone for a lifetime, just as you are not committed to stay in unhealthy intimate relationships that try to take away your Independence. But, some people, like family members, are difficult to remove from your life.

If you can’t remove toxic people who try to control you or make you feel controlled in some way from your life, then you need to find a way to deal with them. This is one of the independent women quotes to keep in mind. Create bars between you and toxic people, and don’t let them get to you in a way that they can affect your thoughts, emotions, and strength. Limit the time you spend with them. Take control of the conversations you have with them, and don’t let yourself get caught up in a conversation that affects you negatively. And, don’t let other people suck you into their drama or toxic lifestyle in a way that affects your independence negatively.

3. Why Do We Need Independent Women?


In other words, you are responsible for your own life. You are responsible for who you are, what you do, and how you do it, and if you let other people make those decisions for you, then you are not in control of your life and how it affects you and everything around you. Do you see the impact that this can have?

If you are not in control of how you affect others, you could be influencing their lives in a very negative way. For instance, the mother that is abused and refuses to claim her independence is influencing her daughters the way her husband dictates. She is showing them weakness. She is showing them how women are supposed to be treated. She is teaching them to be dependent on their man. She is teaching them everything that her man believes about women, and that is stealing from their self-worth and ability to be independent themselves.

Every woman matters. That’s why it is important she uses her importance in this world as ethically and powerfully as she can. If she sits back dependent on others to decide who she is, then she is making herself insignificant.

4. What Do Independent Men Think About Independent Women?


I’ve heard a lot of strong and secure men talk about non-relationship worthy women. These are the type of women that are needy and cling to them – or, in other words, are dependent. These women are good for guys who need to be in control because they can control them easily. Guys that are insecure and sexist fit into that role. But, for good guys who want a normal relationship with a woman who can take care of herself, but still knows how to be an active part of the relationship, needy women are the ones who are not considered or dumped quickly.

In other words, if you want a normal relationship with an independent man who knows how to treat you right while appreciating you for who you are, then you need to be an independent woman. When you are, you will be able to tell which guys are the losers and abusers because they will try to change you in some way or not be happy with who you are, while the good guys who are worthy of your love will allow you to be just who you are because that’s who they love.

5. Independent Women Don’t Need To Rely On Someone Else


Cindy Crawford talked about how her mother was dependent on her father, even after their divorce. He would send her money each week, but if she ticked him off in any way, he would withhold the money, which would mean no food or no gas. Cindy saw that and decided that it would never happen to her, and, of course, she is in a position where it never will.

It’s important to always remember that your independence may be the only thing you have at some point in your life. Even if you are surrounded by loved ones, friends, a great man, and kids, all of that can be taken away, and there may be a time when you are the only person you can depend on. That’s why you need to create and value your independence right now, no matter who you have to depend on.

You should be able to make money and understand how to take care of yourself in terms of banking, taking care of your home, and getting around. You should know what your passions are in life and what you are good at. You should know your strengths and weaknesses, which means you should be out there testing yourself to see what they are. When you depend on someone else to do things for you or tell you who you are, it will feel very frustrating and overwhelming when you don’t have that person there anymore.

If you want to be an independent women, then get to the point that you don’t need to rely on anyone else. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t value the support you have in your life, but you should be able to handle life if you are suddenly standing alone.

6. Don’t Think You Can Be An Independent Woman?


Do you realize how amazing women are? They can grow a human life in them and give birth to it. They have an ability to nurture other people in a way that makes them feel loved and valued. And, they have the power to create dramatic changes in this world with their work and inspiration. Women can do it all, and if you are a woman, you have that power inside of you.

It doesn’t matter where you are now, you have the power to overcome your circumstances and push forward to better things. You have the power to become self-sufficient and capable of handling anything that comes your way. You are a woman! It’s built in you to create, change, and handle things.

Your power may have been pushed down by other people’s beliefs or words, or even by your own beliefs or words, but that doesn’t mean it is not still there. It doesn’t leave you. It’s just waiting for you to start taking action on becoming the woman that you can be.

7. You Don’t Need Permission To Be Yourself

35If you are collecting independent women quotes, add this one to your collection. It will stop you from asking other people if it’s alright if you go ahead and live your life the way you want to, not just for the big things, but for the small things too.

You are perfectly capable of making decisions for yourself, and you don’t need anyone to tell you whether what you feel, desire, or feel passionate about is worthy of your attention or not. If you know that it is, then you don’t need anyone to let you do what you need to do either. They may not agree with what you are doing, but they can’t stop you because you are being who you want to be.

8. Life’s Too Hard Not To Be Independent

36Maya Angelou said that she loved to see women go out there and make the most out of their lives. And she was right in this quote, life is a bitch. Things go wrong all the time. There are a lot of rude, inconsiderate, and selfish people out there. You can get stomped on, pushed aside, and ignored if you don’t go out there and demand the life that you want to have.

Something to remember is that if you are not independent, then you are going to be depending on other people to help you create the life you want. Always remember that other people are looking out for themselves more than you. They are working on taking care of their needs, which means your needs will be second to theirs. You will always be waiting, wanting, asking, and maybe even begging, which is such a waste of your life!

Go ahead and get what you want when you want it. Don’t wait for other people to do it for you. Kick some ass and show other people that you are serious about your life and its value to you. That will help make you the independent woman that you deserve to be.

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