July 14, 2016

7 Quotes About Determination For Everyone

Quotes about determination can help you focus on your heart’s desires and move towards your goals. They can help you push through your comfort zone and focus on changing the things you want to change in your life. They can help you take action, face your fears, overcome failure, and deal with criticism from people that you encounter every day. And, quotes about determination teach you how other people stayed determined and what they know about how determination benefits your life.

In short, if you want to get determined to achieve something in your life, the following quotes about determination can help! Let’s talk about why they are so important to remember so that you can start doing the things that need to be done to get you closer to who you want to be.

1. How To Follow The Path You Know Was Meant For You


Ben is a professional baseball player, so he knows a thing or two about following your callings in life. In fact, he knows a secret that only a select few people do about having the life you want. The secret is this: It takes determination and perseverance to follow through on the life you want.

People who have followed a mission that they felt called to pursue, know that it isn’t easy. They had to stick with moving forward even when times got tough (and they did). If they hadn’t put in the work, they wouldn’t be where they are, and that’s something everyone needs to understand.

You can’t get the life you want without determination. You will give up. You will change your mind. You will not do what you need to do. So if you want to live the life you feel you were called to do – whether it is to be a stay at home parent or a missionary or anything else – stay determined to make it happen. That’s the only way you will keep moving forward on a path meant for you.

2. Do You Believe The Path You Desire Is Not Possible?


One of the most important quotes about determination to remember is this one. It reminds you of what determination is and what it can do for your life.

If you don’t believe in yourself, you dreams, your purpose, or your willpower, then it is impossible to achieve the life you want. Why? You will never allow yourself to do what you need to do to achieve the things you want in life. You will sabotage yourself with limiting beliefs. You will beat yourself up and put yourself down. You will stop before you even start. It will be impossible to reach your dreams because you will be standing in your own way.

But, if you believe that it is possible for you to have the life you want, then you will see things differently. Your beliefs will support you. Your actions will support you. Your self-talk will support you. You will do what you need to do despite the fear because you believe that it is possible, and you will be determined to get there.

Whether it comes to love, work, health, or play, you have to believe that you can get what you want and be determined to see it through. I highly suggest having a visual of your ‘why’ – the reason you want to stay determined to reach your goal. That ‘why’ is a motivator to keep you moving forward and doing what you need to do. It may be your kids, your retirement, your happiness, your well-being, or anything else, but it is the reason you have the desire in the first place. Find it, and your determination will follow.

3. One Way To Boost Your Determination


This is just another reason for us to shape up. A fit body affects us on so many different levels when it comes to determination. First and foremost, it gives us the energy we need to stay firm with our goals and have the ability to move forward. Even in easy times, an unfit person can lack the energy needed to keep moving forward and do what needs to be done.

Moreover, regular exercise has been shown to protect memory and thinking skills. It also seems to increase the size of the hippocampus, which is thought to be the center for memory and emotion. And, research has shown that the bigger your hippocampus, the less chance of dementia or memory decline.

In short, moving more and getting fit is a great way to help you embrace determination by increasing your energy, focus, and other cognitive skills. When you feel energetic and can clearly see your goals and dreams, you are much more likely to do what you need to do.

And, as well all know, being fit helps you to feel better about yourself. It improves your self-esteem and makes you feel like you are more capable of having the willpower need to continue towards whatever it is that you want. You like what you see. You feel good about your efforts to stay fit. And, you improve your determination in all areas of life.

4. Without Determination You Are Wasting Your Time


Until you resolve to do what you need, want, or desire to do, you are simply wasting time. Without determination to ‘get it done’, you are wasting time. This is why developing your determination is so important. You can sit around and waste time, or you can decide to do what you need to do and start doing it.

A lot of people get stuck in the phase of considering what they should do next. They want to do something, but they are not determined to do it, so they flip and flop around the subject. They say things like, “I’ll start tomorrow” so that they can get out of doing what they need to do today. But in the meantime, they are wasting their time. They are not getting a start on what they really want in life.

Unfortunately, too many people waste their whole lives with excuses. They never develop the resolve to go after what they want, so they just waste time making excuses and doing things that don’t really matter to them.

Don’t let that be you. Make determination an important part of your life. Have the resolve to go after what you want and achieve it. Stop wasting time.

5. Don’t Wait To See What Happens – Make Things Happen


This is one of the older quotes about determination, but not any less valuable than the other ones. It will always apply to your life and everyone else’s life, so it is an important quote to remember.

Waiting to see what happens will get you nowhere. You may want to wait for the perfect time. You may want to wait until you see someone else succeed. You may want to wait until you feel better, feel more powerful, have more time, have more energy, or have more money. But, waiting is the enemy of getting things done. You can’t ‘do’ while you are waiting.

Moreover, waiting to see what happens leaves things out of your control. If you let the wind decide how things will turn out, then there is a good chance that things won’t turn out the way you hope or expect. You need to get up and develop the determination to do what you need to do to make the right things happen.

For instance, if your goal is to be in a happy relationship and have your partner treat you better, then you can definitely sit back, cross your fingers, and hope for the best. But as research and experience have proven, there is a good chance that your partner will not treat you better. They will just keep doing what they do because there are no consequences to their behavior. You are taking it, so why should they change? But, if you become determined to have a happy relationship, you will stop waiting and start taking control. You will learn what you need to learn, talk to who you need to talk to, and do what you need to do to make a healthier and happy relationship.

The bottom line is that waiting to see what happens won’t get you the results you want in life, and it will waste your time. Make the decision now to develop the strength to get up and take action, because then you will be able to make the right things happens.

6. You May Or May Not Succeed With Determination


The wisest quotes don’t always come from the oldest people. Kieran is a young man at age 18. He is the CEO of the World Youth Organization. I admire his insight into determination, and I admire that he put ‘probably’ in his quote. It reminds us all of a great lesson about life and how unpredictable it is.

The truth is that there is no rule that says you will fail without determination. And there is no rule that you will succeed with it. But with determination, you are much more likely to succeed. And without it, you are much more likely to fail. How much? It’s hard to give an exact number, but it’s obvious that failure comes more to those who are not constant in their journey than those who are doing what they need to do.

And sometimes determined people can be met with challenges that are just beyond their control. For instance, Henry Worsley, a British Explorer, died 48 kilometers short of reaching his goal of crossing the Antarctica solo. Reports say that dehydration, exhaustion, and an infection were to blame for him falling short of reaching his goal. This is an example of having the determination to do what you need to do, but meeting up with challenges that match your determination and overcome it.

That said, don’t let the fact that you could get something you want without the determination be an excuse to drop your dreams and float through life. The best way to reach your goals and dreams in life is to develop the determination to do so. If you give up, there is a much greater chance of you failing than succeeding.

7. Determination And Failure Go Hand In Hand


This is definitely one of the truest quotes about determination. To clarify the last point, whether you succeed or fail ultimately, you will still fail along the way. Failure is a part of putting yourself out there, trying new things, learning, and gaining the insight you need to find the success that you want. In other words, if you fail, don’t give up! Increase your determination because after a failure you have one less thing to worry about!

For example, if you are determined to find the perfect partner, then you need to expect that you are going to fail. You are not just going to become determined and find him or her. You need to test the waters, go on dates, have intimate experiences, and even get into some relationships. As you do this, you will fail. You will lose some people you really like. You will find some people who don’t like you despite your best efforts. You will screw up and put your foot in your mouth. But with each failure in dating, you will learn more about how not to fail in relationships as well as what type of person you want to be with. Your determination to keep going despite the heartache, the fights, and the losses, will keep you in the game until you find ‘the one’ – the perfect person for you.

So, don’t let a failure trick you into believing you failed. A failure doesn’t mean you failed. It just means what you were doing wasn’t working, and it’s time to try something new. Or, it means that something out of your control happened, and you need to keep moving forward despite it. Keep the determination to reach your goals despite the failures you’ve experienced or the failures that you might experience.

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