April 18, 2016

7 Money Quotes That Will Give You Something To Think About

Money is an essential part of our lives. It’s always there. It’s always used. It’s always needed. And it’s always thought about. The following seven money quotes helped to create an interesting article on money and how we should be viewing and using it. If you are struggling with money, want to view your money in a most positive way, or just want to be reminded of how awesome money is, the following quotes are for you.

1. The Less You Think About Money, The More You Can Concentrate On Things That Matter


You have probably heard or said “Why save money? I could die tomorrow, so why not just spend it and enjoy it?” I get the mentality. Why not just spend what you make and enjoy your life in the moment. The above quote from Dave Ramsey is one of the money quotes that can clearly help you to see why it is so important to save up and get yourself a great big pile of cash in the bank.

Dave Ramsey makes it very clear that when you are facing something that matters, such as a family or spiritual crisis, you don’t want to double your pain by worrying about money too. That is one of the truest opinions I’ve ever heard about money, and it should be something that you think about the next time you go to spend money instead of saving it.

Yes, you will find joy in buying something right now, but if you are not saving money, then there will come a time where your pain could be doubly as bad because you will have to suffer through something that is happening personally as well worry about how to deal with it financially. It’s always better to have some money to fall back on.

– If you lose your job, then a big pile of cash can take away a lot of stress.
– If you lose a loved one, then a big pile of cash can help you take some time off work and nurture yourself without worrying about the bills.
– If a medical emergency happens, then a big pile of cash can reduce a lot of stress that would come from having no money and help you tackle the emergency.

In short, you need to save to help you get through those times of struggle with less pain and stress. Money isn’t everything, but it comes in handy when you are struggling in important areas of your life.

2. How To Spend Money For Happiness

71I have heard that money can’t buy happiness so much, it is almost hard to fight that belief sometimes. So many people believe that money actually makes you more miserable than happy, but that’s not the truth. Money can make you incredibly happy, and the above quote by Michael Norton is dead on about how to make that happen. If money is making you feel bad, then you are not spending it right.

So how can you spend money in a way that makes you happy? Give your money away! According to Michael Norton, in a study he did, participants found that giving money away made them much happier than spending money on themselves. For instance, buying coffee for someone else can make you much happier than buying for yourself. He found that there were similarities in different countries with different perceptions around money. And, he found that the way you spend money on other people isn’t as important as the fact that you spend money on other people. Therefore, buying a donut for someone else or a new car will both give you the same amount of pleasure. It sounds crazy, but it’s true!

I would venture to say that buying for yourself, and for other people, is the ultimate combination to achieve happiness. When you can buy yourself things that make your life easier or give you pleasure, as well as buy things for other people that make their life easier or give them pleasure, then that’s the sweet spot for buying happiness with money.

3. A Common Money Mistake That Will Limit Your Wealth

72Are you waiting for your mother, your father, your siblings, your future partner, your current partner, or some mysterious force to bring you the money you really want? If you are waiting on someone else to help you have money, then that’s a problem. It’s going to hold you back from doing what you need to do to make your own money, and the longer you make this mistake, the longer it will take to build your own wealth.

For example, a friend of mine depended on her husband to make money. She had her own business, and it was making a small amount, but she didn’t feel any pressure to make more money because she knew her husband would cover the bills and more, and she knew that down the line she was going to receive an inheritance that would make all her money problems go away. That mentality limited her own potential for wealth for a long time. Then, when her husband got sick and stopped working, and she was forced to create wealth. She made more money than she had ever made in her life, and the sense of pride and accomplishment she had from doing that encouraged her to keep creating her own wealth, even when her husband had recovered and went back to work.

Don’t let yourself get stuck in the mentality that other people will take care of you. You will limit your potential if you do that.

4. How Do You See Yourself With Money?


How you talk to yourself matters in life. It makes the difference between doing what you need to do and not doing anything at all. Therefore, if you tell yourself that you are not good with money, then you will never do the things that actually make you good with money! You won’t invest wisely. You won’t save money properly. You won’t pay attention to how much you are making and spending a month because, why should you, you are not good with money!

There are a few things in life that we should all become an expert in. Our bodies, passions, and purpose in life are a few of those things, and so is our financial life. There is no excuse not to be good with money. The education is there, and all you have to do is take some time to learn and then implement what you learn.

As many money transformation shows have proved, once you make learning about money a high importance in your life, you will see yourself as someone who is good with money, and your entire financial life will change.

5. The Difference Between Rich And Poor?


This is another one of those money quotes that clearly show why it is so important to make saving money a priority. The fact is that when you can save your money, you can become richer.

The definition of rich is not based on how much money you make; it’s based on how much money you have and how many assets you have. Therefore, the more money you save and invest, the richer you are. So, while making more money can help you build your wealth and become rich, the priority thought when it comes to money, no matter how bad or good your financial situation is, should be saving and investing it.

Jim Rohn says that you should save 10 percent of your earnings, 10 percent should go to charity, and 10 percent should go to investments. And you should learn to live off 70% of your income in regards to necessities and luxuries. Find a way to do this, and you can start building your wealth and becoming richer and richer.

6. The Give More Principle


In the last money quote, you probably saw that 10 percent should go to charity and thought that may not be something you want to do. But, all money experts and wealthy people will tell you that giving more means you will get more. There are a few different reasons that this works.

First, if you want to get paid more, you have to work more, which means you have to give more. In any job you do, in any business you own, in any investment you make, you have to give something to be successful.

– You have to give money to make money on your investment.
– You have to give your energy to do a good job.
– You have to give time to your business to make it successful.

There are many different ways that you have to give to receive when it comes to making money. That’s just a fact. If you don’t give any time, energy, or money, then you won’t get anything in return.

Second, giving to charity helps you bring more money in. The donations are tax deductible, which will help you get more money back (or owe less money) during tax season. Giving to charity also helps you feel better about yourself and makes you feel more confident, which is a motivator to work harder and build more wealth. It can also strengthen your spiritual health, which can further strengthen your confidence and resolve to do what you need to do to make more money. And, of course, doing good things brings you into a higher energetic state which helps you become more aware and attract more good things to you. When you are in a state of happiness and love, you are able to make better decisions and take hold of more opportunities that can help you have more success.

7. You ARE Worthy Of Having Lots Of Money!


I have never met a person with a lot of money who didn’t openly receive money and expect money to come to them. And, I have also never met a rich person who doesn’t give away their money or save their money knowing that there is a lot more where that came from. The mentality of lack is just not something that rich people have, and that is important to remember if you are unable to attract money into your life and keep it.

If you do not expect to bring more money into your life, then you will find yourself unable to create the kind of wealth you want. Moreover, you when you do get money in your life, you will get rid of it just as fast because you do not believe you are supposed to have it.

There is an interesting concept called the money set-point. Many people think that what you believe is possible for yourself is what you will always have.

For example, if you believe that you will never have money saved in the bank, then you will always end up in a place where you don’t have any money saved in the bank. Even if you win the lottery, you will eventually go back to that set-point that you believe you should be at.

The money set-point is true for whether you believe you should have no money, $1000 in the bank, $5000 in the bank, or any other number. You will always end up at that place because you believe it to be true. This all boils down to your inner limitations and what you feel you are worthy of creating and having.

Therefore, believe in your ability to have and attract lots of money. If you have a number in your head right now, and it’s low, then find a higher number to focus on. Repeat it inside positive affirmations daily. Allow yourself to believe that you are worthy of achieving that number, and then watch as you find yourself doing what you need to do to make that number a reality.

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