February 6, 2016

30 Inspirational Quotes To Start Your Day Off Right!

We all have those days where we need some inspiration to get up and do something with our day. We all have those days where we feel crappy about ourselves and the world around us. On those days, it’s important to have some inspirational quotes nearby to pep talk us back into a mood where we want to get out there and tackle the world.

Inspirational quotes have the power to change your mindset and motivate you. When you are stuck on negative thoughts or viewing life through a negative lens, they are a tool that comes in handy to get you unstuck and back on track. Following are some inspirational quotes that I believe will inspire everyone to feel better about life and make the most of today.

1. Today May Suck, But Tomorrow Can Rock!


Yes, today may suck. You may feel horrible about something that is happening in your life or you may just be beating yourself up about being somewhere that you don’t want to be. But, there’s good news! What you did yesterday affected your today, and what you do today will affect your tomorrow. In other words, if you get up today and take action on what you want in your life, then you can wake up tomorrow and all the rest of your days getting what you want and feeling better about your life. It all starts with this moment and the type of action you choose to take.

2. The Clock Doesn’t Determine How Great You’re Doing


Time can be overwhelming. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to get things done in a certain time frame, and then we use the clock to dictate how well or poorly we are doing. The thing to remember is that life happens on different schedules, and just because an hour has gone by doesn’t mean that you wasted it. As long as you are busy doing what you need to do in the moment, then you are making the most out of your time. So, stop watching the clock and start appreciating what you do with each moment of your life.

3. Other People Can’t Affect How You Feel


If you are feeling down because of other people, then this is one of those inspirational quotes that should help you see things differently. The truth is that it doesn’t matter what they think about you. It only matters what you think about. Therefore, if they think you are imperfect in some way and try to make you feel imperfect, then you have two choices: let them or don’t let them.

It all boils down to your own perception on yourself. If you choose to believe what they say, then you will feel inferior. But, if you choose to believe in yourself, you strength, you kindness, and all your other good qualities, then you will see things from your point of view, not theirs. When you see yourself as great, other people cannot affect how you feel about yourself!

4. There Will Be Lots Of Miracles Today


When you view things as crap, life feels like crap. But, when you view things as a miracle, then life feels amazing! Albert Einstein had it totally right with this inspirational quote. You either see everything as crap or everything as a miracle. And, if you look at life as a series of miracles, then life takes on a special kind of awesomeness that makes every moment worth living. Put on a different pair of reality glasses today and view what happens today as one miracle after another.

5. Others Define Themselves With Their Judgments


If other people are getting you down, remember that their judgments say more about themselves than they do about you. I know one woman who judges everyone she sees. She judges people on how they dress, what they weigh, how they look, how they act, and even what their hair looks like. She thinks she is making herself look perfect, but all she is doing is teaching others how she really feels about herself. The truth is that we all judge others in areas that we feel the weakest, and believe me – she criticizes herself verbally too, and I can’t imagine what she says to herself on a daily basis.

The next time someone makes you feel bad because they are judging you, try to remember that they have a very negative and unhealthy mindset about themselves too, and their judgment has much more to do with them than it does with you.

6. Everything Happens For A Reason


Everything may be a struggle today, but one day you will look back and see why you were struggling and what came out of it. It’s important to believe that something good will come out of your struggles, no matter what they are. When you do, you will realize that everything happens for a reason, and you will stay curious instead of critical about the situation. That curiosity will help you look for opportunities and experiences that move you beyond your struggles.

7. The Stars Are Always Visible No Matter How Far Down You Go


I love this quote! I hear so many people complaining about how much life sucks. Are you one of them? If you are, then you probably feel like we are all in the gutter. But, this quote offers a new perspective on that assumption.

Even if we are all in the gutter and struggling an uphill battle, some of us are focused on that gutter while some of us are focused on the stars. The people focused on the stars have a much more optimistic view on life, which helps them feel much better about the life that they are leading.

Are you going to focus on the gutter or the stars today? If you choose the stars, you be rewarded with much more happiness.

8. Your Life Is Worth Living!


When you believe something, you take action on it. For instance, if you believe that you are meant to be great at what you do, then you will put your focus on what you do and work on becoming better. So, why not believe that your life is worth living? When you do, you will focus on what makes life worth living, and take your focus off the things you think make it not worth living.

If you really can’t see what there is to live for, carry the little affirmation ‘Life is worth living!’ around with you everywhere to remind you to look for the things that make life worth living. I guarantee that you will find them if you keep this affirmation in your mind and look!

9. Success Lies Within You


You don’t need the fancy house, the big job title, or the prestigious name in order to be a success. It is not the title or the role that gives you success; it is you! You are the driving factor behind what gets done, what gets said, and what results happen. If you go out there and work towards success, despite where you are now, then you are going to make things happen.

10. Don’t Be Afraid Of Your Power


It’s easy to curl up in a corner and beat yourself up over what you consider to be negative, but it’s hard to get out there in the light and do some amazing things. If you are afraid, you may think you are afraid because you will fail, but the truth is that failure is easy, success is the hard part. When you have success, you have to live up to your potential, which can be scary to think about.

It’s important to know that you were born with great potential, and if you want to die knowing that you lived up to it, you have to move past your fear of doing so. Recognize the fear for what it is and then remind yourself of how rewarding living up to your potential will be.

11. The Universe Is With You!


When I talk about inspirational quotes, this one always comes to mind. It can be hard to feel inspired when you feel like you are alone, but when you truly believe that the universe is on your side and is with you at each step, it becomes much easier to go after the life you want.

Try it! Imagine that the universe is conspiring with you to give you everything you want. It’s planning and plotting and giving you all the clues you need to achieve everything you want to achieve. When you see your day unfolding in that way, life becomes pretty fun, pretty quick.

12. Life Is About The Impact You Make


A lot of times we get hard on ourselves because we think we are not making enough money. Comparing your income to what you want to make, what you think you should make, and what others make, can discourage you from doing what you need to do. But, even though it seems like it sometimes, life is not about income, it’s about the impact you make. In the end, your income won’t matter, but what you did with your time will. Start making the biggest impact that you can, and you will feel rewarded at the end of the day.

13. You Have To Try


Don’t feel like doing anything? Scared to do something because you think you will fail? Feel like what you are going to do will result in nothing? This is the quote for you!

If you don’t get up and take shots in your life, then you will never get a goal. But, when you get up and start doing things that can have an impact on you and the people around you, there is a chance that your attempts will work. The one thing you know for sure is that if you don’t try, you can’t have any success at all.

14. Don’t Let People Make Your Life Suck


Do you know that one person who is still stuck in misery because of what someone did to them? They can’t get over it so they complain and do things that have a negative effect on their life, including getting revenge by hating the people, talking bad about them, and trying to ruin their life on some level. But, that kind of thinking and acting only ruins their life, and it ends up hurting them in the short and long run.

If you want to get inspired to create a better life, don’t focus on what people have done to you and what you can do to them. Instead, focus on creating the best life you can and showing everyone else just how amazing you are and how wrong they were. That will really show them what kind of person you are and how unlucky they are not to have seen that when they came across your path.

15. You Will Never Run Out Of Great Things To Achieve!


Even if you lived a million years, you would never run out of amazing things to achieve. Every time you finish one goal, you fill up with a new desire, and that starts the journey towards another goal.

That’s inspiring to me! It makes me want to work towards my goals in life, achieve them, and see what all I can get accomplished with the time I have. It does NOT make me want to sit on the couch and go after what I want later, when the time seems right, because I know that putting that one thing off could essentially mean I’m putting off a few amazing things in my life.

16. Your Dreams Don’t Expire


Even if you have put off your dreams for a while, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still accomplish them! As Casi McLean so beautifully said, they don’t expire! Yes, you may have put an age limit or a time limit on your dreams, but that doesn’t mean they are stamped with that limit. You can dust them off, change them up or keep them the same, and start moving towards them again. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how lost you have felt, your dreams belong to you, and they are the one thing you will never lose throughout your life. Go after them!

17. You Can Always Find A Way To What You Want


Sometimes you can search for an opportunity to get you to where you want to be and not find it. Don’t give up at that point! It’s time to get creative and think outside of the box. When you do that, you can be your own designer in life and find a way to build a door that helps you get to where you want to be. Sometimes, what works for others may not work for you, and it’s important to take control of your own path in life and find a way to keep moving to where you want to go.

There is an old saying that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, which is true, but you also don’t need to live by a rule book that someone else made. You have the ability to bend, break, or get around the rules and find your own way to the success you want. And by doing that, you will not only find success, but you will help others build a door when they need to.

18. Think ‘Yes’ Instead Of ‘No’


When you feel uninspired, your thoughts are definitely focused on uninspiring things. You may be telling yourself that you can’t, shouldn’t, or will not do what needs to be done. You may be thinking about your lack of ability and past failures. You may be thinking about how hard things have been and are and how unfair life is. How could you be anything but uninspired in life at that point?

Today, take control of your thoughts. Think ‘yes’ instead of ‘no’. Think positive thoughts instead of negative thoughts. Think optimistically instead of pessimistically. When you do, your whole world will change! You will not only see the world differently, you will do things differently, and you will start to have more happiness, fulfillment, and success almost instantly.

19. You Are Never Stuck In Life


Do you say things to yourself like ‘I’ll always be a loser!’ or ‘I’ll always be stuck in a crappy job!’ The truth is that today you may be broke and unhappy, but that doesn’t mean you have to be like that forever. In fact, it’s impossible! You are always changing, just like life, and if you embrace your life and go after what you want, you can only change for the better. Alternatively, if you hide from life and give up, you can only change for the worse.

Knowing that, you need to stop telling yourself who you are, and tell yourself who you want to be. Do you want to be better or worse? If you want to be better, then you need to start embracing life and going after what you want, or you now know what the alternative will be!

20. Be Kind If You Can’t Do Anything Else


If you feel down and unable to do something towards what you want, then be kind. It is the one act that doesn’t take much effort, but can have a huge impact on other people’s lives and your own. You can stop someone from ending their life. You can help someone get out of a bad situation. You can even reduce someone’s stress and improve their health. And, you can open up doors for yourself by being kind to people who have the power to do something positive for your life. You never know how your kindness will affect the world around you, so even if you can only muster a smile today, know that it is not a wasted effort on your part.

It’s inspiring to know that you can do something powerful with something so small. It should give you an indication of just how powerful you truly are.

21. Say No Sometimes!


If you feel like you have too much to do in your life (or just today), then this is one of the inspirational quotes that you will love. We get caught up with doing things for others, adding more work on our plate than we need to, and then feeling uninspired to do anything in life because we are just too stressed. Steve Jobs had a ton of success in his life, and if he says that saying ‘no’ is a helpful way to get what you really want, then you better listen to him!

The truth is that saying ‘no’ can help you clear up time for things that inspire you. Instead of working on someone’s project that you don’t need to work on, you can go for a walk and take in the sounds and smells of nature for an hour. Or, instead of taking on more work to earn a few more dollars, you can spend time working on your own business that will give you a ton of free time in the future. Instead of stressing out about everything you need to do, find areas of your life where you can say ‘no’ to yourself and to others so that you can free up some time to feel better about your life.

22. The Perfect Way Not To Get Overwhelmed Is…


Life can feel overwhelming when you think of everything you’ve been doing and everything you still need to do, which can lower your drive to do anything! You think having a lot on your plate would inspire you to get going, but it often has the opposite effect. Many times I just want to get back under the covers and sleep the day away when I get too overwhelmed. But, when you think of inspirational quotes like this one, you can see that your forever is composed of a million nows and all you have to do is be present in this now.

Think of it this way: in 1 month, you have 43,800 minutes. Instead of looking at your month as one big solid block, try to see it in minutes, and then focus on minute to minute to make the most out of your month! You will find that doing this not only helps you feel better about what you have to do, but it will also help you do what you need to do better, which will result in more happiness and more success.

23. Belief Gets You Half Way There


Love this! Belief is what gets things in motion, helps you to take action and stay motivated, and encourages you to stick with it when obstacles come along. In other words, belief makes up a huge part of your success. It means you are going to do what needs to be done, which is required to have the success you want.

Beliefs cannot be talked about too much because they are so important. We act on our beliefs in life. If we believe we can, then we do. If we believe we can’t, then we don’t. Therefore, developing a positive belief about something helps us do what needs to be done.

24. Choose Happiness Because It’s Powerful


This is one of those inspirational quotes that can help you no matter what you are facing right now. Whether you don’t want to do something or don’t want to see someone or don’t want to face a truth, choosing to be happy is the answer.

Therefore, choose happiness right now. It is the most powerful emotion you can feel. It motivates you to do what needs to be done. It helps you do things in the kindest and most loving way possible. It helps you stay present and enjoy the process. And, it makes other people happy too. No matter what struggle you or someone else is having, choosing to be happy can help.

25. It Is Possible With Self-Discipline


Developing the discipline to do what needs to be done, despite the temptation to give up, will help you get to where you want to go. If you can’t understand why you are not having success, then self-discipline is the first area you need to look at. It can be hard to control your feelings and actions and stay with something for the long-run, but it is the only way to keep moving towards what you want and, ultimately, get there.

The great thing about self-discipline is that it really does feel good. When you go to bed at night knowing that you did what you had to do, despite not wanting to do it, you feel amazing, and that propels you towards what you want even faster. So, don’t be scared of self-discipline, embrace it!

26. Get Excited For All The Possibilities


It’s exciting to know that your life can completely change in an instant. There are so many possibilities for today and the days ahead that you can’t possibly know what is going to happen. But, by doing the right things, you can know that it is probably going to be pretty amazing! It’s amazing how life can change and how willing it is to work with you when you dwell in the possibilities.

For example, a few years ago a friend of mine wasn’t making what he wanted to make and, like what happens to most people, his house started falling apart which meant that he needed to find some money to fix it. His shingles curled up and started crumbling, so he needed a new roof. His stove, dryer and fireplace all stopped working in the same month, so he needed to get at least the stove fixed. And, his car started to stall on him, so he needed to take that in. He had no money, but he didn’t dwell on that fact; instead, he lived in a space where anything could happen and money could come from anywhere, and because of that he kept his eyes open for opportunities and attracted a bunch of them to him! Within a month, he was able to get his car, stove, dryer, and fireplace fixed, and the month after that he had enough money to put a new roof on his house.

27. Here’s How To Get Enthusiastic About Life


Not feeling any enthusiasm towards your life? You need to drop those things that drain your energy and do what you are passionate about. Do what you enjoy and have an interest in. Do what excites you! When you do, you will feel enthusiastic about your life, and that will help you get inspired, motivated, and creative, and create some amazing opportunities and successes in your life.

28. You Are Stronger Than You Think!


We all do it! We say we are going to ‘try’ to do something, but then we end up not doing it, we feel bad, and then we cheer ourselves up by saying ‘at least I tried!’ The word ‘try’ makes us weaker than we are. It gives us permission to give up before we even start.

We all know Yoda’s famous quote ‘Do. Or do not. There is no try.’ This is the absolute truth. You can’t ‘try’ to do anything that is necessary in life. For instance, you can’t try to have a drink of water! You either do or do not. You can’t try to wake up in the morning! You either do or do not. This rule applies to everything in life.

For instance, you can’t ‘try’ to quit smoking. You either keep smoking or you quit. You can’t ‘try’ to create a successful business. You either put all of your effort into it or you don’t.

When you dump the word ‘try’ from your vocabulary, you will find out that you are stronger than you think. You are capable of overcoming suffering, pain, obstacles, and anything else put in your way. You just have to choose to do it.

29. It’s All About You In This Moment


When it comes to inspirational quotes, many people use this one, especially people trying to inspire change. For instance, Ronald Reagan used it when talking about federal budget cuts, and Barack Obama used it to talk about Obamacare. It is an inspirational message that can be applied on a big and small scale.

If you want to make changes in your life, then who is going to do it besides you? And, when you are going to do it besides now? ‘You’ and ‘now’ are a perfect combination to make things happen in your life, so turn this quote into your own personal mantra and whenever you are faced with a choice that could benefit YOUR life, say ‘If not me, who? If not now, when?’

30. Nothing Is Impossible


Inspirational quotes like this one remind us of how much we can do if we want to. If you find yourself saying impossible a lot, you need to look at the world differently. One definition of impossible is simply ‘very difficult’. Difficult doesn’t mean it can’t be done. It just means you need to put some elbow grease into what you want and make it happen. It is possible for you to achieve what you want to achieve if you get rid of the ‘impossible’ mentality and allow yourself to think, talk, and act like anything is possible in life.

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