February 22, 2016

25 Positive Quotes To Inspire You To Be More Positive

If you don’t know why you should be positive in life, then this article is full of positive quotes to help you clearly see just how amazing being positive can be for yourself, for the people around you, and for the world you live in. Having a positive view about everything is important to your happiness, health, success, and relationships, so no matter how hard it is to get into that mindset, don’t give up on being positive! It’s worth working towards because your whole life will be amazing when you can develop and maintain a positive attitude.

1. Be A Positive Addict


We are taught that being an addict is wrong, but is there such a thing as a good addict? William Glasser seems to think so. In fact, he wrote the book Positive Addiction to talk about how important having positive addictions can be.

The whole idea behind being a positive addict is that the addiction you have makes you stronger in some way, unlike a negative addiction that makes you weaker. A positive addiction should help you become more of who you want to be. It may make you more abundant, healthier, happier, more creative, or more confident.

To me, this just seems like a healthy habit that benefits you! A habit is something you do over and over again and feel the need to do (kind of like an addiction), so by that definition, do you think that you have any positive addictions like this? If not, you may want to get some! The more healthy habits you have, the more your life will work out the way you want it to.

2. How To Be A Positive Addict

22If you want to become a positive addict, then you must have a positive vision. You’re cannot take positive action if you don’t have a positive vision.

For example, imagine someone who complains about cleaning all the time. Do you really think that they will develop a positive habit of keeping things clean? Of course not! Their vision of cleaning is negative. Maybe they visualize it sucking up time from their day, or maybe they just visualize it being too much work. If they were to change their vision, and see cleaning is a positive thing, and see themselves enjoying the action of cleaning, then they would take action on it. How you view or visualize something determines how much action you are willing to take on it. It’s that simple.

Therefore, if you want to develop any kind of positive addiction, you have to visualize it in a positive way. See it as beneficial for your life. See it as fun. See it as something you absolutely want to do. Your actions will follow your mindset.

3. Negative People Pick On Positive People


Negative people don’t pick on other negative people because it’s no fun. They team up together and pick on positive people. Negative people want to bring positive people down to their level. They believe their viewpoint on life is right, and they think that positive people are displaying some sort of ill-informed viewpoint on life, so they find people who are gentler and more positive about life and try to fix the ‘warped’ view that those people have.

Negative people simply can’t understand that being positive is a character of strength, not weakness. It’s the ability to look past the negative or work through the negative and carry on with an optimistic attitude. If you are getting picked on by predators like this, remember that it’s not their fault. They simply don’t understand how amazing and awesome being positive and kind can be. If they did, they would never pick on anyone.

4. Become A Master Of Your Attention


If you want to be more positive in your life, then you have to become more attentive in life. You have to become more attentive about what you think, why you think what you think, and what you would like to think instead.

When you pay to your thoughts and why you have them, you can see your thoughts as separate from yourself, rather than who you are. When you have a higher awareness around your thoughts and why they occur, you can figure out how your life is influencing you and that you are choosing to react negatively or positively.

If you can’t see that you are reacting negatively by choice, then you will feel stuck in a negative state and unable to move to a positive one. But if you can see that you are reacting in a negative way by choice, you can clearly see that there are other options available to you – more positive options.

5. How To Be More Positive


If you want to be more positive in life, then move from being a victim to a creator. You know you are being a victim when you reflect on what has happened to you and feel powerless. And, you will know you are being a creator when you reflect on what has happened to you and feel powerful and hopeful.

Instead of feeling like your past has gotten the best of you, learn from it and move forward with those lessons to reimagine the future. And, while you are here, celebrate the present moment!

6. You Can’t Be Positive All Of The Time (But Most Of It You Can!)


There are a lot of pessimists and people who call themselves realists, who will tell you that you can’t be positive most of the time. But as someone who chooses to be positive I disagree. I agree with Tony Robbins when he says that being purely positive 98% of the time is what you need to do, and the other 2% can be spent on feeling pain that, mostly, indicates that you need to make a change in life. In other words, you can always choose to see the positive side of things, and when you can’t, it’s a big indication that you need to make a big change.

7. Why Bother With Positive Thinking?


At 89 years old, we know that Louise Hay is doing something right. She is the queen of positive affirmations, and even if you don’t believe what she believes, you have to admit that your thoughts and words are creating your future. They are telling you what you can and cannot do, what you can and cannot have, and what you should or should not attempt. They are influencing your choices in life, which influences where you end up in life. So, yes, they are influencing your future.

If you want a more positive future, then change your thoughts and words to something more positive. In fact, if you want a more positive future, you must change your thoughts and words. If you don’t, you will always keep yourself stuck in the same limiting beliefs and fears that hold you back from getting what you want.

8. Why Bother Being Positive Around Negative People?


It may feel like a big waste of time to be positive when there seems to be so many people who are set on being negative, but the truth is that pure positivity can help wash away negative thoughts, words, and feelings in others.

Have you ever been a room where everyone is feeling grumpy, and then that one person who can make everyone laugh and feel good walks in? The whole atmosphere of the room changes because of that one person, and everyone starts to relax and enjoy themselves more. You have the power to do that on a small and big scale. You have the power to help calm people down, alleviate their negativity, and help them become more positive. Simply be more positive and lead by example.

9. You Don’t Lose A Realistic View When You Are Positive


This is one of the best positive quotes to describe how being realistic and being positive can go together. You don’t have to pretend that what is happening is not happening in order to be positive. You just have to be honest about where you are, choose to be happy with what you have and where you are, and then visualize more of what you want so that you can plan for a different tomorrow.

For example, Kevin Hart worked hard for a long time to achieve the success he has. He was realistic about where he was during his career and happy with it, and that propelled him to work hard even though he wasn’t having the kind of success he likely dreamed about in the beginning. Without that positive attitude, he may have given up a long time ago and we would not have gotten to see him in recent movies where he can make even the grumpiest person laugh! Moreover, he wouldn’t have the success he does now.

10. They Don’t Have It All Right


Other people may have laid down the law as they see fit, and everyone may buy into what they have laid down, but if you do, and stop questioning things, then you will get trapped in their way of thinking and never allow yourself to experience your way of thinking.

When it comes to positive thinking, I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that negative thinking is healthier or more grounded. The belief is that we are meant to be negative, and some higher power has made this fact that we need to accept. But, my many questions about why we have to live a life of negativity, and my inability to find a real good answer, has helped me break from doing what everyone else around me does. The older people in my life may feel that they have it all right, but I don’t. I’m always questioning and coming to my own conclusions in life, which helps me live with the results of my thinking.

11. Do You Want To Live A Positive Or Negative Life?


It really comes down to the fact that if you focus on the positive, then you will enjoy life and make decisions that help you live it to the fullest. But, if you choose to focus on the negative, you will complain and be miserable through life and avoiding making decisions that help you live life to the fullest, because your mentality will be stuck in fear or lack.

12. Everything Happens For You!


There really is a positive lesson in everything that happens to you. And, when you believe that everything happens for you instead of to you, your whole life becomes awesome. Instead of feeling like a victim in life, you feel like everything is working to help you become better, stronger and happier. You can see the positive in negative events, and work with it to help move forward in a more positive manner, unlike when all you see is negative and get stuck in that mindset.

13. Be Positive About Yourself

33Do you want to have more success in life? Yes? Then become more positive about yourself and your capabilities and potential in life. Become more positive about what you deserve and what you can achieve. When you develop a positive mindset about your worth and capabilities, you are much more likely to put in the work that helps you become successful.

This is really all about confidence. Confidence is the belief that you can rely on something. It is positive belief about something. Self-confidence, therefore, is the positive belief that you can rely on yourself and expect good things from and for yourself. Develop your self-confidence, and your positivity will thrive!

14. Surround Yourself With Positive People


We are greatly influenced by the people we are around most. Many people believe we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time around.

Therefore, if you want to become more positive, you must surround yourself with positive people. Their mindset and attitude will rub off on you and help you become more positive. But, if you surround yourself with negative people, their mindset and attitude will also rub off on you and drag you down into being a loser in life.

15. Being Positive Is Good For You!


On The Doctors, Dr. Phil said that we have a lot of studies on how negativity affects us – well, negatively. It affects our health negatively and our mindset negatively. This is well-known and easy to see. Anyone who is predominantly negative seems to struggle with their health more than others.

But, he also said that we are now starting to get evidence that positivity can affect you in a positive way, both your health and your mindset. I really believe the placebo effect has something to do with this. The way you view your world and yourself – either positive or negative – can have an effect on your body. (Read ‘You Are The Placebo’ to learn more.) When you are positive, you are more likely to maintain positive thoughts about yourself and your health.

16. Focus On The Positive


Positive quotes come from positive people, like Betty White. She has often said that her mother gave her advice to be positive, and she’s used it. It’s hard to argue that she has had a great life and is a positive influence on many people, so the advice seems to be working for her! So, accentuate the positive in every situation and be optimistic about what is to come. Focus on the positive instead of the negative and live a happier and more humorous life.

17. Be Powerful With Optimism


Negative people often think they are more powerful than positive people, but that’s not true. Positive people are more creative, more willing to take chances, stronger in tough situations, more willing to do what needs to be done, and less emotional about what has happened in their life because they don’t feel as attacked as negative people do. All of those things make them stronger in every situation.

When I heard this positive quote, I pictured some of my old friends who used to punch walls when they were angry to show their strength. Now I clearly see how weak that was. It showed weak character and a weak mind that couldn’t handle what was happening with an inner strength. It also showed the control that other people and situations had over their emotions and thoughts. All the people who were trying to help those angry people calm down were the strong ones. They accepted what happened, and, instead of focusing on the negative, they were strong enough to move forward and get unstuck from that unhelpful mindset.

18. You Can Enjoy Every Moment Of Your Life


If things suck for you, then you need to know that you can change it, even if your work, family, friends, life, and even yourself seems to suck right now. The fact is that you are focused on the negative in life. You are looking at it, thinking about it, talking about it, pondering it, wishing it wasn’t happening, and putting most of your energy towards it. If you change your focus, then your viewpoint on life will change, and life will be much more enjoyable, even if you are still living the life you used to hate!

This may seem impossible right now, but don’t knock it until you tried it! You can’t know how fun being positive is until you give it a fair shake!

19. Be Positive And Be Helpful To Yourself And Others


You can complain all you want, but that is not going to solve a negative situation. As Robert A. Cook said, it just doesn’t take any brains to complain! It doesn’t require critical thinking or problem solving – it just requires whining and a constant focus on what has happened in a negative light. If you want to move forward from that moment, then you have to think positively. That will help you come up with the solutions to figure your way out of any mess and experience an outcome that makes you feel good.

In addition, being positive will help other people out. When they are stuck in a negative mindset, they can’t see anything but anger, hurt, or fear. If you are in a positive mindset, then you can help them find solutions that they would never be able to see.

20. How Do You Want To Affect Other People?


This is one of the positive quotes that should have you reflecting on how you want others to see you and be influenced by you. Do you want them to feel horrible around you and go out and feel worse about their life because they were around you? Or, do you want them to feel uplifted around you and go out and make better decisions for their life because of you? Whether you are positive or negative will determine that.

I know one may who thinks that he’s affecting other people in a positive way by being negative. He actually thought that he was helping someone in the hospital laugh by complaining about his life. Unfortunately, it just gave the person in the hospital MORE to complain and feel upset about. A positive attitude would have affected that person much better and could have helped them do things or think things to recover quicker.

21. Be Positive To Avoid Living A Negative Scenario Twice


When talking about his Parkinson’s on Ellen, Michael J. Fox said this smart and memorable quote on being positive around the disease. The truth is that bad things can happen; however, our imagination usually takes us through the worst case scenario, which never happens. But, as he says, if it does come true, why live it twice? Why not be positive right now, enjoy the moment, and deal with whatever comes once instead of twice – or even three, four, or more times!

22. Being Positive Is Not For The Weak


We already established that positive people are stronger than their negative counterparts because they have more courage and willingness to do what needs to be done. But, there is another reason that they are so much stronger than negative people – they have to deal with the negative people and their hateful words and constant negativity.

Lea Waters said that when you are shining a light on the good things, you are acting in a way that is counterculture – you are going against fear and scarcity. This is such a true statement! As a collective culture, we are trained to be negative and focus on lack and fear and worries. We have been taught that by our parents, the news, our teachers, our peers, and even by strangers. People are trying to get our focus onto what we should be worried about or upset with, and when we try to change that focus, they don’t like it.

People don’t like people who are different, and being positive is a choice to be different from a lot of people! So, in order to be positive, you have to be strong. You have to be willing to see the positive despite what other people say or believe. You have to be willing to deal with their anger and negative words, because it will come your way sooner or later.

23. Your Mind Is Negative Or Positive


Why be positive? This is one of the positive quotes that clearly answers that question. Your mind is always going to be reflecting, thinking, and analyzing, and if it’s not doing it in a positive way, then it will be in a negative way! You get to choose how you fill your mind up, but I’m hoping that after reading all these positive quotes, you are more willing to fill it up with positive than negative!

24. Why Do Negative People Doubt Positive People?


Why are negative people so against positive thinking? Think about this: If someone always thinks the worst of everything, then how do you think they would view positive thinking? Negatively! It’s just in their nature to doubt and criticize everything that is positive.

Moreover, a negative person does not want to admit that they are wrong. They don’t want to admit that their way of thinking is hurting them and making their lives worse. They don’t want to admit that they are doing that to themselves. So they argue why negative thinking trumps positive thinking and try to convince themselves to believe their own arguments.

25. Help Yourself And The World By Being More Positive


If you have the desire to make this world a better place, stop complaining, hating, and being a miserable being in it. Start being positive and doing positive things for yourself, other people, and the world around you. That’s what will make a positive difference. Hate can’t be drowned out by hate! It only creates more hate. Negativity can’t be drowned out by negativity! It only creates more negativity. Love, kindness and compassion are the only things that can make this world better, and they are all positive traits.

You don’t need to affect a million people at once to affect a million people. Doing one positive thing for yourself or someone else can affect millions of people. One positive word or good deed or positive insight can influence one person who can influence another person – and on and on it goes. Unfortunately, the same is true for negativity. It can also spread like wildfire!

The bottom line is if your intent is to contribute to the world in a positive way, then it is your duty to be more positive. Otherwise, you will never have the impact that you want to have.

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