February 14, 2016

27 Motivational Quotes That Will Inspire You To Take Action!

Some days it’s easy to get up and do what you have to do. And other days, it can feel really hard to get motivated to do much of anything. It’s only natural. Doing the same thing in and out can get boring. Doing new things can be scary. Doing important things can be exhausting. Doing things that you have no desire to do at all can be annoying. In those states, it’s hard to get anything done. But, often, doing what you least want to do will have a big payoff for you. You just need to get motivated to do it. Therefore, when you don’t feel motivated to do what you have to do, use this motivational quotes to help you overcome the reason you are avoiding doing what needs to be done and get some ambition to help you do it, and do it well.

1. Not Everything You Have To Do Will Be Fun


Shay is a popular vlogger who, along with a few other people, started a company called Maker Studios and ended up selling it to Disney for 500 million. Shay did the crappy jobs and then found his niche on YouTube where he vlogs about him and his family. He wasn’t making a lot of money in the beginning, but he put in the work, took some chances, and has ended up wildly successful because of it.

Take it from Shay, he knows that sometimes you have to do those things you don’t want to do in order to get where you want to go. Those things that you don’t want to do will teach you more about yourself, your character, and what you need to do to have the kind of success that you want to have. The ‘not fun’ things aren’t go to be in your life forever, so don’t dwell on them as if they are. Do what you have to do knowing that eventually you will be doing what you want to do.

2. Embrace Failure As A Sign Of Living


So many people are scared of failure, even though they know that it is important for personal growth. This is one of those motivational quotes that gets into your mind when you think about life and living and how you are doing it. Because, as she said, if you live too cautiously, where you will not fail, then you might as well not have lived at all. You don’t get to experience life. You don’t get to try and accomplish things. You don’t get to progress into the person you want to be. It is a waste of your time and one day it might feel like a waste of life. So, embrace failure as a sign that you are living life to the fullest!

3. Do It Today!


There may not be a tomorrow for you, so do it today! Don’t think about ‘maybe’ doing it tomorrow. Don’t decide to start something in a month from now. Do it today because, as Wayne Dyer said, the future is promised to no one.

4. Live Your Life!


Time doesn’t stop for anyone. It doesn’t stop when you are tired or when you are lacking desire. You might stop working towards something, but because time is still going, you are still aging and precious moments of your life are still passing you by.

Remember that the next time you don’t feel like doing something worthwhile with your time. And, by worthwhile, I mean anything that makes you feel good, such as taking time out for yourself, exercising, spending time with family, working, or meditating. I’m talking about the stuff that makes you feel like you are doing something important for yourself.

Living and meaning go hand in hand. When you do something meaningful, it feels like you really lived. If you do something that doesn’t have any meaning (doesn’t help you become more of who you want to be), or something that doesn’t make you feel fulfilled, then that time is still passing and you don’t get it back.

5. Push Yourself By Making Decisions


We put stuff off too often because we are afraid of making decisions. We don’t want to choose the wrong choice, so we choose nothing instead. As Arnold Schwarzenegger says, if you fear making decisions, you will never push yourself in life. So, follow his advice and become a professional at making decisions. Don’t be scared of making the wrong one and failing, because you know that failure is just a sign that you are living and moving towards the life you want.

6. You Have To Jump


This was one of the motivational quotes I found in an unlikely place. It was on a video of him speaking to the Family Feud audience. He must have really felt a need to motivate them, and I’m glad he did! This is a great way to look at your life.

We all know what it feels like to jump. For example, let’s take the word ‘jump’ literally and imagine we are all standing on a diving board a few feet above some water. It may be scary at first, but once we decide to jump, and we land in the water, we feel amazing! We feel like we took the plunge and faced our fear and came out alive. And, that’s what jumping is all about. It’s about being scared but going for it anyway. It’s about ‘just doing it’ instead of thinking about all the things that could go wrong and letting our fear determine what we will or will not do. So, the next time you know what you got to do, but you are scared, jump. You can’t turn back once you start and that’s when you will see what’s really going to happen.

7. Pump Yourself Up


Whatever you need to do, try to get pumped up for. This can be easier said than done sometimes, but if you look for reasons to get excited and eager to get started, you will find them. The more you concentrate on them, the more enthusiastic you will be to do what you need to do.

If you are having a hard time finding something to look forward to, then put on some upbeat music and imagine the time ahead being full of fun and excitement. Picture it from start to finish, and make sure everything you picture is positive. Doing this will help you get more excited for anything, even a colonoscopy. Upbeat music combined with your imagination has the power to paint a positive picture that helps you look forward to whatever you need to do.

8. How Can You Tell If You Need To Be Pumped Up?


If you keep putting something off with excuses, then you need to be pumped up. For some reason you don’t really want to do it, and you are finding excuses to put it off. So, every time you hear an excuse come out of your mouth, figure out what you are avoiding, how important it is to you, and whether or not you need to pump yourself up in order to really get started on doing it.

9. How Far Can You Go?


Aren’t you curious to know how far you can go? This is one of those motivational quotes that gets me pumped, because it is absolutely true. If you are willing to push the limits and risk going too far, then you will be rewarded with some experiences and results that you didn’t even know you could have. It doesn’t matter what you are going for in your life, when you push the boundaries and go for it, you find out just what you are made of.

10. You Create Your Own Life


If you are not motivated to get started on something because you are hoping something will just fall into your lap, then this quote is for you! Opportunities are not going to come to you until you start doing something towards what you want.

For example, if you want a better job, then you probably know you need to go out and look for that better job. But, you may not be motivated to do it and, instead of doing something, you are hoping that an opportunity just shows up where you have to put in no work and get all the reward. The chances of that happening are so slim that you may find yourself waiting for a lifetime! But, if you get out and start looking for a job, then you will meet people, get your name out there, learn about what is available, figure out ways to get into a new job, and eventually get an opportunity that makes you happy. The bottom line is that you create your own life, and if you do nothing, then you can’t create anything!

11. Work Makes You Feel Good


We always think that being lazy is going to feel good, but it doesn’t. It just ends up in regret and beating ourselves up, and that doesn’t feel good at all. At the end of the day, when you have done the work you need to do, you feel really good about yourself. You feel alive and capable and proud and all those other good things that make you want to get up tomorrow and do it all over again. The feeling you get after a day of doing what you need to do – in your job, at home, with your friends, with your body, and in every other area of your life, is the biggest motivational tool you have available to you.

12. Get Motivated Or This Will Happen


If you keep putting off what you need to do, then your life is going to become all about withdrawing from it. You will be in the routine of avoiding what you need to do, and, eventually, it will become habitual and the life you could have will start to pass you by. Trust me, you don’t want to get to that state because decades can go by without accomplishing anything.

This is one of those motivational quotes that should have you really scared about not doing what you need to do. While you may feel like you can start tomorrow on the life you want, if you put it off for too long, tomorrow may actually be never.

13. Think Of How Bad Things Can Get


If you know you need to do something, but can’t bring yourself to do it, try to think of the consequences of not getting things done. What’s the worst thing that could happen? What’s the worst situation you could end up in? And do you want to be there?

It may not be poverty that motivates you. It may be poor health, loneliness, regret, or someone you know. For example, a friend of mine is surrounded by family members who have wasted their lives away. They live in a small town with no one but family around them. They eat way too much and don’t exercise. They are all on assistance. None of them bother to do anything towards their dreams. They sit in their homes, watch TV, and let their days pass them by. Instead of getting caught up in their mentality, she has observed their lives and let it motivate her to do much more with hers.

14. Let Others Motivate You


When you get busy working on the life that you want or do good things in this world, you not only feel good at the end of the day, but you inspire other people to do the same. I’m assuming you have a few people in your life that you would love to inspire. Maybe your parents, friends, siblings, or children. Always keep in mind that when you take good actions, you are inspiring them to do the same and feel good about themselves too.

Take this a step further and think about all the people that they can inspire too. How far can your action of being motivated go? How many people can you reach in one day, one year, or in your lifetime? The possibility is endless, and this should be enough motivation to get out there and start showing other people a better way to live.

15. Do You Want To Become An Expert?


Most of us want to do what we do well. When it comes to our career, relationships, and health, we don’t want to struggle, we want to do things well, which means we need to have the skill and knowledge in order to do it. In other words, if you want to be an expert in life, then motivation is key because you have to keep trying. You have to keep practicing, failing, getting back up, learning, and doing.

16. What Is Your Perception?


What makes one person capable of doing something and another person not? Perception! You may be telling yourself that you don’t want to do something because you will not be able to, are too tired, can’t succeed, or a million other things, but they are not truth – they are your perception. Therefore, as you sit and think about why you don’t want to do what you need to do, recognize that it is simply your perception voice talking. It’s the way you are choosing to see things in this moment, but if you were to adopt a new perception, then you would see things very differently, very quickly.

For instance, you may be telling yourself that you can’t learn a new skill so you don’t even want to try. But, that’s not the truth, that’s just your perception on yourself. If you were to reframe the way you talk to yourself and see the possibilities in what you are capable of, then you would be much more motivated to try to tackle this new skill.

Often times your perception of yourself is a reflection of what other people believe. Maybe they’ve implied that you (or someone like you) can’t achieve what you want to achieve, and their perception has influenced your own. Don’t let anyone determine your outlook on yourself and your capabilities. Choose your own way in life and get motivated to prove just how much you are capable of doing.

17. Look Forward To The Rewards


Often, if we don’t see a reward coming up from our actions very soon, we can’t get motivated to get started. Rewards, such as more pay or more recognition or even a concrete prize, can help us get motivated to take action, but not all things come with rewards like that. So, what can you do? Recognize that the reward will be the opportunity to do more and achieve a better life.

When you get motivated and take action a few things happen that can be considered rewards, including:

– You realize how much you are capable of.
– You get into the habit of taking action.
– You feel good about yourself and your accomplishments.
– Your life starts to change and move towards what you want.
– People respect you more – and you respect yourself more.
– Opportunities arise that you didn’t think were possible.

All of these things are rewards that will happen when you get motivated and start doing what you need to do. And, they will encourage and allow you to do more through various opportunities.

18. Overcome Your Problems


Motivational quotes all have one thing in common, you need to start taking action in some way. The beauty is that when you do, your life changes, and your problems start to work themselves out. If you are scared that you are going to be stuck in the same situation for the rest of your life, then worrying about it is not going to change anything, but getting motivated to do something, and then actually doing it, will.

I have a friend who was stuck in a bad relationship for 12 years. It went downhill about the 4th year. She was scared to leave her marriage because she was worried about what would happen to her and her kids, and how they would survive. So, for 8 years she thought about it and lived in a state of fear where she couldn’t overcome her problems. She felt doomed to be stuck in a bad marriage for the rest of her life, and this was sending her into a depressed and lonely state that nobody was able to help her come out of. But, when she took her first action on making things better (telling her husband she was leaving), she stopped worrying so much and she felt much more empowered in her life. Now, she is happily married to someone else and has overcome that problem in her life. If she had stayed in a state of thinking and avoided action, she would still be stuck in the same issue having the same fears.

19. You’re Getting There!


This is a little mantra that you can say to yourself when you can’t help but wonder how far away achieving the goal is. When you remind yourself that today is a step closer to what you want to achieve, then you will be much more motivated to do what you need to do today so that you are another step closer tomorrow!

20. Get Curious About Life


Curiosity and motivation go hand in hand. When you become curious about how things work, what you are capable of, what the outcome will be, and everything else, then you can get excited about taking action. You will naturally get started and do things to find out some answers. Therefore, get curious about what you want to do. Ask yourself some questions that make you think, and you will start looking for some answers.

21. You Got To Do What You Are Called To Do


If your heart tells you to do something, or if you see an opportunity that you just know you should take, then you need to do it. It was put there for a reason. It’s an opportunity to do something that is important for your life, maybe in the moment or maybe for the future, but either way it will benefit your life in some way.

Yes, this applies to the simplest of things too. Sometimes you are called to do something because your intuition knows that you need to. For example, I was one called to clean my entire house. I trusted my intuition and let it motivate me to get it done, and within a half an hour after finishing, I had friends come in from out of town who wanted to spend a few days with me. If I hadn’t have trusted my intuition, I would have been thinking about my dirty house while they were there instead of enjoying their company! Since then, I’ve always let a sudden urge to do something, and especially an internal calling to do something, motivate me to get it done! There’s got to be a reason why!

22. Make It A Need, Not A Want


When you want something, you may or may not get motivated to do what you need to do, but when you need something, that’s a different story. It’s not always fun. It’s not always something you do with a lot of excitement. But, because there is a need there, you do it, and as George Bernard Shaw said, it makes you great in some way.

So, if you are procrastinating on something, find a reason why you need to do it and then focus on that. It doesn’t matter how frustrating or annoying it is, the need to get it done will propel you to take action and keep taking action until it’s done.

23. Focus On Love


Love may be the biggest motivator around. When you love someone, you will move mountains for them. When you love yourself, you will do what you need to do to be happy. When you love other people, you will do things to make them happier. When you love the Earth, you will do things to help keep it healthier. Love is a powerful emotion that motivates you to take action and accomplish some things that will benefit you and everyone around you.

Therefore, when you think about what you need to do, think about love. How will getting it done impact someone you love? How will you receive more love after it is done? When you focus on love, motivation is not far behind!

24. Cancel Out Misery With Motivation


When you think about what you don’t want to do, it feels miserable. You feel angry, frustrated, or annoyed, and that doesn’t feel good. But, when you get motivated to do what you have to do, it feels much better! You feel pumped and ready to tackle whatever it is. As Wayne Dyer says, it’s your choice. You can cancel out your misery by getting motivated or you can focus on your misery and stay miserable. I hope you choose feeling pumped over feeling miserable.

25. Get Passionate About It


Kids who are passionate about their video games don’t need any motivation to play them. If they were just as passionate about their homework, could you imagine what they could do in school? The problem is that passions don’t always lie in the places other people tell us to look.

Find a reason to be passionate about what you need to do. Talk yourself into feeling a strong desire to do what you need to do. Tell yourself that you are passionate about what you need to do and convince yourself in any way you can. Once you do, motivation will be there, without a doubt.

26. Live Like A Bird


While you can get motivated by thinking about other people, you can’t get motivated by other people telling you what to do. Motivation comes from within, not from the direction or excitement of others. You need to feel the enthusiasm yourself in order to get things done. This is one of the important motivational quotes to remember when you wonder why you can’t get motivated to do something that someone else really wants you to do.

Always remember that it’s up to you to find a way to get motivated. No one else can do it for you. They may be able to give you insight or reasons to be motivated, but until you really believe them for yourself, it’s not going to happen. Moreover, remember that you can’t motivate anyone else to do what they need to do. You can only give them insight or reasons that might convince them and allow them to motivate themselves.

27. How Do Talent And Motivation Compare?


If you want to achieve something great, but feel like you don’t have the talent to achieve it, let this motivational quote help you change your mind. The truth is that motivation to learn, achieve, and be the best, will almost always beat out talent. Experts are created through motivation to learn and become better, and experts are just talented people in their field. If you are motivated enough to become that expert, then you will surpass someone who has the talent but not the motivation to become as great as they can be.

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