February 14, 2016

20 Friendship Quotes To Help You Appreciate True Friendship

Do you feel like friendships are overrated? Would you rather just spend your time alone or with your family? I am one of those people who prefers to be alone and spend time doing my own things, but that doesn’t mean I don’t value my friendships! I understand exactly how important friendships are in life, and I don’t take them for granted because I can clearly see their value.

If you can’t see the real value in them, following are some friendship quotes that should help you realize just how important friendships are in your life. These friendship quotes may motivate you to strengthen the ones you have. They may motivate you to rekindle old friendships. Or they may motivate you to go out and form new friendships. No matter what they do, you will leave this article on friendship quotes with a new respect for the friends in your life.

1. Friendship Makes You Stronger And Braver In Life


Just knowing that you have people who love you and that you can turn to is enough to make you stronger, but being able to call them, talk to them, and work things out with them also helps you feel stronger and braver in the world where most of the people you don’t actually know. For example, going on a blind date is not easy! You are heading into something unknown, and doing it alone can be scary. But, your friends can help encourage you to do it and assure you that if things go wrong, they will be there for you! In short, they make you stronger to face your fear and braver knowing that things will be alright.

Moreover, getting an intimate view into your friends’ lives, and watching them overcome obstacles, also helps you to realize your own strength and power in life. When you see them work through problems – sometimes very difficult problems such as an abusive relationship or illness, and come out the other end just fine, you get more strength to face the issues in your own life and find a way to overcome them.

2. True Friendship Requires Real Life Interaction


Catherine Cook is the creator of MeetMe, a social networking service. Even though she created a service where people can meet other people on mobile devices, she says that algorithms and profiles are not sufficient to match people together perfectly because they can’t tell if they have chemistry. Her stance is that you get to know a lot about a person from meeting them rather than reading their profile or seeing what they want you to see. When it comes to forming friendships, algorithms and profile matches don’t matter. Interactions matter.

This is a great thing to remember in this era of Facebook and Twitter. Real friendship, the kind that makes you braver and stronger, needs to be developed through an intimate connection. When you can get into someone’s energy and see their body language and interact with them on a very personal level, you get to know whether or not you actually like them. You get to know whether or not they are a good match for you. It is simply something you can’t do over a computer or over a phone. So get out there and interact to find some real connections in life.

3. Friendships Offer Authentic Connection


Maria Scileppi made a new friend every day for a year. During that time she learned a few different lessons about friendships, one being that people really crave authentic connections in their lives, which is what real friendship is all about. The random relationships that we have throughout their days are not always authentic. They’re not always real and based on respect for each other, whereas authentic friendships are.

Friendships offer us the space to connect intimately and form genuine bonds with each other. We know that our friends will be there for us when we need them most, even if we haven’t talked to them for a while or seen them in years. Authentic friendships are the people that we can always turn to and depend on, and we all need that in our lives.

4. Friendships Teach You A Lot About Yourself


If you really want to learn more about yourself, then hang out with your friends more. Friendships teach you so much about yourself. They teach you what you like about yourself, what you don’t like about yourself, and what you need to work on yourself. They do this a couple of ways.

First, your friends bring out the best and the worst in you. You may be laughing uncontrollably at one moment and ticked off at the next. Being around your friends teaches you what you like and don’t like about the world around you, yourself, and other people. They challenge your thoughts and your beliefs, and they help you figure out what matters most to you.

Also, you learn from the way they behave. You can see yourself in the things you don’t like about them or do like about them, and you can tweak yourself by having these simple realizations.

Lastly, sometimes it’s hard to look in the mirror and be honest about who you are, but when you were with your friends, they give you a clear indication of who they think you are, which may or may not be who you want to be. When you realize exactly who you are portraying to the people closest to you, it becomes easier to figure out who you are and whether or not you need to work on yourself.

5. Friendship Is Family That You Choose


We can’t pick our family, but we can definitely pick our friends. Our family is predetermined and often cause a lot of struggle in our lives. I really believe that family is here to challenge us, which can help us find our identity in life, while friends are here to support us, give us the strength to become who we want to be, and come along for the ride in our life.

While you think that family should be the people we confide in most, we will often tell friends things that we won’t tell our family. We are willing to share ourselves with friends who love and support us for who we are. We often look forward to going to see our friends while going to see our family may feel more like a chore. Friendships are really those tight-knit family relationships that we get to choose for ourselves, which makes them very important relationships in our life.

6. Real Frienships Stick Around When You Need Them


Are you not sure who your real friends are? You will be when things get really tough. When you are really struggling with yourself or your life, or when you have some very big hardships that require a lot of support from your friends, you will learn which friendships are real and which friendships are fake.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell who you really have a close relationship with until the hard times come. And it will surprise you how many people actually leave your life and are not willing to be there in your times of biggest struggle.

Real friendships are about support. There will be in there for the good times and the bad. They are about giving and taking and not just receiving. They are about accepting you for who you are and what has happened in your life. The real friendships will exhibit all these traits when you are not at your best are having the best time in your life.

7. Real Friendships Bring Out The Best In You


Your real friends should not bring out the worst in you. They should not make you angry and upset and spiteful and all those other negative things that take away from your happiness and health in life. Your best friends will bring out the best of you in one way or another. They may teach you who want to be. They may help you see where you are going wrong. And they may love you so much that you can’t help but being your best self.

8. Real Friendships Stand The Test Of Time


If you collect things in your life, you may not consider a long-term friendship part of your collection, but you should! They are a piece from your past that remind you of who you were and how far you have come. They are the people that you will never break or destroy and will always be there. They are the people that have seen you in your struggles and your celebrations. They are like the antiques that you keep in your house, because they have been around for a long time and have a lot of history with you.

The point is that old friendships are the most valuable parts of your life. They watched you change and grow and become who you are today. They have insight into you that other people just can’t have. And they make you feel like you are connected to more than just what you see right now and remind you that you have overcome and endured many things in your life.

9. Real Friendships Are Not Suffocating (And You Have The Right To Break Bad Friendships Off!)


This is one of the friendship quotes to always remember for more happiness in life. I have had friendships that were very suffocating. The friendships were all about them and what I could do for them, and, unfortunately, they wanted me to be a certain way.

The biggest one was with a friend that I made in my late teens. At the time we were on the same wavelength and we enjoyed each other’s company. We became quick friends and supported each other through thick and thin. But then I started to change. My beliefs, habits, and perception on life started to change, and she couldn’t accept that. She was still the person I had met in my late teens, but I was becoming somebody different. She would make me feel bad about my new beliefs and habits, and tried to keep the stuck in the space that I was when we were first friends. Unfortunately, it felt suffocating to me and I started to resent her for it. I stayed friends with her for years after that pretending to be somebody that I was not. I was not allowed to express my feelings or viewpoints, and she did not want to hear about anything new that I was doing. In fact, she would get downright upset if I did do anything new. Once I realized that our friendship was no longer what it used to be, and I gathered the strength to let it go, I was able to move much further in my life.

I have other friendships that started before her and are still going strong. They do not try to stifle me and never have. They went with the flow accepted me for whoever I was becoming.

What I realized most is that not all friendships are going to last forever. I learned a lot from my friendship with that one person, and I became stronger during the good times of that friendship and the bad.

Some friendships are simply there to teach you a lesson, and you do not have to endure suffocating or hard friendships for your entire life. Some friendships can last only a few weeks while others will last a lifetime. You have the right to end a friendship if it is not doing what it should do in your life – supporting you and making you feel good, confident, and strong.

10. Each Friendship Is Different


Each friendship we have in our lives is unique. We relate to each person in a different way. We share unique likes and dislikes with each person. Each friendship has its own value in our life, and – most importantly, each one is just as important as the next.

Remember this friendship quote as you form new friendships or as you reflect on your old friendships. Each one can teach you something entirely new about yourself. It can bring to the surface a new passion or a new awareness or even a new belief, which can help you become more of who you want to be. Without friendships, we wouldn’t learn new things about ourselves as easily and grow. We are all unique, which makes the connections we have with each person unique, and that is something to recognize and celebrate in each friendship that you have.

11. Treat Yourself With A Friend


This is one of the simplest friendship quotes with the most meaning. When you choose to be friends with someone awesome, you really are giving a gift to yourself. You are giving the gift of good times, support, courage, companionship, and all those other things that friends can give you.

Even as you choose a bad friend, you are giving yourself the gift of insight because you will learn who you are and what you want or don’t want in your life. So look back on every friendship that you have had as a gift you gave yourself.

12. Friendship Is Not About Jealousy


Oprah and Gayle have been friends since their early 20s. It’s amazing that they have been able to stay friends for as long as they have considering all the ups and downs that each one of them had been through. Not to mention all the success that Oprah has had in her life. Their friendship is a true friendship that everyone can learn from, and this is one of the friendship quotes to keep in mind as you go through your friendships.

Oprah says that there has never been a hint of jealousy in their friendship. Gayle has always been happier for Oprah than she has even been for herself. Gayle has celebrated her accomplishments and encouraged her throughout their entire friendship, and Oprah has done the same for Gayle. If jealousy had ever entered their relationship at any time, then their friendship likely would have been over a long time ago. Friendship cannot survive jealousy.

Nobody wants to be friends with somebody who is jealous of them. And nobody wants to be friends with someone who they feel anger or resentment towards.

13. Friendship Is About Similarities


Besides Oprah and Gayle, one of the best-known friendships in the world is Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. They have been friends since childhood and have been through pretty much everything together. A lot of people think that their friendship is solely based on everything they have experienced together, but when Jennifer Garner talked about her husband and Matt’s relationship, she gave a little insight into what their friendship is likely all about.

They share similarities. According to her, their friendship is not just about all their history, but their enjoyment of being around each other and talking about what they are interested in. And that is definitely a part of any friendship that is going to last that long and last through what they have been through.

In other words, you need to find and hold on to the similarities that you have in order to keep the connection there. You will sometimes grow in a different direction from your friends. You are two unique people have different life experiences. You may develop new perceptions on life and on people in general, and you may not fully understand why your friend is doing what they are doing. But if you can connect together with the similarities that you have, then your friendship will last through the ups and downs and even through the criticism of other people.

14. Conflict Is A Part Of Friendship


Rhett and Link have been best friends since grade 1, and they have a popular YouTube channel together. In short, they are two best friends who are around each other a lot.

They definitely have some insight into what it takes to make a friendship work. By looking at them you would think that there wouldn’t be much conflict between them because they do get along so well. But, as they point out, you can’t have a lifelong friendship without conflict. Conflict is going to arise simply because you are too different people, and you are not always good to see eye to eye.

Therefore, don’t ditch your friends because you have some conflict. If they really matter to you and you share a special bond with them, find a way to work through the conflict. If you can, you will be friends forever. You will even be able to work together daily and not kill each other. If you can’t, your friendship is not going to last. Once you start to view your friend in a negative light or resent them, the friendship will die out.

15. Real Friendships Are About Honesty


One of my best friends and I were talking about how many people in our lives lie to us. We think they may lie to us for a few reasons, including not wanting to burden us with their problems, not wanting us to know about their problems, not trusting us with their truth, not willing to show us who they truly are, and not having the guts to tell us what they want to say. These people are important parts of our lives, but we do not view them as if we have a true friendship with them.

True friendship is really about being honest. It’s not about hiding things or parts of yourself from the people in your life. It’s about showing people who you are, trusting that they will be okay with that and have respect for that. It’s about wanting to be open and honest with the people who you love because they need to know who you really are.

This is one of those friendship quotes that I try to remember in every friendship relationship that I have. If they love me or care about me, then our relationship can stand even in the face of true knowledge. I don’t need to pretend to be someone I’m not just so that they will like me. I don’t need to hold back information so that they won’t judge me. I simply need to be myself and enjoy the fact that they accept me for who I am.

16. Good Friendships Are Hard To Find


If you feel like you haven’t found a real friendship yet, then this is a friendship quote that you need to remember. It doesn’t matter how great the person you are, it’s still hard to find good friendships. Good friendships depend on similarities, trust, and a willingness to accept each other for who you are, and you will not find a lot of people in your life who are willing to do that.

Furthermore, it takes a while to build up a really good friendship. The bond needs to be strong, the trust needs to have been built up, and you need to go through some ups and downs in order to test the strength of your friendship and discover how strong it really is.

This is another reason to hold on to the good friendships that you have in your life. It takes a long time to build them up, and if you have a really good friend in your life, then you will want to work through the conflict and keep the friendship around. You won’t regret it years down the road when you can say that you have a good friend who has been in your life for a long time.

17. Friends Know That You Are Not Perfect


This is one of the friendship quotes that made me laugh out loud when I found it. I know I feel this way about some of my best friends and that they feel the same way about me. The truth is that we are all slightly cracked, but at our core we all have good intentions and we are all good people despite those slight cracks.

Moreover, we are willing to accept each other despite those cracks. We’re willing to look past them and focus on the good aspects of each other and our friendships.

Looking past the cracks is so essential in any friendship. Everybody is flawed. Everybody has some problems and is slightly cracked. If you can’t accept that truth, then you will never be able to have a friendship that lasts the test of time.

18. Don’t Take Friendships For Granted


Many of us take our friendships for granted. This is definitely one of the friendship quotes the made me reflect on my friendships and how important they are to me. I have seen how important good health suddenly becomes once you lose it. But, I have not had to experience losing a true friendship yet. And, I don’t always think about the value that it has in my life.

The truth as a true friendship is extremely valuable in your life. We talked about why with these friendship quotes, and taking some time to reflect on your friendships and how important they are can help you avoid taking them for granted.

19. Friendship And Love Go Hand In Hand


The love between intimate partners and even family members are often talked about, but not the love between friends. This is one of the friendship quotes that is so true when you stop and think about it. Because friendship is full of honesty, support, connection, understanding, and acceptance, it really is one of the purest forms of love.

I often say that the relationship we have with animals is one of the purest forms of love because they accept us for who we are without judgment. But upon reflection, it is really true that real friendships are parallel to that relationship. And since friends have the capability to help us out and offer a unique type of support, it’s an added bonus to that pure love.

20. You Can’t Wear Out A Real Friendship


The great thing about true friendship is that you can’t wear it out. No matter how much you need your friends or they need you, the friendship is not going to be worn out like an old towel that you’ve used a lot. This is really a testament to how strong friendships can be. There are sometimes in life when we depend on our friendships for years to get us through, and yet they stay just as strong as ever.

If you feel worn out by your friends, then you may want to rethink your friendships with them, because they may not be as strong as you think they are. All friendships are full of the desire to help out and give support, knowing that life will benefit in some way from it, even if it is just seeing them happier or more successful. It shouldn’t be a draining venture to support a friend, and if it is, then they may not be a true friend after all.

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