March 6, 2016

20 Change Quotes That Will Promote More Change In Your Life

Change affects everything in your life and in our world. It is very important to think about and consider at every level of our progression. Sometimes change is a really good thing, and sometimes change is a really bad thing, but it is always happening in one way or the other. The following change quotes cover things like whether or not you can really change your habits in 21 days and the best way to influence change in someone else. If you’ve been thinking about a change, or wondering why change is so important, then keep reading.

1. The Ability To Change Is Important In Leadership


Considering this is one of the change quotes taken from the late 1400’s, we are assuming that he was talking about leaders in war or politics. However, this is a quote that can be applied to anyone’s life in this time, and it is very important to remember.

We all have places in life where we need to lead others. It may be with our family, friends, or in our business. The ability to lead requires the ability to change and be flexible. It requires the ability to make better decisions when unexpected things happen and past decisions or beliefs need to be challenged. And it’s impossible to be flexible if you are not open to change.

What happens if you can’t change? You will lead people down the wrong path. You will lose their respect. And you will become unhappy and unable to lead. Any parent, teacher, friend, lover, motivator, or boss should recognize how detrimental that is to your role in other people’s lives.

2. Get Unstuck By Changing Your Choices


If your life feels stagnant, and you feel like you are destined to be where you are for the rest of your life, then you are not embracing change. It’s not that life is working against you! You are simply not choosing to do different things in life that can lead you down different paths.

I know one man who is now 70 years old. He has always felt that his life was boring and that he was stuck, but he was unwilling to make different choices with his life. He did the same thing day in and day out and was totally against trying anything new. Yet, he expected things to change in his life! He expected more happiness, better health, and better relationships. Can you see how unrealistic his expectations were?

Don’t get stuck like him. If you are in a bad job, relationship, or place in life, don’t wish and hope for something better and then do the same thing over and over. You have to make changes to your mindset and way of life in order to get unstuck and start experiencing something different.

3. The Ability To Change Makes A Crisis More Like An Adventure Than A Tragedy

3Life is for the living, and since change and adventure go hand in hand, life is for the people willing to change! Often change comes in the form of crisis. You lose your job. You get dumped by someone. You have a major setback with your health. If you resist embracing the change that is happening, then you are resisting the adventure that lies before you. But, if you embrace what is happening, then you embrace the adventure before you. What will happen? How will your life change? What will you see? What will you learn? What will you do? That’s all part of the adventure.

This does not mean a crisis is not a time of difficulty and trouble, but it does mean that being willing to change and do what you need to overcome it will help set you on a path of discovery. That willingness to change and overcome means a new adventure in unknown territory is about to start.

4. Don’t Hold Your Breath For Others To Change First

4If you are in any type of relationship, you may be expecting the other person to change before things become better. That’s a horrible idea! Change is hard for many people, and the person whom you want to change may never be able to do that.

In addition, sometimes people won’t change until they see someone else changing first. I’ve read countless stories where one person in an intimate relationship decides they are going to start making positive changes and doing things differently in the relationship, and their changes affect their partner and they automatically start to change.

For instance, one woman didn’t feel loved by her partner. But, she realized that she was not giving as much love as she could give. She changed how she acted with him. She started to show him more love. And, within a short time, he started to show her more love naturally. It was a reaction to her action, and it only happened because she decided to change first.

The best way to change others is to change yourself and your relationship dynamics. As you change, they will have no choice but to change. They won’t be able to react to you in the same way they did before. They won’t be able to interact with you in the same way they did before. Change will be inevitable.

5. Not Changing Is Not An Option


This is one of the change quotes taken from someone who has to embrace change. Eric is the head of Global Brands and a member of the executive board at Adidas, which means that he has to be willing to adapt towards what is best for his company. He can’t get stuck on one idea and unable to accept others into his life or he would be slowing down the success of things like Adidas.

While you may not be making big decisions on one of the most popular brands, you are making important decisions about your life. Staying the same is not an option for success in life. If you want more victories in any area of your life, then not changing is not an option. You must be willing to change, adapt, and look at things from different points of views.

6. Why Change Is Really Important


Being able to change is what makes us human. We are meant to learn and grow into more of who we want to be. We are meant to become better versions of ourselves. This is obvious from childhood where we learn something new and suddenly our whole life has changed because our thought process has changed. We learn, adapt, and keep moving forward.

You will learn many things in your life that can help you be happier, healthier, and more successful, but if you want to use what you learn, you have to be willing to change. If you are not willing to change, then you are not going to put into practice the things that you discover about yourself. Your purpose will go unfulfilled. You won’t develop better habits. You won’t do interesting things.

The best example I’ve seen of this is a man who is directly in my life. He is older, and he hates change. He likes to sit in his chair and watch TV, and any bit of change makes him upset. I’ve known him for years, and in the beginning he used to be open to learning stuff, even if he didn’t implement it into his life. Now, he is so close-minded that he doesn’t even want to learn! If you try to teach him something, he shuts down and stops listening. He gets agitated and will try to bring the conversation back to something he is comfortable with. It is sad to watch. In fact, it is one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen. It is a waste of brain power and life.

That’s why change is important. Once you stop changing, your life stands still. You stop growing. You stop living.

7. Change Your Attitude And Change Your Life


I remember a time when I thought it was cool to have a bad attitude. I imagine many people still think like that, but let me tell you from experience, it’s not cool at all! A bad attitude keeps you focused on the bad in life. It attracts more bad into your life. You can’t see where to make positive changes because you are too focused on bad things. You keep doing the wrong things over and over again, and you keep getting the unwanted results. It also makes you resistant to new ideas that could have a positive impact. You don’t view them as opportunities, but, rather, as ideas that probably won’t work or ideas that are stupid and a waste of your time.

When you develop a good attitude towards life, you are more willing to try things out and make changes that could impact your life and make it even better. So, Susan is absolutely right! When you can shift your bad attitude to a good one, your whole life can change.

8. Can You Change Your Habits In 21 Days?


How long does it really take to change habits? We have all heard the 21-day rule, but many of us have got to day 21 and still found that something we were trying to habitually do was not yet a habit! Even when I started my gratitude journal, which I loved doing, it took me 96 days of reminding myself to do it before I actually got into the habit of doing it!

The truth is that research has found that some things are harder to create into a habit. In fact, it has found that 66 days is the average for how long it takes to form a new habit, but don’t go by that number either because that is just an average.

In other words, don’t give up after 21 or 66 days! If you are not habitually doing something after that time, then it may take longer to form the habit.

Change is not easy. It requires a change in lifestyle, and as you work on changing your habits, your lifestyle will start to change (not overnight though), and eventually the habits you are trying to build will become a part of your daily life, without having to put forward a lot of effort.

9. How Does Change Happen?

9Even in the face of life or death, change only happens if you make it happen. I have known plenty of people who are unwilling to change when it is absolutely imperative that they do, and they suffer the consequences for it. They are told what to do by professionals or people who have been there or done that, but even though they want something better for themselves, they hope that something will change magically instead of doing something to make the change happen.

Change happens when you contemplate something, prepare to change, take action, and then maintain that action. You are the one who makes it happen, because no one else can do those things for you if you are able minded. Those steps are the only route to change, so remember that next time you are sitting around wishing things could be different. The truth is that if you are wishing things were different, then you are contemplating it, so you just need to start preparing to take action.

10. On Climate Change


This quote was made in regard to the people campaigning for the 2016 presidential nomination. This is such a valid question that I think we all need to think about this in our own life. There were plenty of change quotes on the climate because it is such a hot topic, but this one asks the question, “When are we going to focus on what is really important for this world?”

You may not be too worried about climate change. You may believe someone who thinks it is a hoax. But, what if it isn’t? What if the generation of today is facing a major problem that could impact life on this planet in a major way? What if we are working ourselves into extinction because of our poor habits, messed up beliefs, and selfish attitude in this world?

When it comes to climate change, you should be beyond considering climate change and taking action. What can you do? How can you help? Why should you care? Don’t let yourself focus on superficial things, such as the polling data, and, instead, get to the heart of the issues that really matter in life.

11. A Tool That Helps Make Big Changes In Life

11Positive thinking is one of the biggest tools you have to change your life! Every time you think something positive, you shift your attitude, mindset, behavior, and results just a little bit to create change in your life.

For instance, if you are going into work, but don’t have the energy to work, you can think about how much work sucks, which will make work even worse once you get there! If you are focused on how much it sucks, you are going to say a lot of negative things throughout your day that actually make it suck! But, if you focus on positive thoughts, such as wanting to do the best you can at work, then you are sending out that wish to the universe and to your consciousness, and you will start to behave differently, think differently, view your job differently, and feel different. You will change how you react to it.

Take this tip on a bigger scale and you can apply it to your relationships, health, and success in life. When you start to practice positive thinking, you start to send out requests to the universe and yourself to create a life in line with your positive thoughts.

12. How To Change One Person’s World For The Better


I find that almost every day I’m in the position to help someone. It may be a small thing, such as letting someone go in front of me in line or treating someone with respect. Or it may be a big thing, like giving someone a loan to help them pay off their bills, go to school, or take an important trip. There are many opportunities to make a difference in people’s lives, and taking a hold of them is the best way you can change their world for the better.

I would take this a step further and say that this is a way to change the world. If you help one person, and they help someone else, and they help someone else, then you can see how far your act of service can go to change the world. But, let’s not get that far ahead of ourselves. It can feel overwhelming. Instead, focus on helping one person’s world change and you will find ways to make that happen.

13. Why You Need To Set A Good Example For Young People

13The fact is that young people are the future and have the key to the fate of humanity and the world. They are going to either follow in our footsteps or make positive changes to turn the world in a different direction. Because they are the future, we need to set a good example for them so that they can make those positive changes.

In the early years, this example is set by parents. Kids are most influenced by their home life, and it’s important to teach respect, compassion, curiosity, and love during these years to set them up for the rest of their lives. But, once kids get into school, they are affected by their teachers, classmates, and community, and that means we are all responsible for how kids grow up and the future of mankind.

14. Some Change Needs To Be Permanent


There are some things in life that require constant change. You should be constantly learning. You should be constantly trying new things. You should be constantly making new plans or goals in life. But, when it comes to health, you have to make permanent lifestyle changes.

You can’t diet for a month, lose weight, and then go back to eating your old diet. It doesn’t work that way! What you do today affects your health tomorrow, which means that if you are feeling unhealthy today, what you did yesterday needs to be changed.

This applies to fitness, diet, stress, and attitude. You can’t just make some changes for the short-term and expect long-term results. You need to make long-term changes for long-term results. You need to build up the healthy habits, which as we said could take longer than 21 days to build up, and then make the ones that really work for you permanently. That’s the way to a healthier life.

15. You Can Prevent Some Serious Things By Making Permanent Changes


Why should you make permanent changes? A lot of people don’t think about their health tomorrow, which is why they don’t or won’t make the changes they need to make. But, by eating a poor diet, not exercising, smoking, drinking, using drugs, and stressing out all the time, you are setting yourself up for heart disease, obesity, depression, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and all those other scary things that you don’t want to have. Your genetics do influence these things, but your lifestyle also influences them in a big way, so do what you can to prevent those things from happening.

If you think you have gone too far to make changes for better health, think again. Studies are showing that people who make changes later in life, or even when they are extremely unhealthy, can experience positive benefits from doing so.

And again, even though we don’t have absolute 100% proof that making changes will help us be healthier, why not try? If there is a chance, why not make those permanent changes and expand our lifespan by years?

16. How Can You Change Your Brain?


We all know that we can change our brains in some way by learning and implementing what we learn. That’s the whole idea behind brain games. It helps to keep our brains working strong and improves our memory and other cognitive skills. But, how can sitting quietly and meditating help our brains?

Research is finding that meditation practiced regularly, can promote changes in gray-matter associated with empathy, stress, sense of self, and memory. One study found this benefit after 30 minutes of meditation was done a day for eight weeks. As an added bonus, there was a reduction of gray matter in the amygdala, which is connected to stress and anxiety.

In short, if you want to change your brain, then meditation is something you may want to add into your daily routine. And, to be honest, there are plenty of harder things you can add! There is nothing as relaxing and peaceful as meditating, which is why people pay good money to go to islands where there is no TV and only the power of the ocean to take them into a meditative state where they leave feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

17. Travel More And Change More

17If you really want to enrich your life with new experiences that can inspire change, then travel. Travel as much as you can. Even traveling outside of your city to a town nearby can work. However, making plans to travel to places that inspire or uplift can really have an impact on your life. In short, it can change your life.

Travelling reduces stress, broadens your perspective, helps you to be more mindful, promotes purpose in life, helps you become more compassionate and tolerant, makes you feel more connected to the world, and inspires new paths in life that you couldn’t get otherwise. I have yet to meet a traveler who is not open-minded and willing to change in their life. When you travel, you have to go with the flow because plans don’t always work out and things are often out of your control.

Home is great, but travel is important in life for learning how and being able to make changes. All you need to bring on vacation is a good attitude to experience the benefits.

18. How To Magically Change Things In Front Of Your Eyes

18This is one of those powerful change quotes that you should post up everywhere you need a reminder of how to make things beautiful and appealing to you. You can look at one thing one moment and see it very differently the next if you want to.

For instance, you can have a spouse and look at them through a critical and demanding viewpoint, and not like them very much. But, if you were to look at them through compassionate and loving eyes, you would instantly feel different about them.

In short, you are a magician. You can change the way things look simply by changing how you look at them. Always look through a lens of compassion, kindness, and love, and that will help you see things in a positive light, no matter how they used to look to you.

19. Stick With Things For A While Before You Jump Ship


If things are obviously not working, then change. But, if you are unsure if things are going to work out or not on the path you are on, then stick with it for a while because that path may take you to where you wanted to go.

I had a friend who had gotten into a new job and he instantly thought it was the wrong choice. If his wife hadn’t talked him into staying for a little longer, he probably would have quit and looked for another job. But, within a few months, he found out that the job was actually a perfect fit for him. He loved it. He loved the people he worked with. He loved the challenges and room for growth. And, he was very glad that he hadn’t changed jobs when he wanted to.

Some things take time to come into focus. We don’t always know why they are beneficial or if they are going to help us get to a goal, but if we change direction, we will never know! So, give things a try before you switch it out with something new. If you know that it is absolutely not for you, whether it is a job, a relationship, a diet, a home, a car, or whatever, then change it, but if you are not sure, give it some time.

20. Change Doesn’t Always Happen Quickly


Despite the importance of change in life, it doesn’t always happen quickly. Improving your life, improving the world, and making things happen that you care about can all take some time. This is because things need to shift. Beliefs need to alter. Habits need to change. And all of those things can take some time to happen.

But, it can happen! If you keep putting one foot in front of the other, change can happen. If you have patience, it can happen. You have to work for the things that mean the most, so take pride in the work you do to promote change – as much as in the change itself.

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