June 30, 2016

13 Quotes That Answer Life’s Big Questions

Following are some quotes that I think everyone should read. These are quotes that make you think about your life and what really matters in it. I suggest rereading them when you are having a bad day, can’t get unstuck from a negative place, or just want to bring yourself back to a place where life makes a little more sense. Or, whenever you ask yourself one of life’s big questions.

1. What Is There To Be Happy About?


I know that someone said this quote before MarQuis Trill, but I couldn’t find the original person because the quote was always followed by ‘unknown.’ It doesn’t matter, though, because MarQuis Trill is the one who said this recently and it really is one of the quotes that make you think about what there is to be happy about in life.

It isn’t until you are fighting for your own life or have someone close to you fighting for theirs, that you realize how good it is just to wake up and be alive. We need to make the realization of that truth an important belief – not just when other people are struggling, but every day.

When you open your eyes and draw in a breath, be thankful for it. That gratitude will help you see what really matters beneath the noise and the ups and downs of everyday life. It will help you realize that living – no matter what is happening – is a daily gift that we receive.

2. What Is Life About?


Love this quote! It is definitely one of the top quotes that make you think about life and why we are here. The fact is that nobody knows exactly why we are here. But, what we do know, is that you have to give your life some meaning in order to feel like it really matters. Without meaning, it feels like you are just existing, not living.

How do you give your life meaning? It differs for everyone, but the bottom line is to focus on what you are passionate about. Focus on what matters most to you, such as relationships and having fun. Focus on making the most of each day instead of letting it pass by. The more you focus on these things, the more meaning you will give your life.

3. Why Is My Life The Worst?


It’s easy to get stuck in our bubble and think we have it worse than everyone else out there. It can be hard to even see that, in comparison to others, our life really isn’t that bad. But, this quote is definitely one that we can all resonate with.

When we turn on the TV to shows where people are struggling with problems in life that we can’t even imagine dealing with, we can clearly see what we have to be grateful and how much our life is simply not the worst in any way, shape, or form.

4. Why Is My Life Like THIS?


Wherever your thoughts go will decide how you finish the sentence, my life is… The fact is that your life is how you perceive it thanks to the big thoughts that you are having.

For instance, if you are focused on negative things, then you may say ‘my life is crappy from morning to night.’ But, the next day, if you focus on positive things, then you may say ‘my life is amazing.’ It all depends on perception and how you are structuring your thoughts. Moreover, two people in the same situation may have very different perceptions on how great or not great their life is.

The meaning you have towards life is created by the thought structure and can change from day to day. Remember that when you think you can’t get unstuck from a negative place. With a change in thought structure, you could feel completely different about your life tomorrow.

5. Why Don’t Great Things Happen To Me?


What happens tomorrow is a result of what you did today. If you are constantly talking negatively to yourself and setting yourself up to lose, then you are going to keep getting the same results you are getting now. If they aren’t that great, then that’s why great things are not happening to you.

For example, if you want to make more money, you can’t whine about how much you don’t make. You can’t sit back and complain. Doing that is setting yourself up to lose; it’s making you feel less motivated to do what you need to do, and it’s taking up your focus so that you are unable to do what you need to do. But, if you start to take action on making more money – get educated, start a business, take steps towards your career goals – then you are starting to set yourself up to win.

The people who have great things happen to them are not just lucky. They take action in their life that ensures they are set up to win at least some of the time. And you can do that too.

6. Why Can’t I Stop Feeling Pain?


I know what it’s like to be stuck in a place of anger, hurt, and confusion. It’s not fun. And, as Iyanla’s quote implies, if you keep doing what you are doing, then you are not going to be able to eliminate the pain.

I highly suggest taking her advice in this quote. When you feel pain of any kind – emotional, mental, or physical – take a step back and ask yourself why you are feeling that pain. Get real with yourself. Be honest. You will find a reason for the pain and, if you are honest, you will be able to find a solution that will help eliminate it. Then take action to start doing whatever it takes to eliminate the pain. Work on your relationships. Work on your health. Take more action in your day. Get up earlier. Do whatever needs to be done to eliminate your specific pain.

7. Why Are People Always Disappointed In Me?

7Often we blame ourselves for other people being disappointed in us. Even if they are strangers, and they don’t know the real us, we feel like we have done something wrong to make them feel upset with us. But, the reality is that they are the problem, not us.

It doesn’t matter what you do. You could be the greatest person on earth, and there would still be people disappointed in you. That’s just the way life works. Why? Because everyone has a different perception of what is right and wrong in life, and with billions of people, there is bound to be some people who don’t think you are doing what’s right.

The funny thing is that a lot of times those people are directly in our lives. They are our parents, siblings, friends, and kids. They are the ones who we count on to support us, not bring us down. So, we feel extra bad about ourselves when their perception of us is negative. But, remembering this quote can help you deal with their disappointment better.

When you know it’s not about you, but them, you can continue being the person you want to be knowing that if you changed into someone you didn’t want to be, you would merely switch the people who were disappointed in you and feel less happy with yourself and your life.

8. How Can I Make Life Better?

8This is one of those quotes that make you think about more than just one thing. It helps you to remember that you have an imagination when you get stuck in reality. It helps you to remember that your imagination can motivate you and change your direction in life. It can get you excited for something different and something better. It can inspire you to get up and go after whatever it is you are imagining. It can help you create the life you want and stop feeling so trapped.

Albert Einstein seemed to have a clear vision on how you create your life. Whether you call it the law of attraction or being the master of your own life, using your imagination to visualize something better for yourself is the first step to making it happen.

9. Why Aren’t My Visualizations Coming True?

9Yes, this is a quote by J.K. Rowling from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, but it answers one of life’s big questions in a big way! While it’s important to use your imagination and visualize the life you want, you can’t spend your whole life focused in dream land. You have to do things in real life in order to make real things come true.

There is an 80-20 rule for everything. If you want to make your visualizations come true, then spend 20 percent of your time visualizing and 80 percent of your time living and doing the things that will help you create the life you want. If you do it the other way around, then all you are doing is visualizing and hoping. That will never get you the life you want.

10. Should I Apologize For Being True To Myself?


If you want something great for yourself, don’t apologize. If you want to live a life that lives up to your standards, don’t apologize.

Remember, everyone has a different perception on life and what is acceptable, and just because someone else doesn’t think you need to be so dedicated, so ethical, so proud, so driven, or so anything else, doesn’t mean you have to lower your standards. If they really want to be in your life, they will either rise up to meet your standards or accept you for who you are.

You should never lower yourself to be someone less than you know you can be. That’s doing you a disservice, and it’s doing a disservice to the people in your life. Living up to your greatness is what will make everything greater.

11. What Should I Focus On Each Day?


Chelsea Crockett is a young girl, but this is definitely one of the quotes that make you think about how you are living life, so she’s wise beyond her years.

Are you spending your days focused on things that don’t matter like TV, the latest rumor, or some worry, fear, or anxiety? Or, are you focused on the things that matter like the things you are passionate about and the people you love?

As someone who has lost many people, I strongly urge you to focus on the people that you love. When they get really sick or are gone, you will wish you had – even if they were annoying. If you love them, make them a priority in life.

And, focusing on your passions instead of things that don’t matter will help you create the life you want. So make your passions in life a priority as well over all those useless things that just fill up time.

12. Has Life Finally Beaten Me Down?


This is definitely one of the best quotes that make you think about one of life’s biggest questions. So many people feel like life may have beaten them down and turned them into a shadow of the person who they used to be. But, the truth is that you never have to be beaten down in life.

Unless you are dead, you always have a choice to stand back up and try again. You always have a choice to think more positively, do better things, love more, be more passionate, and focus on what really matters. You are not defeated until you refuse to get back up and make the choices that matter.

13. Why Does Nothing Good Happen To Me?


Do you think that something good means something big? You are not alone! Many people take a look at their day and don’t see anything bright and shiny that happened, so they feel like nothing good happened. But, as this quote says, the little things are actually the big things.

The little things are the steps that help you get to where you want to be. They are the situations that give you a new perception on something to help you become stronger or more focused on what you want. They are the moments that make you who you are.

In hindsight, it is very clear how all those little things added up to something bigger. But, you don’t have to wait for hindsight to realize it. Try to see the value in everything that happens to you. Try to see how it will make you better, stronger, happier, or better off in some way. If you look, you will find it, and you will see that plenty of good things happen to you every single day.

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