March 20, 2016

13 Quotes About Mental Strength You Need To Read

Mental strength, often called mental toughness, is essential for success in business, sports, relationships, and every aspect of life. You have to be mentally strong in order to work through problems, find solutions, and keep pushing yourself forward. In other words, improving your mental strength is the number one thing you can do to live a happier and more successful life. Are you not feeling mentally strong right now? Following are 13 quotes to help you improve your mental strength.

1. Maintain Your Hope


I always think of the show ‘The Walking Dead’ when I think about mental strength. The weak-minded and the people who lose hope are the first to get picked off and die, and the strong-minded who have hope keep going and going and going – until, of course, they come up against someone smarter or stronger. Even the strongest characters can be tested mentally and start to lose hope, and if they can’t shake that way of thinking, their chance of survival decreases dramatically.

Thankfully, we don’t have to live in a world where we fight against walkers and protect our family from people who have nothing to lose. But, we do face a lot of obstacles in our life that try to suck out our confidence, self-worth, purpose, and hope.

Hope is a tool that you can use to stay mentally strong and keep going forward. You will never fall and stop moving because you will always be doing stuff and making decisions for your life that matters and makes a difference to you, hoping that it will pay off in the end.

2. Stop Being Jealous


Jealousy is very bad for your mental strength. When you are jealous, you think less of yourself instantly. You don’t have what someone else has, so you feel pity for yourself and start to beat yourself up in some way. How can you be mentally strong when you are doing that to yourself?

Facebook is a horrible place for jealousy. There, you see what people want you to see, which is all of their successes in life. You don’t see their struggles or problems, so it’s easy to be jealous of what you think they have in life. Remember that the next time you read a post about how perfect someone’s life is or see a picture of their new house, happy relationship, or latest success. They are only posting what they want you to see, so your jealousy is based on half-truths, which, if you think about it, is how it is offline too. People only give you access to what they want you to see.

Jealousy is pointless. Your time is better spent going after what you want instead of sitting around thinking about what someone else says they have.

3. Don’t Expect To Hit A Mental Strength Ceiling


If you are beating yourself up for not being strong enough, then stop, because you will never reach some ceiling that means that you have now become strong enough and everything will just be easy as pie. You will always be working towards more mental strength with each roadblock you hit. You will always be discovering just how strong you really are when you need to be.

When you imagine mental strength like that – as a journey and not a destination, you will stop telling yourself that you have not achieved some level of strength you think you should have achieved. And, you will start working on leaping, jumping, and breaking through the challenges in your way.

4. You Have To Take Some Gambles In Life


Mental strength builds up when you get out of your comfort zone and gamble a little. You won’t know what the outcome is going to be, and that can be scary, but doing it anyway will help you work through the fear and make you stronger every step of the way.

I love how Raquel included the fact that she failed. That failure is going to happen often. If everything were a success, your mental toughness would never be challenged! The failure is what helps you figure out what doesn’t work and what might possibly work, and when you are faced with it, you realize that it isn’t as bad as you thought it was going to be, which equals more mental strength to go after another possible failure.

5. Get Excited About Living Life!


You’ve probably heard that you don’t know how strong you are until you are faced with something that requires strength. This is absolutely true! Live your life with the excitement that you are going to be challenged and find out how strong you are each and every day. When you get excited about the lessons you will learn, you will maintain a sense of mental strength that nobody can take away.

6. How Can You Create More Mental Pain?

42You really have two options in life when it comes to how strong you are mentally. If you want to diminish your mental strength and create more mental pain, then give up. Give up on your goals, your dreams, your happiness, and your success. Give up and you will maintain a sense of mental pain forever. Or, you can keep going despite the pain. You can keep doing things that move you towards what you want, even when you are feeling crappy, and those negative feelings will subside and you will experience more rewards and more mental strength because of it.

In short, you can’t get rid of mental pain. You will feel it here and there as you struggle with things. But, if you stop moving, and give up, then you will have a hard time working through that pain and it will stick around. What mental pain are you feeling right now that requires you to get back up in order to work through it?

7. Mental Strength Matters!

43Bobby Knight is a basketball coach, so this is one of the quotes about mental strength you should always remember when you need a pep talk. It doesn’t matter how physically tough you are, if you are not tough mentally, then it doesn’t matter. Mental toughness is bigger than physical toughness. It is the kind of strength that forces you to keep going when your body doesn’t want to. It is the kind of strength that helps you succeed when obstacles come in your way. And they will come!

So many people take care of their physical health and strength, but lack when it comes to their mental health and strength. If that’s you, then you are doing a huge disservice to your life! Get training mentally now because it is the most important thing you can do for your strength in life.

8. Be A Role Model Or Supporter To Some One


This is not about proving that you are better than other people, it is about supporting other people when they are in times of need. When you are around someone who is weaker than you, then you need to find strength out of necessity. You end up doing things that you would never do for yourself, and then you end up liking and respecting yourself more for doing these things.

My friend’s mother has a son who is mentally and physically handicapped. He depends on her for everything in life, and she is the strongest woman I know. She has to be. She can’t sit down and have a pity party because his needs would go unmet. She can’t keep quiet and not stand up for her son because he would be mistreated in the care center that he is now living in permanently. She can’t sit at home and mull on the downside of life because she has to go to that care center daily to look after her son.

You may not have someone who needs that much care. But, someone who needs you to be strong will bring out your mental strength. Your spouse, your kids, your neighbors, your co-workers, and your friends may all need to be strong at different points in life. And, as you find that strength for them, you will realize just how strong you really are.

9. Mental Strength Requires Hard Decisions


If you are someone who wants to master your emotions and shift your mindset to a more positive and beneficial one, then you have to make some hard decisions and then act on them. You can’t keep taking the easy way out and expect to become stronger in mind. It just doesn’t work that way.

Making the hard decisions means facing up to the hard things in life. It means coming out from behind that rock that is easy to hide behind and facing reality head on. And, taking action on the hard decisions takes it up a whole other level. You have to maintain that mental strength in order to take that action, and you maintain it because if you don’t, you will retreat. That’s how you build up your mental strength and become a master of your emotions and your mindset.

10. Do The ‘Stuff’ Now


We all say it! Stuff happens. Some of us use different words to say that, but in the end, we all know that it’s true. Life happens whether you want it to or not. And, the more you put yourself in challenging situations where you know that stuff is going to happen, the more tolerance you will have for handling all that random stuff that pops up into your life.

This is one of the quotes about mental strength you can pull out when you are faced with a hard decision! You might as well make it because stuff is going to happen anyway!

11. Stop Focusing On What You Can’t Control


When you focus on things you can’t control, you become weaker mentally. You stress out. You worry. You get anxious. You start to make poor decisions based on that stress, worry, and anxiety. It is a fearful and sad life when you focus on what you can’t control, including things that have happened and things that could happen.

You can’t control other people. You can’t control unexpected events. You can’t control the elements. You can, however, control your attitude and reaction to things that happen. You can control what you do during your day when there are no unexpected events. When you start to focus on what you can control, you will feel stronger in mind immediately.

12. Don’t Live In fear


Fear affects our mental toughness in a big way. It has a huge impact on our ability to think rationally and see everything that we need to consider for making choices in our best interest.

But you don’t have to be scared. Whatever happens, you will rise to the occasion. You will make it work. You will survive. The human body and mind has a way of adjusting to where it is and finding a way to cope with it. This has been proven over and over again in your life and in the lives of everyone who lives on this planet. Always keep life in this perspective and you will find that you will have much less fear and much more mental strength.

13. Resolve the Conflict


When it comes to quotes about mental strength, Tony Robbins has a lot of them! But, I really like this one because I think it will resonate with a lot of you reading this, as it does with me.

When you are being pulled in two different directions, your mental strength will suffer. For instance, if you want to start a business, but you also want to spend all of your time hanging out with your family, you will be pulled in two different directions, and you will suffer from anxiety, stress, and sadness. It isn’t until you make a decision one way or the other that you will start to feel stronger mentally.

So, when you are being pulled in two different ways, make a decision and go with it. Don’t let yourself stay in a game of tug of war. Make the best decision for you, right now, and then be OK with whatever it is. That will alleviate all that strain on your brain and help you feel sane and strong again.

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