January 22, 2016

12 You Can Do It Quotes To Motivate You To Get Busy

Quotes that keep you motivated

Do you have a strong feeling that you can’t do it, but you are still being called to try it, to go after it, to make it happen? How many times has this happened in your life? How many times have you ignored the call to do something because you simply believed that you couldn’t do it? If you are like most people, you’ve probably had quite a few times where you stopped before you even really started to try.

Today is the day to stop all that nonsense. It’s time to stop talking yourself out of doing things you want and to start talking yourself into doing those things. Today is the day to start going after what you want. Today is the day to convince yourself that it is possible, with the help of these ‘you can do it quotes’. Read them, memorize them, write them down, and use them every time you need a kick in the butt to keep going after what you want.

1. You Can Do Anything They Can Do


Whatever you want to do, there is a good chance that someone else has already done it. If someone else can achieve something, why can’t you? You have the ability to learn, practice, take action, and succeed just like they do, so why can’t you find success? There is absolutely no good answer to that. As long as you are willing to learn, develop your skills, and continuously take action on what you want, then you can do anything that anyone else has. It’s just a matter of doing the things that help you find the success.

2. How Do You Know You Can’t Do It?


Are you sure, without a doubt, that you can’t do it? How exactly do you know that? Have you tried? Have you pushed yourself? Have you felt the pressure and kept going to learn what you are really capable of? If not, then you don’t know for sure. You are simply guessing that you can’t do it.

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How about turning the tables and making a guess that you are capable of doing it. How about using these ‘you can do it quotes’ to remind yourself of why you are capable of doing it. Then you will move towards that pressure, get under it, and see exactly what you are made of.

3. Learn To Deal With The Fear


This is a great lesson about going after the things you want. Jeff Bridges was trying to decide whether he wanted to act or not, and was facing a lot of fear that was holding him back, but when he saw that Robert Ryan – a long time actor – was sweating during a scene, he realized that it was a matter of just dealing with the fear, not getting over the fear.

Fear is what is holding you back from going after what you want, and until you learn to deal with it, you will always be held back in life. The good news is that everyone you already see out there doing it still has a sense of fear, and if they can do it despite their fear, so can you!

4. You Will Find A Way


Who better to take ‘you can do it quotes’ from than Oprah? She is the champion of doing it despite what people tell her, and even despite what she tells herself. So, take a second to really consider this truth that she has discovered about going after what you want.

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When you are an energetic match with what you want and what is coming your way, then a space will be created for it to happen. In other words, something will open up in your life, or you will open up and find a way to make it happen. Even if you don’t think you have the time, energy, or resources to make it happen, you will find a way if you want it bad enough and it was meant to be in your life.

5. You Are Worthy!


If you believe that you can do it, then you are worthy of it! All you have to do is get out of your own way and stop holding yourself back with fears, lies, and procrastination. Patti LaBelle also said “Don’t punk out,” when talking about going after an opportunity you want.

Think about the fact that she was part of the first African-American vocal group to hit the cover of Rolling Stone, among many other awesome achievements. Imagine how much she could have stood in her own way, but didn’t! So, the next time you start telling yourself that you can’t do it, try telling yourself not to punk out, because you are worthy of everything you do, despite what your critical voice is telling you or what other people think.

6. You Can Do It If It’s Right


If it feels right, then you can do it. Why? Because, you wouldn’t get the feeling that it is right if you didn’t know, deep inside, that you are capable of it. When you know it’s right, and do it, it will satisfy your soul as Maya Angelou says. But, you have to do it first.

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I have found that all successful people do what they know to be right. They follow their instinct, act on what they know they need to do, and the success follows. So, if it feels right, just do it, there is a good chance that you are going to come out on top!

7. Ask For More Out Of Life


This quote comes from Tony Robbins talking about a homeless man who asked him for a quarter, and only a quarter, despite Tony Robbins asking him if that was all he wanted. So, even though he had a few hundred dollar bills in his pocket, he gave the man what he asked for and told him that life will pay any price you ask of it.

What are you asking out of life? If you have a desire to do something, but your internal system is only asking for the bare minimum, do you think you are going to go after what you want? Why bother? You will tell yourself that you have to face your fears and what you have is good enough anyway, because you are only asking for the bare minimum.

It’s important to ask for more out of life. When you do, you will desire more, expect more, and start to tell yourself that you can do it. You will start to achieve the ‘more’ that you want to have. It will be harder to stay stuck accepting less in your life.

The trick is to ask for more with an internal strength. No whining or complaining, but a solid conviction that you deserve more. That conviction is what will force you to believe that you can do it.

8. Don’t Play It Safe


Often we convince ourselves that we can’t do it, or that we might not be able to do it, so we might as well play it safe! Jim Carrey’s father did just that. He could have become a comedian, but he didn’t believe it was possible so he decided to play it safe with a guaranteed job, and he became an accountant. Unfortunately, that ‘safe job’ didn’t turn out to be too safe, and he was let go when Jim Carrey was young.

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The point to remember is that nothing is safe in life. Don’t talk yourself out of something simply because you think that it is the least safe option. It may have some risks, but when you get down to it, everything has risks, and you might as well take a risk doing something that resonates with you – something that you love to do.

9. Stop Talking Yourself Out Of It


I’m sure you’ve seen the motivational video by Shia LaBeouf. If not, watch it. It’s so simple, but so powerful. And one of the messages he sends is something that is the absolute truth for most of us. The bottom line is that we have to keep starting over because we keep giving up.

You can do it, but not if you keep giving up. When you give up, you end any hope of achieving what you want to achieve. Without action, results will not come. So, if you want to do it, don’t give up. Don’t give up when you hit a roadblock. Don’t give up when you experience failure. Don’t give up when you tell yourself that you should probably give up now. Keep going and stop giving up!

10. Have Faith In Something


Again, when it comes to ‘you can do it quotes’ this is a man you want to listen to. He is known as the greatest failure in Silicon Valley. Seriously, he failed better than everyone else there. But he also learned from his failures and became the genius and success that we all remember. And one of the things he knew to be true was that in order to have the confidence it takes to succeed, you have to trust in something.

Don’t just focus on yourself and what you think you are or are not capable of. Instead, focus on having faith that things can work out. You don’t know how yet. You can’t foresee how things are going to go and how all the dots are going to connect. As Steve Jobs said, you can’t see how the dots will connection, you can only see how the dots connected looking backwards.

Therefore, have faith that they will connect, maybe not in the way you envision, but in some way. When you have that kind of faith that it is all going to work out, then you will find it much easier to tell yourself that you can do it despite what is happening or happens.

11. You Have To Develop The Skills


You may feel like you can’t do it because you don’t have the skill that someone else has, but you can develop that skill. In fact, anyone who has ever done anything had to develop their skills before they could do it. Yes, you may have the talent, but to expect that you are going to experience success on that alone is unrealistic. Skill is what makes you amazing. Skill is what brings in the success you want.

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So, don’t try to convince yourself that you can do it without putting in some work. Instead, tell yourself, “I can do it, as long as I keep working on improving my skills and becoming better than I was yesterday.” Then, you won’t get so fed up when you don’t instantly get the results you want. Then, you will keep telling yourself that you can do it as you work towards developing what needs to be developed.

12. It Doesn’t Matter Where You Are Starting From


Conan said this to graduates during his Dartmouth commencement address. It used to be that you could only do it if you started from the right place, or at least that was the belief. You had to have the right education, the right experience, and the right mindset in order to get what you want. But, as Conan O’Brien pointed out, you can have success without the typical tools that we used to believe made you successful.

You must have passion to go after what you want and the willingness to do what needs to be done. That’s the bottom line. You can have anything you want, no matter where you start from, if you have the passion and the willingness to keep going after it. Of course, skill helps, but we’ve already covered the fact that you need to develop that for success. In the end, when it comes to whether or not you can do it, it doesn’t matter where you are starting from, it only matters where you end up.

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