June 7, 2016

12 Romantic Quotes That Will Make You Celebrate True Love

Sometimes people say things that are just so romantic your heart can’t help but swell up! Whether you are in a relationship or not, these words make you feel all warm and loving, and you just want to reach out to the person you love or find someone to love in that way. Perhaps this is why romantic movies are always so popular despite the predictability that they hold. We all want to hear those romantic words and watch the romantic story play out between two people who are truly in love because we all want that in our lives!

Do you need to hear some romantic quotes right now? Despite your relationship status, there’s a very good chance that your soul is yearning for some romance. If you lack romance in your life, or just want to feel more in love with the person you are with, romantic quotes can help. They can remind you what romance is all about, help you think of something romantic to say to your partner, or just get you in the mood for some romance. Following are 12 romantic quotes that make romance something irresistible.

1. Let’s Celebrate Our Love The Will Last A Lifetime


I’ve often heard that the first love is the most meaningful love, but I’ve never seen it that way. The first love, for me, was where I learned a few things about myself and how cruel the world can be. I can barely remember the conversations we had or the reason why I felt like we were so in love. The first love is really the one that sets you on your journey towards true love, and the last one is where true love really begins.

If you have found that person you are going to be with until the day that you die, celebrate the fact that you are the one love in their life that is beyond awesome. You didn’t start them on their journey through love, but you are now going to be on the rest of their journey. That’s pretty amazing. That’s extremely special. I would much rather be the last than the first.

2. True Love Is Beautiful Beyond Measure

37There are so many romantic quotes in Romeo and Juliet, but I think this one really rings true to anyone who is in love right now. Romeo says this as he watches Juliet dancing, and it speaks volumes about how much that one special person can stand out amongst the crowd.

In fact, your one true love will always be more important and more beautiful than anyone else. There’s no one or nothing to measure them against because there’s no one or nothing quite like them. You can see that ‘something special’ in them that makes them brighter than everyone else in the world. That is truly a romantic part of being in a loving relationship.

3. Love Is Our Private Affair

38The most romantic moments in life are not when everyone else is watching. They are when you are alone, deeply focused on each other, and celebrating your love for each other in one way or another. Those intimate moments, where you express your love simply for the sake of letting that special person know how much you love them, means much more than a big public show of affection ever could.

I find that people truly in love seem to understand this. They don’t flaunt their relationship on Facebook. They don’t tell everyone who will listen how great their partner is. Yet, you can see how in love they are. That’s because their love is obvious by the way they interact, talk to each other, and smile. They don’t need to show you how much they love each other because they’ve already shown each other, and that’s really all that matters.

4. Each Day Is Better When The One You Love Is There

39If you are in a loving relationship with someone, the mornings without them feel awkward and less bright. It’s like every time they go on vacation or have to stay somewhere else during the night, you wake up with a sense that something just isn’t right. But, when they are there, even if they were there and now have left for work, everything feels right and good with the world. It feels normal, safe, and secure. There is no feeling like knowing that the person you love is in your immediate life for another day.

I have heard other quotes where people talk about romance as a barrier to a successful day. But, I truly believe that a real romantic relationship is a motivator for success in your day. Waking up knowing that you are supported during your day – that it’s not just you rooting for you to succeed, is a huge motivator to do what you need to do for more success not just for yourself, but for your lover too.

5. Love Makes Us Better


Being loved makes you motivated to be more successful, but it also makes you a better person. It does this in so many ways!

For instance, true love makes you think about someone else as often or more than you think about yourself, which promotes more compassion, awareness, and empathy in you. Also, a lover validates you as a person, which boosts your self-confidence and self-worth. True love also gives you an outlet to discuss issues and figure out how to improve yourself and your life. And, it gives you the best support system you could ever ask for which encourages you to go after your dreams and become more of who you were meant to be.

And, love makes you physically better, which also makes you a better person all around. For instance, it boosts your immune system, which means fewer colds and fewer struggles around trying to live your life while you are feeling sick. It protects your heart, helps you beat cancer, and promotes a longer life, which I think we can agree are all things that make you a happier person.

The bottom line is that when you make time for real romance in your life, you are giving yourself time to reconnect with someone who means a lot to you and can promote all kinds of health benefits, both mental and physical, into your life. And that really does make you a better person!

6. We Aren’t Making Love; Love Is Making Us


While this is one of my favorite romantic quotes, I’ve seen many different people interpret it in many different ways. To me, it highlights the fact that love makes you into who you are. Love gives you wings – so to speak, and it inspires you to greater heights to become someone who is obviously in love.

Making love is really about making you into someone more loving. It’s about turning up the level of love in your relationship and making it more loving. This is definitely a unique and romantic way to look at one of the biggest aspects of being in love that there is.

7. I Love You No Matter What

42Perhaps one of the most romantic gestures is an expression of love despite what the other person has done or will do. Saying that you will always love someone means that “there is nothing you could do in your life that would make me not love the real you are or diminish what you mean to me.”

That is so romantic! Knowing that someone is going to love you despite your mistakes, flaws, and failures is the ultimate comfort in life, and it’s something that we all hope for when picking a romantic partner.

8. There Was A Special Period In Time Where Our Souls Knew They Were Meant To Be Together


What’s more romantic than to think that your love was signed and stamped at the moment your souls knew about each other’s existence? As if your souls saw each other and said, “Yep, that’s who I want!” and then made an agreement to be with each other until the end of time.

We all want to believe that we are soulmates with someone, and that are love transcends this physical reality and reaches into the world of energy where eternal is really a thing! For two people in love, there is no better thought than having that soul connection that could be no other way.

9. I Love How You Think


I think part of what keeps a true romance strong is the ability to agree in thought or, at the very least, fall in love with the way the other person views the world, even if it isn’t the way you view the world. Thoughts are very intimate, and our real thoughts are often only shared with a few select people, or only one – our true love.

In the case of true love, it’s easy to truly love the way the other person thinks. A level headed person can fall in love with a dreamer’s way of viewing life and what is possible. A pessimistic can fall in love with the way their optimistic lover sees the world and holds hope. Differences in thought can be celebrated and make the bond between two people that much more strong.

10. When I’m With You, I Don’t Feel Like I’m Missing Anything


This is one of the romantic quotes that is in the book ‘I Love You Too’, which is meant for men to express their feelings to their partners. But, whether you are a man or a woman, I highly suggest you use this quote on your partner as it is truly one of the most romantic things you can say.

It suggests two things, both which will make your partner feel truly loved by you. First, that your lover is always on your mind when you are apart. Second, that when you are together, you feel complete and no longer need to focus on what is lacking from your life at the moment. Not only will this make them feel loved in the moment, but as they move through their day apart from you, they will feel connected to you on a stronger level than normal!

11. This Is The Greatest Love Story I Will Experience

46When you fall in love with someone who fulfills your needs and fills you up to the point that you need to be filled up to, there is nobody else that will ever compare to them. You can love other people, but when you have a great love story, you can’t ever fall in love like that again. There’s nothing that can compare to it.

This isn’t to say that if you are remarried or with someone who says they’ve been in love before that you are not currently experiencing the love of your life. You may well be! That’s what this romantic quote is saying. If you are finally experiencing true love, then maybe the first time wasn’t as big of a love affair as you thought it was!

12. Your Love Can Hurt

47It would be nice if love were always perfect, but the pain is love’s counterpart. You can’t have one without the other. Therefore, while love doesn’t hurt the majority of the time, love will hurt eventually. But true love is about accepting that you will be drinking from the nectar of love and, sometimes, you will be bleeding when its thorns prick you.

It’s a romantic thing to stay even when things are not rosy. It’s a romantic thing to love someone even when they are not being lovable. It’s a romantic thing to let someone know that despite the problems you are going through, your love for them is strong, and you will not leave them just because you are bleeding a bit from the thorns that have come out.

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