June 30, 2016

12 Fear Quotes To Help Everyone Get Through Fearful Times In Life

Fear is a hot topic lately, so there are a lot of fear quotes out there. People are fearful for themselves, their children, their friends, and their future. But, we can’t live in fear. That’s not beneficial to our society or ourselves. Following are some fear quotes to help us all remember what fear is all about and how we can overcome it.

1. The Best Way To Eliminate Fear


This quote is a great start to this list of fear quotes because it’s all you really need to know when you are feeling fear. If you are experiencing fear, then you are thinking – you are in your head. You are not focusing on what you are doing. Therefore, to remove the fear – or at the very least dim it a little, all you have to do is start focusing on what you are doing and get out of your head. Or, take action and get out of your head.

I know that one thing we can all relate to is calling someone we like romantically. It becomes more and more terrifying as we think about it. For hours, we can sit and stew about what could wrong and how scary it is to actually pick up the phone and call. But, once we get out of our head and pick up the phone, the fear subsides because we are focused on talking.

Apply this principle to everything in life for eliminating fear. Don’t overthink. Just do. Throw yourself into taking action that matters. That’s the best way to get out of your head and through fear.

2. Why You Need To Move Through Fear

11It’s easy to let fear get the best of you and retreat to a safe place. But if you do, you are not going to accomplish anything in life. If you let your fear get the best of you, then you will be frozen in place or move backward, and both options can be detrimental to your happiness, health, and relationships.

For instance, if you are fearful of quitting smoking, you are going to be frozen in place. Maybe you cut down in preparation for quitting smoking to become a healthier and happier person. But if you can’t move through the fear of not having your cigarettes around, then you may not just stay where you are, you may revert to smoking as much as you did in the past.

Obviously, quitting smoking is just one example of fear. It doesn’t matter what you fearful of, though. If you don’t move through it, you will never move forward in life.

3. You Got To Leap!

12I found this fear quote above a picture of a baby bird looking down off a curb. He wants to jump down, but it’s far, and he’s scared. I love how Maria Popova made this picture into something we can all relate to.

The fact is that a leap is always required. It’s that moment when you take the first step, pick up the phone, take the big action, finally say something, or firmly decide something. But, once you take that leap, you gain skills that help you master that fear and soon you are soaring through the clouds and no longer scared of taking that particular leap. Rinse and repeat this action and you will tackle many big fears in your life.

4. Sometimes Fear Is Good


Anyone who tells you to eliminate your fear completely is crazy. There’s no such thing. Fear is a basic instinct that we all have to protect us from doing dangerous things, like colliding with icebergs!

You should be celebrating the fact that you have such a powerful tool to let you know when things aren’t right or when your life might be in danger. But, that’s not all fear is good for.

Fear is also there to let you know that something is worthwhile. It is a sign that something could be beneficial to your life in a big way. We only fear to do things that are out of our comfort zone and have a possible new reward at the end. You should be glad that you have such a huge sign for future success built right into you.

5. Are You Focusing On Fear?


Rupert Goold is the artistic director of the Almeida Theater. This is one of the fear quotes that can have different meanings for many different people, but in this article, I want to talk about the media and TV.

It’s well known that fear-based headlines are used to drive people’s interest. They pull us in. They make us want to know more. Our fearful self can’t help but read them. But, usually, the stories don’t impact us or are just based on perception or beliefs and not facts.

The same goes for television. A lot of shows are created with fear in mind. The directors understand fear, and they use it to create a show that people will watch and obsess over. And it works! But at what cost to our happiness?

If you watch a lot of television, focus on the news, and constantly tune into the media online, then you are focusing on fear. You are letting ‘directors’ dictate how you feel, what you think, and what you will do.

I know from personal experience when you turn off the TV and stop listening to the media, life becomes much less scary. This is a thought I hope everyone will think about the next time they turn their TV on or read the latest news.

6. Learning From Our Past


Obviously, this was addressed to current issues happening. But, it is a truth that we all need to remember as a society and as individuals.

There have been moments when you acted out of fear in your past. I can guarantee it. Everyone has done it. And, everyone has paid for it. They have hurt other people, lost friends, ruined their reputation, lost their job, missed out on opportunities, and had other devastating things happen to their life because of it.

Learn from your past. Remember what happened the last time you acted out of fear and how you regretted it. Then use that regret to fuel your future choices when fear is present.

7. Don’t Make Decisions Under Stress


Fear and stress go hand in hand. Stress makes it hard to think and focus, and so instead of making decisions based on reality and what we truly want, we make decisions based on fear. And, as Jack Grisham said so well, decisions based on fear seem logical. But as we all know, we often regret a decision that was made rashly because we were scared.

It’s much better to let the stress subside until you make a decision. This is probably where the phrase ‘I’ll sleep on it’ came from. The stress reduces overnight, and we wake up with a much clearer mind that can make decisions based on facts instead of fear.

8. Ignorance Promotes Fear


One of the classic fear quotes may just be one of the best. Successful people study Sun Tzu for a reason. He understands how to win in life, and this quote can help you defeat fear.

Ignorance is easy. It means you don’t have to learn about other people. It means you don’t have to learn about other perceptions. It means you don’t have to challenge your beliefs and attitudes in life. But, ignorance also makes life very hard because you don’t understand what’s coming, what you are facing, and why you are failing. In short, ignorance promotes fear.

If you are facing something scary, do your research. The more you know about what it is you are facing, whether it is a person or a situation, the less fearful you will be. Educating yourself is powerful when it comes to reducing fear.

9. Choose To Be You


This is one of the many fear quotes that have come from recent tragedies. While there were many to choose from, I really liked this quote because it can be applied to everyone and their deepest desires.

If your conviction to be true to yourself is strong, then you will have a much easier time moving through fear. Not only will you be more willing to let people know that you are proud to be who you are, but you will also find yourself having an easier time making scary choices because you will need to be more like yourself.

For instance, if you know want to be a great writer, but have family and friends and society telling you that you can’t write, then you might just choose not to put yourself out there as a writer. But, if you have confidence in your writing, and firmly decide that you want to stand proud and go after your dreams, then you will face the scarier choices that involve putting yourself out there because of your desire to be true to yourself.

10. Fear And Love Don’t Mix


A friend of mine writes for a relationship blog, and he constantly sees fear in the statements made by people who are bitter towards love. These people have been hurt in love, just like we all have, but they can’t deal with the pain anymore. So now they put down love and make it more difficult than it needs to be. They can’t just open up their arms and accept love into their life because they are too scared of being hurt.

If that sounds like you, I want you to know that love really isn’t difficult, just like Kevin Allen says. If you can remove the fear of love, and replace it with excitement and desire and reward that love brings, then love will come into your life much easier. It will be more rewarding in your life as well because you will be more open to pure love and the benefits it brings.

11. Need A Reason For More Love?


I know that some people love living in their miserable state. They like feeling bad. The get off on being upset, angry, and closed off. And they search out ways they can be mean and hurt other people. But, as easy as it is to get caught up in that state, it’s important to push out of it and start focusing on love instead of negativity. That is the only thing that is going to remove the fear, hate, and anger. And it starts with you.

If you want to live with more peace, then you have to be more loving. Don’t wait for anyone else around you to start being more loving. You can start the movement in your circle.

By doing so, you can influence others in a positive and loving way. And, you can help contribute to the positivity in the world instead of the negativity which will help you lead a more fulfilling and happy life. Those are huge reasons to accept more love in your life.

12. Be Open To New Ways Of Thinking And Seeing The World


Again, this is another one of the fear quotes I found based on recent events that have made people very scared for a number of different reasons. I wanted it to be one of the last fear quotes I talked about because it is so important for everyone to remember.

Beliefs are not concrete truths. They are ideas formed from observations, experiences, and even fear. And, since we all have different experiences, see things differently, and fear different things, all of our beliefs can be slightly different at any given point of time.

People who believe something without being able to understand that there are many different truths in any given situation are dangerous. When someone believes that they are right thanks to a lack of education, awareness, experience, and culture, they are dangerous. When they are unwilling to be open to new ways of thinking and seeing the world, they are dangerous. If you are like that, you are dangerous.

This is an issue that we need to address as a society and as individuals. If you close your mind off to different ideas, then bad things are going to happen in your life because instead of accepting that other people have their own beliefs, you will fear other people and do things that will hurt them and yourself.

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