March 17, 2016

11 Uplifting Quotes To Help You Feel Better

Sometimes things just feel like they are really bad and it’s hard to talk yourself into feeling better socially, spiritually, emotionally, or physically. When you are in that state, it can be hard to acknowledge that there are better things to come, which is why uplifting quotes are important! They can give you a new perspective on yourself, your day, and your life, and they can help you rise up from a sad and miserable feeling to a more productive and happy one. Following are some uplifting quotes that I hope will make you feel better today, no matter what has brought you down and made you feel sad.

1. Choose Faith In Spite Of Facts


Your facts today may be telling you one thing, and they may be keeping you in a negative state, but faith is what keeps the hope alive for something else. The truth is that facts don’t always add up to the actual result. Often facts are not facts at all. They are just limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in a state of sadness or negativity. Limiting beliefs are those things that you tell yourself are true, but they really aren’t. They are just reflections of your perception of life.

As Joel Osteen said, his mother didn’t die of cancer within a few weeks. The facts told her that she would, but she decided to have faith despite the facts. While you may think that diagnosis was a fact, the real truth is that the body does not always follow the doctor’s orders and can heal and do things differently than what your doctor expects. And that’s pretty much the way it is with many things in life.

Even if you believe you will, you may not lose that job, experience a negative setback, or have things work out the way you expect, and faith is what you need to focus on to feel better, more focused, more action-orientated, and get you the results you want, despite the way the facts are set up.

2. Change Happens In A Moment


You may be feeling down this morning, but this afternoon a huge breakthrough could happen. Everything that feels impossible right now could feel extremely possibly within just a few hours, and you may be on your way to achieving something better or having a better experience before you know it.

The idea here is that change happens quickly. While it may take consistent action or for things to line up in the right order for change to occur, that change could happen at any moment, and today is just as good of a day for it to happen as any! When you have the mindset that change is coming, and it could be today, then you can keep yourself hopeful for better things to come, which will help you feel happier and less anxious in life.

3. You Need To Feed Yourself


T.D. Jakes is not talking about food, although that would definitely help if you have not been feeding yourself! But, he’s talking about being selfish when you are feeling down and can’t bring yourself back up, and taking the time to do what you need to do, give yourself what you need to get, or treat yourself in the way you need to be treated.

Instead of struggling with what you are struggling with, use that time to nourish yourself and find a way back up. Don’t kick yourself for not doing what you think you should be doing or acting how you think you should be acting; instead, encourage yourself to eat what you need to eat to feel better.

It may be alone time. It may be time outside. It may be a trip to the therapist or doctor. It may be the freedom that you’ve been wanting. It may be a breakup or a divorce. You have to give yourself the nourishment you need to grow and get unstuck from where you and come out in a better condition than where you are at now.

4. You Are In Control


You, just like everyone else, want to be happy and loved in life. That’s not a surprise, but really focusing on that fact can help you feel more connected to everyone around you, no matter who you are with or where you are.

Furthermore, any challenge you are facing is yours to deal with, not someone else’s. You are always the one holding the brush for your life’s canvas, and your choices and actions in life determine what the end painting will look like.

When you really understand that you are in control of your own life, you will waste less time wishing other people would come to your aid or circumstances would change, and you will start painting on the canvas of life in your own way. You will create opportunities for yourself and direct your life towards the result that you want.

5. All That Is Happening Helps You Expand


This is a great lesson that I’ve learned thanks to a persistent bad neighbor. In the past, she had the power to bring me to tears and make me feel horrible for days, but once I realized that everything that happens to me can help me grow in some way, I’ve looked at her differently.

She is a teacher that is helping me be more patient. She’s helping me stand up for myself more and make it clear what I will and will not accept in my life. She’s the constant reminder of who I don’t want to be and what direction I do want to go in life. Every time she interacts with me in a negative or positive way (and I can’t remember the last time that it was positive), she is teaching me something and helping me expand in life. If you can look at all of your troubles like that, then life will get a lot less upsetting.

6. Look For Love


If you want to banish the anger and other negative feelings, look for more positive feelings. And if you can’t find them, then create more positive feelings. Do something that makes you feel good, like being kind to other people or treating someone to something they’ve been wanting. Cook someone’s favorite meal, give someone a compliment, and move yourself out of the negative state into a more positive one. That will help get rid of all those negative feelings that you can’t shake by willing yourself into a more positive state.

7. You Are An Amazing Creation!


Not everyone sees this as one of the most uplifting quotes when they are feeling down, but with the right perspective, it can be!

You are here, breathing, talking, doing, experiencing, which means you have been given a gift called life. I know it may not always feel like a gift, but if you accept that something amazing picked you to be born and is a part of you, then life will feel a lot less lonely and meaningless. You will feel more valuable and more on purpose. You will allow yourself to stand taller and have more confidence as you move through life.

You are special. You were put here for a reason. And, when you stop and look around, you will see that life is a journey that you get to take where you can have loads of fun and experience many great things.

8. Recognize What’s Bringing You Down


Often we think that we are doomed, and that ‘truth’ is what brings us down. But, the fact is that sometimes what we call doom is actually just our fears getting the better of our imagination.

The fears are just concerns that we have about ourselves and our path in life, and they are playing out as something much bigger than they probably will be. When you can see that your fear is often making you feel bad, then you can stop focusing on it.

Look back in life and remember all the times you let fear bring you down, and how it never really amounted to as much as you expected, and then let it go, knowing that it probably won’t amount to as much as you expect this time either. When that fear dissipates, so will the negative mood you’ve been stuck in.

9. Don’t Be A Fictional Character!


Talk about uplifting quotes! If you are stuck in a place of sadness or negativity, then take a look around and see whether you are living a fictional life or a real life.

A fictional life is defined by others. It is the story that you tell yourself according to what other people have said, what experiences you have had, and what you believe to be true.

A real life is defined by your wants and desires, and it is being created as you go through your days and learn, grow, and open up your awareness.

If you are living in a fictional life, then you are upset about fictional things! Start taking action on a real life and you will feel fewer periods of being down than you’ve ever felt before. Why? You will be too busy living a passionate and on purpose life.

10. Focus On Today


Instead of thinking about the past or the future, take a break and think about this moment. Look at your hands and figure out what they need to do next. Pay attention to the people and the sounds and the sights around you. Stop living in your imagination, which is where the future lives, and stop living in regret, which is where the past lives, and start living in excitement and wonder for what is going to happen right now. That will help you instantly move from a place of negativity to a higher place where more positive feelings are waiting for you.

11. Prayer Changes Things


Steve Harvey said his mother taught him this lesson, and I’m glad to be including it in this list of uplifting quotes because it is a powerful one! Prayer has been shown to help people handle difficult emotions, which means it can help you transcend a negative mood and move into a more positive one.

Prayer helps you feel more connected to a higher power. It helps you clear your mind enough to stop focusing on your problems and start hearing or seeing some solutions to them. It helps you let go of some of the negative energy that has a hold on you as you express your wants and desires. It influences your life in a big way. When you can pray, you can start to shift what is happening and move on to something different.

way in life… much farther than the haters, trolls, and jerks will ever dream of getting.

In the end, there is no time to listen to haters and let them affect you. There is not enough time to waste on being mediocre, even for a second. There’s not enough time to let other people influence your commitment to success. Make the most of your time and stay committed to being the best you can be.

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