June 9, 2016

10 Wisdom Quotes That We Can All Learn From

Technically every quote you will ever read is a quote full of wisdom. Every piece of advice that someone shares is something that they have learned from their experiences, so it is sound advice teaching you what not to do and what you should do to create a better life for yourself. And that’s what wisdom is all about!

But, there are some aspects of life that stand out above others. There are some pieces of life that we all struggle with. And that’s where you really need to get as much wisdom as you can to make the right choices and avoid the painful mistakes that other people have made. Because we all share these struggles, listening to people who have been there and overcame can really help us out.

Following are some wisdom quotes on a variety of topics that apply to everyone’s life.

1. Practice Makes Us Stronger In Any Area Of Life


I love that Meghan Trainor was willing to share how much she practiced writing. She is well-known for her song ‘All About The Bass’. But what many people don’t know is that song was written for someone else because she had aspired to be a songwriter, not a singer.

She and her Kevin Kadish wrote the song in 40 minutes stemming from his ‘All Bass, No Treble’ concept, according to her. And that’s what happens when you practice your skill – you create something from one little inspiration that becomes a hit either in your life or other people’s lives.

Meghan still practices every day with her vocals and her writing skills. She studies other songs and other music. And the advice that her father gave her is something that we can all use to become better at whatever we are doing in our lives because practice really does bring out our strengths in that area.

2. You Have To Make Time For What You Want Most


It took Jojo writing three books before getting one published and writing eight books before a best seller. Now a big movie based on her book is out called ‘Me Before You’. This above quote is her wisdom to young writers who want to make it big. But it can be applied to everyone because the message that ‘you just have to make the time’ is something a lot of us forget.

If you ever find yourself saying ‘I don’t have the time’ as an excuse to avoid doing what you want to do – what you feel is your calling, then you are not going to get what you want.

You are not going to get the happy relationship if you don’t make the time to nurture it. You are not going to get the raise if you don’t take the time to be better at your job. You are not going to get the freedom if you don’t take the time to create a sustainable business. You must take the time.

3. You Must Go Through Hard Times To Learn More About Yourself

28This is one of those wisdom quotes that you should share with everyone you know going through a rough time. It becomes easy to see a rough time as just that – rough. But, the fact is that we learn our biggest lessons during those times. If everything always worked out great, then we would never have to overcome any challenges and grow as a person.

The more you struggle in life and come out unscathed, the more you know who you are and what you stand for, and that makes life much more rewarding. So, when you are in a valley of life, keep your head high knowing that it is going to make your peaks that much better!

4. Success In Anything Requires Work, So You Might As Well Embrace Work!


Stop resisting the fact that you need to put in the work to get what you want. Embrace it! If you do, life will be much easier and more rewarding.

Everything worth having requires work. If you go in with the attitude of excitement, commitment, and passion, then it’s going to feel like a great time in your life, not a burden. You are going to enjoy the process, not complain your whole way through it. And, after it is all said and done, you are going to celebrate the results of your hard work much more!

5. How To Create Peaceful Relationships In Your Life


Take a look at your interactions with other people. Are you someone who stirs the pot? Or are you someone who can empathize and help other people come together in a way that promotes unity? If you are always stirring the pot, you may want to rethink how you are acting around and talking to other people, because it affects your ability to live a successful and happy life.

The relationships in your life are your support system and ultimately determine how happy and healthy you are going to be. The longest running study on adults has proven that good relationships are the key predictor of a long, healthy life. Therefore, you want to be able to bring people together to avoid conflict and headaches in your life. When you can do that, they will look up to you and support you through anything in life.

Think of the head of the family. They can bring everyone together – even people who do not agree with each other, and promote a sense of peace because they are loving, compassionate, and able to smooth out the wrinkles when they are around. They are the reason that everyone tries to get along, and their life is rewarded with a happier family and more love.

6. You Can’t Just Say It, You Got To See And Believe It


You can’t just talk the talk and expect to get results you want in life. You can talk all you want about how much you want to be healthier, be more successful, or find that perfect person, but if you don’t actually see it and believe it in your mind’s eye, then it’s going to be very hard to stick with what you are striving towards and achieve it. But when you can see it and believe it, and express how much you want it, you will be more willing to stay committed and do the work needed to achieve it.

For instance, if you are trying to lose weight, you can’t just talk about how you should eat healthy for a while but see yourself eating unhealthy and believe that you are going to eat unhealthy again soon. If you do, you will never be able to lose the weight. You have to talk about the healthy life you want, see yourself living that healthy life, and believe that you are capable of doing it. When that happens, you will start making decisions in line with your new beliefs and results will start to appear!

7. You Got To Put You First


Iyanla has a lot of wisdom quotes pop out of her mouth during any speech she is making. This one was said as she addressed a group of people about why it was bad to be the strong one in life. And whether you believe in God or not, it just makes sense.

If you are putting everyone else first, because you are considered the rock and feel obligated to be there for everyone else, then you are putting your very essence last. While we are meant to be of service to other people, you are here for you. You are here to discover your life purpose. You are here to experience joy, sorry, fun, and peace. You are here to taste, touch, smell and see. If you are too busy putting other people first, you won’t do the things that help you experience life and grow as a person – you will be doing things that help them experience life and grow as a person.

You owe it to yourself, and the life force that created you, to live YOUR best life. Allow yourself to put you first more often than not, and make the most out of the experience you have been given.

8. Live Below Your Means

33When it comes to finance, Suze Orman has a ton of wisdom quotes. This was one of the most original and powerful to me, and I think we will all be happier in life if we follow her advice!

While it may be tempting to spend your paycheck, or more than what you make, living below your means is what will allow you to build the type of wealth that you want. When you don’t spend everything, you can save it and invest it, and that helps you grow your worth. If you don’t save or invest, your ‘means’ will always be a number much lower than you want it to be.

Another thing worth noting is that living below your means applies to you whether you are making twenty thousand or a hundred thousand. The more money you have, the more damage you can do to your wealth by living above your means or just living paycheck to paycheck. You must always be willing to save and invest some of your income if you want to end up wealthy.

9. Be The Best Within Yourself


This is some wisdom to live by! We all want to have more money and recognition in our lives, but when that becomes our focus, we don’t enjoy the journey and become the best version of ourselves that we can be.

Don’t focus on the money or the fame as you work towards a better life. Instead, focus on being your best self at every moment and becoming your best self. If you do that, everything else will follow.

10. Let Go Of Your Past Expectations Of Yourself


This is one of those wisdom quotes that moved me to the core. I know that I still beat myself up, however silently, about things that I used to want for myself and never achieved. It becomes very easy to miss things in the moment to be joyful for when you are focused on what you didn’t get to enjoy from the past.

Stop holding yourself prisoner until you finally achieve a dream you once had for yourself. Instead, celebrate the fact that you are constantly growing and allow yourself to let go of things that you know are not in line with who you are anymore.

I find that a lot of my expectations had a lot to do with society. I’ve surrendered my joy in the moment thinking that I was supposed to be doing something else – something that my parents wanted, my friends wanted, or society expected of me. Once I was able to let go of that vision I held about myself (that essentially was other people’s visions), I was able to celebrate who I was and how on track I really was to living an authentic life that made me happy. There is no better feeling than that!

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