March 13, 2016

10 Quotes About Stress That Will Help You Relieve Your Stress

Stress comes with all kinds of nasty side effects, not just for adults, but for kids and animals too. Stress affects your emotions, behavior, and physical health, which means that no part of you is safe from stress. That’s why it is so important to deal with stress and incorporate some stress relief management techniques into your life. If you are feeling an overwhelming amount of stress, or even just a little stress that is affecting you in a negative way, the following 10 quotes about stress could help you view and deal with your stress in a completely different way.

1. Do You Really Believe Stress Is Bad For Your Health?


According to Kelly McGonigal, when you change your mind about stress, you can change how your body reacts to stress. In a TED talk, she discusses a study where participants viewed their stress responses as helpful instead of harmful. By doing this, they still had a lot of the same stress responses, for instance, their heart was still pounding, but instead of being harmful biologically, their body responded in a healthier way. Kelly said that in a typical stress response, your blood vessels constrict in the heart, but when participants viewed stress as a good thing, their blood vessels stayed relaxed. She said the difference between constricted and relaxed could make the difference between having a heart attack when you are 50 or living well into your 90s! That’s huge!

This was of the most important quotes about stress I could find. It’s long been shown that there is a huge connection between the mind and the body, and because the negative effects of stress are on the body, you need to develop a more positive mindset around your life and the stress you are faced with in it on a daily basis.

Therefore, the next time you get stressed, view the stress response as helpful and experience the benefits of doing so. For instance, imagine your increased heart beat as something that gives you beneficial energy. That will do a lot more good for your body than telling yourself how you can’t deal with the stress because it is such a negative thing.

2. You Are Not Given More Than You Can Handle

27This simple truth – that you won’t get more than you can handle, has been something I’ve heard for years, and I’ve come to really believe it. I’ve seen people get through some stuff that they never thought they could get through. It’s amazing what you can do when you are put to the test.

Coming out the other end alright may not seem possible when you think about everything that you have to do to get there, but the fact is that you can handle much more than you know. If you carry that belief, then things won’t get as stressful as they would if you tell yourself that you are incapable of making it through or even handling it at all.

Our minds and our bodies have an amazing ability to adapt to any situation and keep going, despite what is happening. When you realize this, you will stop feeling overwhelmed and start allowing yourself to go through the process that it needs to go through to get through whatever is being thrown at you. Always remind yourself that nothing would come into your life unless you were able to handle it.

3. Stop Focusing On The Bigger Picture


Want to relieve your stress? Start living in the moment. Don’t focus on all that is to come or that you need to do; instead, focus on each step as you go along and enjoy each step as much as possible. Take the time to be mindful and thankful that you get to be alive and work through each step of a problem you may be having. Things could always be worse. For instance, you could be dead and not be able to see beautiful things, touch loved ones, hear soothing sounds, or feel the love someone has to give you.

You should also tackle your goals in this way. Instead of making huge goals, break them down into smaller ones that help you feel less overwhelmed and more capable. For instance, instead of focusing on the goal of creating a successful business, focus on the goals you have for the week or day that will help you move towards a successful business.

4. Nothing Is Worth Damaging Yourself Over

29It doesn’t matter who it is or what is happening, there is nothing that is worth poisoning your body with intense stress, anxiety, or despair. Your health and happiness are the most important things in the world because they are what make life worth living and keep you going towards your dreams. They are too important to damage over things that only last a fraction of your life.

This means you have to learn to say no to people when you know that it will cause you more stress than you want. It also means you have to stop worrying about things that are out of your control because all that is doing is causing stress and anxiety, and not actually helping anything. And, lastly, it means that you have to let go of the past. Forgive and move on or else you are letting the past affect your health and happiness now by creating stress in your life.

5. Don’t Give Stress A Free Pass

30I hear so many people say that stress is a normal part of life, and then use that as an excuse not to deal with the stress that is making them sick, ruining their relationships, or having some other negative effect on their life. We have to stop denying that we are stressed and start doing something about it. Not whining about it. Not wishing it would go away. But, actually taking concrete steps in our lives to reduce stress and start feeling better.

So, please don’t read these quotes about stress and then go on feeling stressed out without taking action on at least one of the things you learned here. You may need to add a habit, delete a habit, or change your life in some way. You NEED to do something more than read about how to get rid of stress.

6. Consider The Stress Of Social Media


If you are stressed, you may want to get off social media. The above quote about stress says that most people know about 150 people max, but, in reality, there is a core group of people that you have to deal with every day, and for most people that is not more than a handful or two of people.

When you add social media into the mix, you are constantly putting yourself out there for others to see, which adds a lot of stress in your life. Do they like you? Are they judging you? Do you have as many ‘friends’ as your best friend? Is your ex stalking you? Are you impressing your ex? All these things are added stresses that come with social media that you don’t actually need to deal with. Yes, you can survive without social media!

One of my friends deleted her Facebook account and instantly felt less stressed. Not only did she stop worrying about what other people thought, but she also stopped checking in on other people a million times a day. She was able to focus more on her life, get things done, and feel more mindful and alive. She credits it as one of the best things she’s ever done for her stress levels.

7. Don’t Let Stereotypes Keep You Stressed Out


This is one of the quotes about stress that I totally related to. I have many Italian friends, and I know that many Italian men have been taught from a young age that having feelings are not acceptable. In fact, I know a few guys who were physically punished if they cried because it was so embarrassing to their parents. I’m not trying to label anyone, but the truth is that society and stereotypes often keep us stuck in a bubble that doesn’t allow us to relieve stress and do what we need to do to feel happy.

Don’t let anyone tell you how you must act. There is no right way to act or live. You have to do what is right for you because it is your life. If crying is a great stress relief for you, then do it! If dating someone your parent’s don’t approve of makes you happy, then do it! If becoming a full-time blogger helps you escape work stress from your current job, then do it! Do what makes you happy and stop following other people’s footsteps.

8. Home Should Not Be Stressful!

33This is another one of the quotes about stress you need to pay attention to. If your home is stressful, you absolutely, without a doubt, need to do something about that.

Home should be a safe place where you go to relax and be around loving people. It should be a place where you can let go of any stress and counteract it with healthy feelings and routines. You should not dread going home. You should not feel like a guest in your own home. You should not be treated poorly in any way.

It’s important to remember that home should be a stress-free place for kids too. I was watching Dr. Phil the other day, and his guest had a child who lost all her hair because her home was so stressful. That’s not alright. If your home is a place of misery, then you need to find a solution and quick. Remember, nothing (and no one) is worth damaging stress in your life.

9. It’s Alright To Have That Piece Of Pie

34Food can make us feel amazing and relax as it releases hormones into our body that reduce anxiety. Don’t beat yourself up if you feel stress and want to have a piece of pie, because it may be the one thing that helps you get a grip on what you need to do and move through anxiety or tension.

However, don’t overeat! Make it a rule that you will not deny yourself something small that makes you feel good, and then stick to that rule to combat stress without compromising your health in other ways.

And, if you can find a healthier replacement for your favorite foods, keep them handy. For instance, frozen yogurt can help you feel just as good as ice cream if you allow yourself to enjoy it as a treat.

10. You Got To Get Moving


You’ve heard it a million times before, probably even in quotes about stress, but now it’s time to really do something about it. Make exercise a part of your daily routine if you are currently not doing it and feel stressed out.

Exercise helps increase endorphins in your body, which helps eliminate stress and makes you feel good. It improves your sleep, which is important for fighting stress. It helps to ease cravings, improve confidence, and burn off tension. It is the ultimate solution for stress relief, and you need to be doing it.

Don’t try to find the perfect routine, because that can be stressful. Doing something that is too hard or too time consuming can stress you out even more and negate the benefits of exercise. Do what works for you. Do the type of exercise that works for you and the duration of exercise that works for you. Allow your body to tell you when you’ve had enough or when you need to get more, and by paying attention to your body like that, and being honest, you will give yourself the required amount that you need.

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