March 29, 2016

10 Mother Quotes That Will Remind You Of Your Good Mother

This list of mother quotes is for everyone who has a good mother. We do realize that there are a lot of women out there that shouldn’t have had children and are really bad mothers, but we want to talk about and focus on what good mothers are capable of doing in our lives and why we should respect them. These mother quotes should ring true to anyone who was raised by a good mother that they are proud of and love.

1. We Hope We Can Be As Talented As Our Mothers

11We all know that Princess Diana was a kind woman who did a lot of humanitarian work. Prince Harry and Prince William have both followed in her footsteps. Prince Harry has supported numerous charities, and he is currently in Nepal working on a relief project, which means just like Princess Diana, he’s not just talking the talk, but getting out there and trying to make a difference in whatever way he can.

I think we all can relate to the desire to be as good as our mothers were to us and others around us. When we were raised by a kind mother who took care of us and people around us, we try to live up to her reputation. We respected her so much for what she did, so we want to be like her and we want others to see us the same way we saw her and clearly see her now.

2. Our Mother’s Love Shaped Our Lives – Literally


Growing up with a good mother is all about love. A mother who told you repeatedly that you were loved and showed you in different ways how much she really loved you is a good mother who stands out as a loving part of your past and your present.

I was talking to a man the other day who had a horrible mother that pawned him off to relatives in a different country at the young age of 5. Talking about our lives growing up, he asked me a question that he said he had heard on a self-help CD. He asked, go back in time to when you were about 6-years-old and look in the front window of your house. What do you see? I told him that I saw me feeling comfortable and playing in the front room, and my parents were not far away from me in the kitchen. This is a memory that I can pull up fondly and still feel today. When I asked him what he saw, he said he saw a child that thought he was hated and unwanted and felt like a stranger in someone else’s house. He barely resonated with that kid, as if it wasn’t even him when he was younger. What a difference!

Research has shown that receiving a mother’s love when we are young goes beyond just making us feel comfortable and wanted. It also helps develop a larger hippocampus, by about 10 percent, and it enables us to deal with stress better later on in life. Moreover, we do better in school and turn out more emotionally developed. So, our mothers love does much more than just making us feel valued, it actually improves our well-being in many different ways when we grow up. That’s a special gift that only a loving mother can give.

3. She Taught Us Many Things, And Now We Teach Her


This is one of the mother quotes that is funny, yet on point! After Elan Gale, a television producer, made this comment, he received a comment from a woman who made a very valid point. She said his mother taught him how to use a spoon! If she could teach him how to master a utensil, then he could certainly take the time to teach her how to master a little device with a lot of different features. And, he agreed.

This is one of the mother quotes that resonated with me because the other day my mother texted me, but she thought she was searching in Google. It’s a good thing that it wasn’t too private of a search! And, I rolled my eyes at the thought of having to show her again how to do certain things on her phone.

It’s funny because we find ourselves constantly trying to teach our mothers the ins and outs of technology and, sometimes, even things that are not related to technology. But I’ve realized that we do it because they are our mothers and we want them to have the knowledge, freedom, and happiness that comes with learning new things and putting them to go use, just as they did for us.

4. She Gave Us Some Great Advice!


Not all the things our mothers told us stuck, or even should’ve stuck. Sometimes their opinions were outdated. Sometimes they were limiting. And sometimes they were just plain crazy! But, there were always a few good nuggets of advice that they gave to us because they wanted us to stay happy and safe.

You can probably recall some of the things your mother always said to you. And, all you have to do is check out Twitter or Facebook with the search, ‘My mother always said’ to find a ton of useful advice that people took from their mothers.

5. We Want The Best For Them

15This is one of the mother quotes that has a lot of debate around it. People are mad that Marco Rubio made this statement, but wouldn’t stand for other things that mattered to other people. But, if this statement shows anything, it shows that we want the best for our mothers and we are willing to fight for those things that will give them the best.

We only want them to be happy, so we try to look out for their best interest, just as they tried to look out for ours. We may not always know what is best for them, and sometimes we may push our ideas of what is best onto them, and… Doesn’t that sound familiar? That’s what they did to us when we were kids, teenagers, and even now as we are adults! That’s the very thing that we complain about! Doing it to them must mean we love them as much as they love us.

6. We Appreciate Our Mother Later On


We don’t understand how much our mothers do for us when we are young. You could say we take them for granted, but that’s not really how kids see it. Mothers are supposed to be there for us. They are supposed to comfort us, put up with our crap, cook for us, drive us around, listen to us whine, and all those other things that are really difficult to do while you do a million other things, but we don’t realize that until we are much older!

The truth is that to take care of kids and do the rest of life sanely, you have to be a special kind of person. Really good mothers are that special. They can multi-task, do important things for us and themselves, and still come out at the end of the day with everything together. Sometimes they get overwhelmed, but they make it work because their kids are a priority, and that’s what we do with our priorities in life – we take care of them!

7. They Have An Obvious Signal That Enough Is Enough

17Mothers are not emotionless beings who can handle everything their kids throw at them. They do get annoyed, upset, and frustrated with us kids, and when they do, we know it! Robert Irvine’s mom calls him Bobby. A friend of mine calls her kids by their full name when she’s upset. Other mothers add a growl as they say the name in anger, draw out the name in frustration, or add a certain word before or after the name, such as ‘listen’ or ‘stop’ or ‘seriously’.

But, that is part of the mother and child relationship. Being able to read our mothers when they are angry is a tool that helps us draw back and stop pushing so hard. It helps us know when to stop sharing everything and when to start changing the subject to save our mothers (and us) some frustration. It is a signal that we should all be grateful for, because without it our mothers would have to put up with all our crap without us being any the wiser that they simply don’t want to anymore and we might push them over the line from good mother to trying hard to be a good mother.

8. They Are Our Biggest Cheerleader!

18Cory Booker, the U.S. senator from New Jersey, said this in reply to someone who told him that no one cares about him. Again, this is one of the truest statements when it comes to mother quotes that relate to good mothers! They are always on our side, even if they don’t always agree with us, they care about us more than we will probably ever know.

So, if you are alone, and you have a great mother, remember that they care about you, even when the rest of the world turns against you. And, make sure you let them know that no matter what happens in their life, they should always know that you care deeply about them too.

9. Our Mothers Were And Are Powerful Thinkers and Doers


In order to be a good mother and do everything else that life requires of you, you have to be a powerful thinker and doer. You have to have the right mindset to keep working and taking care of things when it would be easier to just rest more often and avoid responsibilities. You have to be willing to change plans at a moment’s notice and work with emergencies that come your way. You have to able to tackle more than one thing at once smartly and quickly. And, that’s just the start of it!

Thinking positively and taking action on things is hard! Most people can’t even do one of those things! If you think about it, our mothers are powerful women who didn’t bow down to the desire to sit around all day and do nothing, but kept going despite being tired, worn out, and possibly even a little stressed. They deserve our thanks and our admiration for that!

10. Our Mothers Didn’t Have To Be Good!


You are not going to be a good mother just because you can have a kid. All of us know people who had really crappy mothers, some worse than others. They grew up feeling unloved, abused, or alone, and they don’t understand what it is like to have a mother who cares for you and would do anything for you because you are a priority in their life. That’s something we with good mothers should be thankful for every day.

We are the lucky ones who had great mothers. They took the time in their life to make sure we were happy, often sacrificing their own happiness along the way. There’s no bigger gift that they could have given to us. Always remember that when you start to complain about your mother being annoying or too this or too that so that you can balance out the anger or frustration with pure love and respect.

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