May 9, 2016

10 Cute Quotes From Famous Parents On Their Kids

I love to hear cute quotes from any parents, but this article is focused on famous parents and what they have to say about their kids. These quotes will help you get a glimpse into their life outside of their career. It makes them more real and more relatable. And, it can give you some insight into what it is like to be a famous parent.

1. Kids Are Always Encouraging


Being a famous person can be a struggle. Jim Carey is known for his comedy, but if you follow him on social media, it’s obvious he has a very serious and deep side to him that doesn’t always want to perform, as many of us want him to do.

Kids are what keep you going, even when you feel like you don’t want to anymore. They may not have the best reasons why you should keep going, but they have simple and honest ones that can motivate you and keep you moving forward doing whatever it is you do best.

And, that’s an important thing to note about kids. They often see what you do best, even if they don’t acknowledge it. They see your talents and even put you on a pedestal. It’s just that they think that you already know what those talents are so they don’t take the time to remind you of how great you are like a partner or parent would, because – well, they don’t think they have to.

You don’t have to be a famous parent to have your kid encourage you. Every kid sees the good qualities of their parents on some level, and every kid will try to lend a word of encouragement when you need it most.

2. The Kids Of Famous Parents Behave Like Kids


Talk about cute quotes. It’s funny how we picture famous parents and their kids living some mystical life completely different than us. But, the fact is that kids are kids no matter who they grow up with or how they grow up.

Mellissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone have often talked about their one daughter who has a lot of spirit in her. This quote reminds you that kids are kids. It doesn’t matter who you are, how much fame you have, or anything else – if you have a kid, they are going to say things, do things, and behave in ways that kids are known to do.

3. The Kids Of Famous Parents Want Things That Other Kids Want


Amy Poehler was talking about how she was trying to teach her kids how to be thankful and be of service by donating their toys during the holidays to kids who don’t have them, and this was one of the quotes from that conversation. I think we can all relate to this.

It’s important to understand that kids of famous parents may sometimes get more than kids who are in families without a lot of money. However, most of their parents are trying to teach them how to be kind, generous, grateful, and compassionate too.

And, as we said, kids will be kids. All kids want toys and expect things and hope for things and ask for things, and kids of famous people are no different.

4. The Kids Of Famous Parents Get Bugged By Their Parents Too


I remember when I was young, my dad used to tell me that aliens would abduct kids from north facing windows only, which happened to be the direction my window faced. He would always try to scare me, trick me, confuse me, or make me upset in some way so that he could get a good laugh in. As an adult, I understand it. Kids are easy to bug, and it’s hard to resist bugging them and then laughing your butt off about it.

Julia Roberts shows that famous parents interact with their kids in the same way that non-famous parents do. It’s hard not to play with your kids and bug them and then laugh about it, because it’s just so easy to do!

5. Kids Are Embarrassed By Their Famous Parents Too


You would think with famous parents, kids would be proud of them and find them cool. But no, kids are just as embarrassed by their famous mother or father as kids without famous parents are. In the above quote, Reese Witherspoon is talking about her 11-year-old son at the time who is totally embarrassed by her, and that is totally cute.

And, she was quick to point out that her 2-year-old at the time was not embarrassed by her, which is something all parents cherish while their kids are young. The older they get, the more easily embarrassed of the things you do or say.

6. Famous Parents Know They Will Have A Harder Time Hiding Their Past From Their Kids


Most parents can hide secrets from their kids. They don’t find out about the stupid things they did, and they definitely don’t read about it or see video proof of what’s happened in the past.

Famous parents are not that lucky. Their mistakes and successes are always going to be somewhere online for their kids to see. Their criticism will be in front of their kids at one point too. And, their movies, shows or performances will also be accessible by their kids. In short, famous parents know that their kids are going to get access into their lives that kids of non-famous people probably will never have to deal with.

At the time of this quote, Steve Carell’s kids were too young to watch his more adult movies, but they do like despicable me according to him. One day, though, they are going to see those movies and shows where he is awesomely awkward and a little bit inappropriate, and he knows it.

One of the other reasons that this is one of the top cute quotes I’ve found is that he hopes that they will like them and not think he’s a dork. But the chances are – as we learned from Reese Witherspoon, even kids of famous people think their parents are dorks, and eventually being able to see all those dorky things he did in shows may just prove their point!

7. Famous Parents Have Guilt About Leaving Their Kids For Work


This is one of the cute quotes that show how famous parent’s struggle with the same things non-famous parents struggle with. Jennifer Lopez talked about the guilt that you feel when you have to leave your kids for work, which is something that famous people need to do quite often in order to keep up with their career.

The fact is that famous parents want to be with their kids too. They feel responsible for their kids and don’t want to have to leave them with a babysitter or nanny, but it is a part of their work. I hear a lot of people judging famous parents on how they parent, but when you see that they are normal parents struggling with real emotions about their kids, it becomes hard to judge them.

In other words, if you are judging a famous parent or parents for leaving their kids with someone as they go off to work, you can stop knowing that they feel the guilt that they are often judged for not having.

8. Famous Parents Understand What Following Your Passion Can Do


This is definitely one of the cute quotes that will touch everyone’s heart. It’s a sweet thing to say about your kids, and it’s even a sweeter thing to do for your kids.

Artists understand that following your passion can lead to big success, which is why a lot of famous parents embrace their kid’s unique talents and interests. They are more willing to allow them to be who they want to be because they know that breaking free from the mold can have a big payoff.

This quote was said at the end of 2015, when Will Smith’s kids were 15, 17, and 23, and while the above quote shows his willingness to allow them to embrace their individuality, he also mentioned that when people ask him how he’s doing, he says ‘Ah, well you know, I’ve got teenagers’ and then he shook his head in the way that Will Smith does so well. It goes to show you that even though you allow them to follow their own path in life, teenagers are still going to be teenagers and drive you insane!

9. Famous Parents Recognize Their Kids Unique Struggles


At the ages of 13 and 16, Michelle Obama made it clear that she’s proud of her girls for navigating the publicity and struggles of being the president’s daughters as well as they have. And, that’s something that I’m sure a lot of famous parents think about when it comes to their kids.

Famous people have a hard time going out of the house without getting their picture taken, talked about, or hit up for an interview. They are gossiped about all the time and criticized. It’s hard for them, and they can’t take their kids out as a non-famous person can do.

Moreover, their kids still go to school and hang out with friends and get out of the house, and they hear all the gossip and hate that their parents are getting, and they are also photographed and bugged by the paparazzi, fans, and interested people in general. In short, their parent’s lives kind of influence how easy or hard it is for them to go out in public and have a normal childhood or be a normal teenager.

I think it’s very sweet that Michelle Obama made it clear that she’s proud of her daughters. She didn’t try to deny the fact that they were in a family that was living a life not typical of most families, and I think the recent news of her oldest daughter taking a gap year before going to college is a reflection of her navigating their family’s unique affairs quite well. It gives her the time to let her family return to a much more normal state of life where her dad is not the president, and it is a smart move on her part.

10. Famous Parent’s Kids Teach Them Powerful Lessons


Famous people tend to meet a lot of powerful and influential people. They meet people who are well-known for their insight and advice. They meet people who have lived a full life and had many experiences that made them wiser. Yet, as you can see from Dwayne Johnson’s quote, they still learn a lot from their kids.

He’s also said, in one of the cute quotes that is often talked about, “I’ve realized that the most important thing that I can do with my daughter is lead our life with love. Not success. Not fame. Not anything else but love.” That just speaks to how powerful kids can be for our well-being and happiness in life, no matter how famous we are.

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