January 17, 2016

18 Mark Twain Quotes For More Happiness

Be as happy as Mark Twain

As you read Mark Twain quotes, it becomes apparent that he had a huge sense of humor. In fact, he is known as the greatest American humorist of his time. If you get the chance, I highly recommend reading Mark Twain’s bio. Everything about him was interesting, even the way he came into and left this world. But before you do, check out the following 18 Mark Twain quotes that might give you some insight into how to have more happiness in life.

1. The Truth Will Free Up Your Mind

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I learned this a long time ago. Telling lies is hard! You have to keep your stories straight, and more often than not you get busted and look like a fool in front of the people you lied to. But, when you don’t lie, you don’t have to remember anything. You just speak freely, think freely, and people trust you more because it’s apparent that you are willing to say the truth. If you want to be happier, starting right now, start telling the truth – to other people and to yourself.

2. Do What Makes You Happy Now

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Is there something that you know will make you happy, but you’ve been putting it off? As Mark Twain says so simply, you have to get started in order to get ahead. If you know that better health will make you happier, then you have to get started on living a healthier life. If you know that a healthier relationship will make you happier, then you have to find a way to improve your relationship. Once you get started, you can become successful in the areas that make you happiest.

3. Happy Relationships Depend On This

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If you want to have happier relationships, then this is one of the Mark Twain quotes you need to remember. If you make someone your priority in life, and you are someone they could live without if someone better came along, then you are doing your happiness a disservice. In order to have a happy relationship, there has to be some give-and-take. You can’t give everything and get nothing or you will start to feel ignored and undervalued, which will affect your happiness. In other words, ditch the importance on the relationships where you are an option and focus on the relationships where you are a priority.

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4. Don’t Wallow In Your Sadness

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If you are feeling down, it is important to reach out to other people. While you may want to sit around and focus on your sadness, that’s not the ticket to feeling better. Helping others feel better helps you see things from a different perspective, which helps you feel better about your own problems. Moreover, it takes your mind off your problems for a while, and that break can decrease the attachment you feel to the pain.

5. What Really Matters?

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You being born, and you figuring out why you are here, are two of the greatest days you will experience in your life. You being born means that your awesomeness was added to this world – and when you figure out why you are here, you will really understand why that is so important!

How can you find your purpose? Start being true to yourself. Don’t get caught up in who you are told you are supposed to be; instead, pay attention to who you feel like you should be and allow yourself the freedom of living up to your own potential.

6. You Can Defeat Reality

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Viewing life through reality glasses can make things pretty horrible. Yes, reality is important to pay attention to, but if you get too caught up in what is happening, and let it affect your emotions in a negative way, then you can’t get busy creating a happier and more fulfilling future. That’s where imagination comes in. You can change your reality with enough imagination. When you have new ideas of what you want to be or see in the world, you can start to bring those ideas into reality through your actions. Visualization is the key here! Always take time to visualize the life you want rather than putting all your focus on the reality in front of you.

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7. Take Your Actions More Seriously

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Actions tell an accurate story of who you are and what you really believe. It’s very important to take accountability for your actions and make them stand out above your words. As this Mark Twain quote implies, we tend to make our words a priority and focus more on what we say than what we do. Shift that around and you will see an improvement in your happiness.

8. Stop Worrying

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Do you hate debt? So do I! It’s bad enough paying debt that you owe, but how about paying debt that you don’t owe? What could be worse than that?

Worrying is a complete waste of time. When you let your anxiety about things take over, worry is quick to follow, and the longer you focus on worry, the more unhappy you will feel. Here’s the thing: worrying doesn’t do any good. It doesn’t make things better. It doesn’t stop things from happening. It only takes away your ability to take action and make things better. When you worry, you become a victim, and ask Mark Twain says, you pay a debt that you simply don’t owe.

9. Don’t Get Caught Up In Stupidity

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There are some people that will push your buttons, but if you bring yourself down to their level, then you become just as low as they are. Don’t argue with the jerks, ignorant, or childish people of the world. If you do, it is not only onlookers who will not be able to tell the difference, but you as well. You will start to feel less about yourself as you get stuck in a negative state, and that will hurt your happiness in a big way! Stay cool. Stay grounded. Stay mature. Stay confident in who you are. Do that, and you will maintain your sense of happiness no matter who you have to deal with in your day.

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10. People Suck

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This is one of the Mark Twain quotes that I hate to agree with, but I do. It would be nice if everyone was good and loving and straightforward like animals, but the truth is they are not. People lie, cheat, and use other people, and dealing with them, and letting them get to you, can affect your happiness in a big way.

It’s not imperative to look down on other people in order to be happy, but it is important to remember that a lot of people suck, and you can’t do anything about it. When you stop trying to resist how other people are, you can learn to deal with them in a much better way.

11. Is Money The Root Of All Evil?

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You’ve been taught that money is evil, but is it? According to Mark Twain, it is the LACK of money that produces evil, not having money. You just have to look around to see that this is true.

In the right hands, money can do great things. It can create the life you want. It can help other people have a better life. It can get you things that make you happy, more useful, and more loving. It can bring smiles to your loved ones and smiles to the needy. Money is a pretty great thing if you think about it, so don’t resist money from coming in or going out of your life. Use money to create the type of life and world you want to see around you.

12. Age Is Just A Number


Speaking of humorous Mark Twain quotes… This quote is a reminder that you are only as old as you think you are. I have a friend who is 38, and she has been saying that she is old since she was about 32. I have no idea why she thinks she is old, but she definitely minds how old she is, so it definitely matters to her. In fact, she feels old in her body and her mind because she minds it so much! I’ve known plenty of people in their 70’s, 80’s, and even 90’s, who didn’t mind their age, so it didn’t really have any importance in their life, and it didn’t determine what they were capable of or how happy they felt.

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13. Make Travel A Part Of Life

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Want to be happier with other people? Start traveling! When you travel you are exposed to different ways of life, and you get to enjoy the beauty that we all bring to this world. You become acutely aware of how cool and loving people are, and you lose any prejudice, bigotry, or narrow-mindedness that you have. In fact, I would say that if you hold any of those things towards a certain culture, that should be where you take your next trip! Immerse yourself in the culture, and let your perception of others change to a happier and more loving one.

14. Listen To The Adjectives You Use

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Want to determine how happy you will be? Listen to the words you use to describe things and people in your life and it will give you a lot of insight into your character or nature. I know one man who always uses the word stupid. He will talk about the ‘stupid people’ or the ‘stupid store’ instead of just saying ‘people’ or ‘store’. It’s obvious that he views many people and things as lacking intelligence or value. His nature is to look down on life. What do your adjectives say about you?

15. Take Every Compliment You Get

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If you want to be happier, then focus on the compliments you get, not the insults. When you focus on the compliments, your self-confidence and self-worth will increase, and so will your happiness! You may not last two months from one compliment, but if you add a bunch of compliments together, you can last a lifetime.

16. People Aren’t Perfect

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This is another one of the Mark Twain quotes that show how humorous he was. And, it’s a quote to remember for more happiness! We are not created to be perfect. We have faults. We have imperfections. And when you remember that about yourself and other people, you will judge less and accept more. Both of those things are a great way to experience more happiness!

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17. Be Great And Little Things Won’t Bother You

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If you want to maintain your happiness despite the little things, this is one of the Mark Twain quotes to pin up everywhere you go. When you feel passionate, alive, happy, self-confident, on track, and all those other wonderful things, a few negative people and circumstances are not going to bring you down. You will keep moving despite them. Therefore, do what you can to find your passion and live a life full of confidence and purpose if you want to maintain a level of happiness that the little things just can’t touch.

18. Happiness Looks Good On You!

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If you want to influence the people around you in a positive way, then happiness is the way to do it. Happiness is like a really awesome virus that spreads without contact. Your smile, your kind words, your thoughtfulness, your humor, your satisfaction, your laugh, and everything else that comes from your happiness will help affect other people in a positive way. Think about that song from Pharrel Williams called Happy. You can’t watch it, and all the people in it who are happy, and not feel good. That’s how good happy looks on you.

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