January 12, 2016

17 Khalil Gibran Quotes For Insight Into Your Emotions

Quotes by Khalil Gibran for emotions

In going through the many Khalil Gibran quotes, there was not one that I did not resonate with. When you read quotes, you get an inside look into the person who said them, and I strongly believe that Khalil Gibran was not just a poet, but a compassionate and wise man who understands the impact that our emotions have on ourselves and the world around us. If more people thought like him, our world would be a better place because of it! Following are 17 Khalil Gibran quotes that stuck out to me as having the potential to create more awareness around your emotions.

1. The Bad Things In Life Do Not Make You Weak


Do you feel like you have taken on too much suffering in this life? Have you had too many obstacles come in your path? Have you had too many unexpected bad events in your life? If you focus on how tragic these things were, and let them define your life, then they can absolutely make you a weaker person.

However, when you understand that suffering actually creates strength, you may want to view them in a different way. You may want to see them as the events in life that made you stronger and more massive in life. You may want to view yourself as someone who has grown stronger than most people because of overcoming these events.

Becoming stronger in life is a gift, not a tragedy. The strongest people in this world are the ones who do great things with their lives after the experience great tragedy.

2. You Don’t Have To Hold On To Every Moment

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This is one of the Khalil Gibran quotes that can be taken a few different ways, but the most powerful – I think – is that you don’t have to hold on to every moment in life. Sometimes letting things go from your conscious memory gives you the freedom to go after what you want in life or live the life that you want.

For example, my friend and I have been friends for our entire life. He remembers everything that we’ve experienced, good and bad. I can barely remember what I did last year! He is quick to remind me of all the failures and heartaches that we’ve had, while I have long forgotten them. The result is that he is stuck in the past and I am living in the present. I am not comparing what I do today with what I did years ago, so I’m not held back like he is. I simply learned from my failures and heartaches and grew stronger from them, while he has let them imprison his mind and keep him scared and weak as he remembers the result of every action he’s taken.

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See the difference? Remembering every moment is not necessary to live a really great life. Learning from your moments and moving forward with more knowledge and strength is the key to making today better than yesterday.

3. Want To Be A Bigger Person?

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Only the smallest people will belittle others. Why? Because when someone does not feel important, they try to make other people feel just as small as they are. Bullies, jerks, racists, and everyone else who put down other people and try to make them feel unimportant in life are just little people who don’t feel a lot of self-worth. Think about this the next time you are going to put someone down. Where are you feeling little? Where do you need to gain strength? Find the answers and become a bigger person.

4. Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late To Appreciate Your Loved Ones

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As I watch people in love, this Khalil Gibran quote really hits home. It’s easy to take for granted what we have and not realize the true benefits of love until we are separated by distance or death. This is why distance makes the heart grow fonder! When someone you love goes away, you start to realize everything they do for you. You realize how beneficial they are to your life and how much you depend on them to make you feel good and on track.

If you are not going to be distant from your loved ones for a while, then take some time to imagine the distance. This will help you see the value they have in your life and appreciate them much more while they are here.

5. Do This When You Need To Speak Your Mind

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Sometimes you need to tell others what you really think. Sometimes it is the only way to be happier with them or with yourself. But, you don’t need to be mean or rude about it. If you have to speak your mind, do it – as Khalil Gibran says, beautifully. Say it in a way that appeals to them.

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For instance, instead of telling someone that you want them to stop bugging you while you work, let them know that you always appreciate their company, and you want to talk to them as soon as you are done your work, but for now you need to concentrate.

6. Celebrate When You Don’t Understand Something (You’re About To Get Smarter!)

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Instead of beating yourself up because you don’t understand something, celebrate it. Why? Soon you will know more than you do now, and that’s a great thing for your happiness and success in life.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you have them. It doesn’t make you stupid; it just makes you aware enough and curious enough to want answers. There are plenty of people who don’t acknowledge their confusion and never learn anything more than what they know. You are not one of them, so celebrate your willingness and ability to grow in intellect.

7. Get Emotional About The Earth

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This is one of the Khalil Gibran quotes that we all should remember. We treat ourselves well. We try to treat others well. But what about the Earth? The thing that actually keeps us alive and gives us the opportunity to do what we do each day? The thing that gives us breath, food, and water. It’s very important to think about how you treat the Earth each day. We should yearn for its health and life just as much as it yearns for ours.

8. There Is Good In All Of Us

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When someone feels so much pain because they feel they are lacking something, they do bad things. They become the person who hurts other people and takes their pain out on the world, but that doesn’t make them evil. They are good at the core. Remembering this about yourself when you feel like hurting others will help you figure out where your pain is. And remember this about the most evil people in your life will help you see them in a different way.

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For instance, that mean woman who yells at all the kids, does unethical things to her neighbors, and tries to make everyone feel worse upon meeting her, may not be evil. For years she may have been lonely and longing for love, and the pain of not getting it may cause her to spread her pain to other people. It’s the state she is living in, so it will determine how she behaves in life.

9. Sadness Doesn’t Have To Be Permanent

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I love the description of sadness between two gardens. Gardens are beautiful and they are a place to feel good, but you need to overcome sadness sometimes in order to get to the next garden. The great thing about walls is that they can be broken down or climbed.

If you are experiencing a lot of sadness right now, you need to find a way to break down the wall or climb it so that you can get to the next garden. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to do that. Therapists, hypnosis, self-help books and courses, and talking to people who have overcome their sadness are just a few of the ways to get past the wall.

10. You Choose To Be In Pain

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Nothing is truer than this Khalil Gibran quote. You choose to stay stuck in pain. You choose to focus on the negative. You choose to stay with other people who treat you poorly. Unless you are being held prisoner, most of the pain you feel is because of your thoughts and perception about what is happening to you. The good news is that with a simple choice, you can start to work towards feeling less pain.

11. View Work Differently

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Wow! This is one of the Khalil Gibran quotes that changed the way I view what I do each day. Work is not a painful act of labor. It is a way to express your love to the world, to other people, and to yourself! Each day you work, you do great things for yourself. You feed your mind and grow as a person. Each day you work, you also show other people how much you care. It doesn’t matter what you do, you contribute to other people’s lives in some way. Whether you are sewing buttons on shirts or saving people’s lives, you are expressing your fondness of other people and willingness to contribute to their happiness.

12. Make Faith A Big Part Of Your Life

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If you had a choice between befriending doubt or faith, which one would you choose? They live together, but they live on different floors. Doubt lives in the basement, scared to come up and do things. He feels so isolated from the world that his loneliness keeps him from understanding that faith lives in the exact same home as he. But, faith lives on the top floor so that he can look out his window and view all the opportunity that there is for him. You get to choose which brother you want to live with, and when you do, it will be very hard to befriend the other one.

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13. Is Your Giving About You Or Others?

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We have all heard how giving to others can make our lives better, but there is a difference between giving and doing things to make ourselves feel better. This Khalil Gibran quote sums it nicely. When you are generous with the purpose of helping others, you give your time, money, and energy – often giving more than you really have to give. But, when you are doing things for your own satisfaction, you simply take less and call it a day! There is a huge difference between the two! Yes, you may help others get more by taking less, but you don’t get the benefits of being a service to other people and enriching their lives and yours in the process.

14. Stop Judging Other People’s Pasts

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You may feel like your friend is going nowhere in life because they haven’t achieved anything big yet, but that’s not the way to determine how passionate they are in life. The best way to determine how much passion and drive they have is to look at what they are trying to do. Are they trying to make their life better? Are they doing good things in the world? Are they putting out a lot of love, time, and energy? If yes, then don’t judge them as being lazy or unsuccessful in life. Their thoughts and heart are in the right place, and that is what truly matters.

15. Remembering This Quote Is A Great Way To Be More Present

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Of all the Khalil Gibran quotes I read, this is the one that helped me to become more present in life. It’s a great way to recognize what life truly is, a continuously moving river that will eventually move into the sea. First, it has to travel, have experiences, nourish other people, and witness the beauty of the shoreline. Once it is done, it will become one with other rivers in the sea.

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For me, viewing my life as a constantly moving river that will eventually help make up the sea allows me to appreciate the view right now and the path my life is currently on, without focusing on the past or getting too anxious for the future (because I enjoy my life as a river!).

16. Your Thoughts Control Your Words

k (9)

Tired of saying negative or cruel things to yourself and other people? Your words are not to blame! It all begins with your thoughts. Every time you have a negative or cruel thought, the crumbs fall out of your mind into your mouth and hurt you and other people in the process. Therefore, when you say something negative, take notice of your thoughts and determine what you need to change about them for more positive, enlightening crumbs to fall out.

17. Your World Is Pretty Darn Small

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What affects people far away may seem very far away, but the truth is that the impact it has on them can have an impact on you. The world is not that big of a place, even though your mind may tell you that it expands across universes. The truth is that we need to take care of each other, and places far away, in order to take care of ourselves. When you see that everyone is connected to you and the world you live on, then the world becomes much smaller, and your willingness to make a difference becomes much bigger.

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