January 17, 2016

17 Friedrich Nietzsche Quotes That Have Moved Me

Moving quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche

All of quotes were made before the age of 44. Even though he lived to the age of 55, during the last 11 years of his life he had no use of his mental capabilities. While many of Friedrich Nietzsche quotes were focused on religion, or the fallacy of it, it would be interesting to see what he would have written about later in his life and if his opinion would have changed. Although, the statement ‘God is dead’ did come from him, so there would likely have been no change in how he viewed religion. Many of his quotes are focused on human behavior and existence, and following are 17 quotes that moved me.

1. Purpose Gets Us Through

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If you have a purpose – a ‘why’, then you will be able to make it through anything. Reading this quote, I thought about a friend’s grandmother who had a husband in a wheelchair, two floods take away everything she owned, two kids die from murder, two kids suffer from alcoholism, one kid gets diagnosed with a fatal disease, and watched the death of almost everyone she loved before she died, yet, she still got through it all with a sense of humor and a positive outlook on life. Her ‘why’ was taking care of her family in the best way she could, and that purpose helped her get through the toughest of times instead of giving up. What’s your ‘why’?

2. Awareness Provides Meaning

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You have probably heard many people exclaim that life is hard. That is true, depending on your perception. If you are just merely living, then you are suffering. Bad things happen. Unwanted things come into your path. Ugly people and situations come into your life without warning. Without meaning, you will suffer. But, when you have the awareness to see that all of these things can teach you something about life and yourself, and then find the meaning in them, you will get through each situation intact.

3. Let Your Inner Child Out!

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Grownups are expected to act grown up, but we don’t lose our sense of play! I think that Friedrich Nietzsche meant ‘real’ as in a sense of acting like a man is supposed to act – strong, composed, and serious. However, take away the ‘real’ aspect and you just have a man – a human, who never loses the ability to play and enjoy himself.

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It’s useful advice not to keep your inner child locked away. You are allowed to let him or her out, and according to experts, it can actually be beneficial! Playing helps you to create, feel challenged, de-stress, refocus, and get along with other people. It is a tool that every ‘real’ person should use!

4. Teach Openness Instead Of Narrow-Mindedness

f (14)

Some of the ugliest people I have come across are very narrow-minded. Anyone who doesn’t think like them are ridiculed, looked down upon, and treated poorly. Unfortunately, those people have a very boring life.

Teaching kids to be open, and curious about other people’s opinions and perceptions, is the best way to teach them to be loving, compassionate, and interesting. In fact, teaching others to see the value that everyone has – the equal value – would be beneficial to creating a kinder and more peaceful world. Sounds worth it to me!

5. Keep Busy In Life

f (9)

This is one of those Friedrich Nietzsche quotes that should inspire you to get up and get thinking! In essence, he’s saying that an idle mind or life is what promotes the need to study the mind and what is going on in it. Perhaps referring to mental issues, such as a negative mindset, anxiety, or depression.

It is well-known that we need to keep our mind healthy in order to live richer and fulfilling lives. Happiness, satisfaction, awareness, and positive thinking all come from a healthy mind! Therefore, keep busy and give your brain the exercise that it needs to stay strong. Learn something new, read, play challenging mind games, debate, or start a new hobby. Never become idle in life.

6. Why Do They Talk About Themselves So Much?

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Whether you are on a first date or talking to a longtime friend, pay attention to how much they talk about themselves. The more they talk, the more they could be trying to hide. Generally people who are happy with their lives don’t feel the need to talk and talk and talk. In other words, if someone is talking up a storm about themselves, they may be trying to convince you of something.

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7. Enjoy Each Day

f (15)

This is one of Friedrich Nietzsche quotes that could be put simpler – as in, ‘enjoy today’. But, it is still a quote worth remembering. When you dance, you feel good, and life is too short not to feel good every single day. Make a point of doing something that makes you feel good today, tomorrow, and every day afterwards. Sing, laugh, or maybe even dance. It will help keep you in a positive frame of mind and help you keep your head up during the tough times.

8. Don’t Believe The Stereotypes

f (12)

Growing up, I was taught that being stupid was a feminine trait. Obviously this stereotype has been around for a long time, but I’m glad that some people, like Friedrich Nietzsche, are willing to call a stereotype stupid when it is!

A woman who acts stupid does not appear feminine, but, rather, stupid! Stupidity is a negative trait and it does not look good on anyone. And acting stupid in order to appear more attractive or desirable is so wrong. All it shows is that you are willing to buy into a flawed stereotype and make it obvious that you are not strong in who you are. Real femininity is about positive traits, such as intelligence and strength with compassion mixed in.

9. It’s Better To Be Alone Than In A Horrible Relationship

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When you are lonely, it is tempting to get into any relationship that comes along. Accepting people that are disrespectful or controlling into your life may help you feel like you are not alone, but it will also be adding a negative element to your life that will make you even more unhappy than if you were to just be alone.

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The wrong people will lower your self-confidence and self-worth. They will make you question who you are and what value the real you has in the world. They will hold you back from living a life that you actually want to live. This is why experienced people (experienced with bad relationships) will often say it is better to be alone than in a really bad relationship.

10. Don’t Bore Yourself!


Last year went by extremely fast. In fact, for me, my whole life has gone by extremely fast! Do you agree? Yes? Then stop doing things that bore you. As Friedrich Nietzsche says, life is a thousand times too short to do stuff that bores you. Live it up. Enjoy each day. Choose the option that makes you feel alive. And, when you look back at your life (in what will feel like a few days from now), you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you made each day count.

11. Knowledge Is Nothing Without Action

f (16)

This is one of the rare Friedrich Nietzsche quotes that can be taken a few different ways. It could mean that teachers teach with the intent to educate not only their pupils, but other people through their pupils. For example, if you teach someone how to be happy, then you would hope they would teach others too, right? That is definitely something worth remembering.

However, when I first saw this quote, I thought of how knowledge is nothing without action. In other words, if someone teaches you how to be happy, you can have the knowledge in your head but not actually be happy unless you put that knowledge into action. For me, I feel like it is a waste of a lesson if you do not take what someone taught you and use it to better yourself.

12. See The Value In Being Alone And With Good Company

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I really like this quote as it is something that I applied to my life a long time ago. I value my alone time, as Friedrich Nietzsche obviously did as well. And, I would much rather spend my time alone, doing things of value to me and spending it productively than sit down with someone who doesn’t offer me any value in their company.

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Therefore, the people who steal my energy, use me, or focus on themselves instead of our relationship are people I won’t spend time with anymore. I would much rather be alone than waste my precious time on them. However, when I am in the presence of really good company, that is just as valuable as being alone. Being in great company allows me to discuss, laugh, learn, and grow as a person.

14. You Can’t Force Insight

f (7)

This is a great lesson for all the people who are trying to make miracles happen each day. Some days those ideas and insights just won’t come, and the more you try to make them come, the less likely they are to appear. However, at random moments, when you are doing something completely unrelated, the perfect idea or insight will pop up into your mind. So stop trying to force ideas to come. You could be spending your time on better things.

Another one of Friedrich Nietzsche quotes talks about how the best ideas often come while walking. I have found this to be true too. So, if you are stuck, get out into nature and go for a walk. Just make sure you bring something to record any ideas that pop up!

15. The More You Know, The Less Things Sucks

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The more you learn and grow as a person, the less tragedies hurt. Not just the real ones, where you experience failure, loss, or pain, but the imaginary ones where you perceive to experience failure, loss, or pain. Sure, there will be some big things that hurt, like the death of a loved one, but the things that don’t deserve the negative attention you give them will become more obvious as you become more aware. This is why personal growth is so important. Learning more about who you are, what matters, and what life is really all about for you will help you climb that mountain and laugh at the things that really don’t deserve your tears.

16. Focus On Important Things

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If you focus on the abyss, then that is what you are going to get in your life. If you focus on the lack and the bottomless pit of negativity, then you are going to get all that back to you as it focuses on you. However, when you focus on the important things, such as love and gratitude, then you will find that things to love and be grateful for will start to come into your life more. It’s simply a matter of shifting your focus.

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17. Live Life On Your Terms

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If you are living life at the command of someone else, then it is impossible to live life on your own terms. No one else knows what you know or wants what you want; therefore, the only way to live a life that will make you happy is to listen to your own commands. Pay attention to your inner guidance system and what your body wants, and you will find that life takes on a meaning you can never get when under the command of someone else’s life.


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