December 29, 2015

17 Buddha Quotes To Memorize For A Better Life

Buddha’s guide to a better life

Buddha actually means “enlightened one”, so it is no wonder that the following 17 Buddha quotes can enlighten and awaken anyone who they resonate with. Although some of these Buddha quotes may be familiar, they are all powerful pieces of insight. These quotes will apply to you no matter who you are, what religion you are, and what you believe right now.

1. The Truth Always Comes Out


The other day, I was talking to someone who let go of a lie they had been holding onto for almost a few years. They didn’t intentionally admit that they had lied. It just slipped out. They were embarrassed, and I was hurt that they had not told me the truth to begin with.

That’s what lies do. They come out in one way or the other and affect relationships, health, success, and happiness in a very big (and negative) way. And, if they don’t slip out, they are revealed in some other way – either through someone else who knows or by someone figuring out that things just are not adding up with what you are saying.

Therefore, remember that the truth is one of those things that cannot be hidden for long, and try to make it something you tell as often as you can. It is always better to tell the truth now than to be found out as a liar later on.

2. What You Think About, You Bring To Life


What you think about most, you bring into your life. If you think depressing and losing thoughts, then you will manifest depression and loses into your life. But, if you think happy and winning thoughts, you will manifest happiness and success into your life. Your thoughts determine what you perceive, what you will do, and how much resistance you put up, which all determine how your life goes.

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For instance, you can’t attract a positive life if you are constantly thinking negative things because you won’t let positive things into your life or even go after the positive things that you want. You won’t see the opportunities when they arise and you won’t do the things to get it. And if you do try, you won’t try hard enough or you will sabotage your efforts in some way. Therefore, focus on thinking more positive, uplifting thoughts about yourself, others, and even the world around you.

3. Stop Fighting Hate With Hate

You cannot stop hate by being hateful, it just makes thing worse. You already know this. If you get into an argument with someone, and start yelling at each other, you don’t suddenly feel good about each other; instead, you cause a negative energy between the two of you until you come back together from a place of love and understanding. Then, you eliminate the hate and replace it with love. Therefore, if you have any desire to remove hate from your life, react to it with love now and from this moment forward.

4. Don’t Rush Things


You can’t expect to become the best right now. You can’t expect to know everything or even gain a skill quickly. Things take time because each ‘drop’ has to be dropped in order to create a full jug. Sometimes the drops come quickly and sometimes they come slowly, but if you take action and keep moving forward, you will keep filling up your jug and eventually it will be full. This is one of those Buddha quotes that you should have pinned up beside your goals. It will help you take things one day at a time.

5. Pay Attention To What You Say


Don’t let words just spill out of your mouth. It’s easy to do, especially when you are caught up in negative emotions and feel upset or bad. But, your words have a huge amount of power over other people and how they feel about themselves and you. A few negative words only take a few moments to say, but they can stick in another person’s mind for a lifetime. Therefore, live by the rule ‘If you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all!’

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6. Take Responsibility For Your Life

It’s easy to put your ethics and way of life into other people’s hands; then you don’t have to do much work and can blame them for your problems. But, doing so will not get you the life you want or help you behave according to your own inner guidance system. You know what’s right and what’s wrong, and you have the power to make your own decisions and take your own actions. Do what feels good to you, learn from your mistakes, and be responsible for how your life goes and turns out.

7. There May Be No Tomorrow


How many of you say things like, “I’ll start tomorrow”? I know I have many times! But the truth is that tomorrow may not come. It doesn’t matter what your age is, how healthy you are, or how many years you think you have left – you might die tomorrow and not get another chance to start something, take action, or say something. Don’t waste today waiting for tomorrow that might not come. Focus on the things that matter the most and make sure you do as much towards them as possible.

8. Get Control Of Your Mind


Don’t let yourself be pulled here and there by other people; instead, get control of your mind. Decide what you want, find ways to get it, and then discipline your mind to stick with what you are going after instead of being pulled around by shiny objects and people. A distracted mind never gets anything done, whereas a disciplined mind makes the most of each day. That’s where happiness really lives. When you have the discipline to do and go after what you want, all your dreams get fulfilled.

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9. Have Compassion For Everything

This is one of those Buddha quotes that really hit home with me. People who have no compassion for the suffering of other people, animals, or the planet, should not be celebrated and idolized. They should be rejected by the group and pushed aside so that they can’t gain any power or do any harm. Of all the traits to look for when not accepting people, I think compassion is the one to focus on.

For instance, some people are quiet. Some people are lazy. Some people don’t do what they should do. Some people stand behind their uniqueness. Some people are unhappy. Some people are fearful. Those are not people who should be made into an outcast. People lacking compassion should.

10. Help Others By Being Strong Yourself


Life can be hard. If you want to be an example for others, you have to be strong and not get taken away with the current. A disciplined mind, a strong moral compass, a willingness to learn, curiosity, creativity, optimism, and the strength to choose your own life path and follow it, are all traits of being able to fight the current and lead the way for other people. Don’t expect people to follow your lead in life if you can’t take control of who you are and what you do.

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11. Don’t Give Anything Too Much Importance


When you develop a bond with something, and put a high level of importance on it, then you will suffer if you lose it. For instance, if you are attached to your perfect body, then you are going to suffer at some point when your body loses its shape, strength, or wrinkle-free complexion. Then you will spend years agonizing over what you had and wish you still had.

Moreover, if your whole life is based around someone else, then you will suffer in a big way if they end up dying before you or if they leave you. It’s important to remember that you are a whole person, without things or other people, and you can survive and thrive on your own. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t love. But it does mean you should make your life dependent on someone else’s.

12. Your Perception Is Not The Only Perception


Always remember that the way you think and feel is brought on by your perception in life, but everyone does not have the same perception as you. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Who knows! The point is that when you hold on to your perception too tightly, you will end up telling other people that they are wrong over and over again, which will eventually offend even the nicest person. Respect other people’s point of views and way of life, and let them be who they perceive they should be. Do that and you will be the most liked person around.

13. Life’s Too Short…


We seem to forget that we are going to die, so we hold on to stuff until it is too late. Then, if someone we were fighting with dies before us, we regret not speaking up and resolving the issue sooner. This is a lesson that you don’t have to learn. You can remind yourself that you are going to die – they are going to die – and soon it will be too late to settle your differences and enjoy each other’s company. It will be hard to say what you need to say and resolve issues, but it will be much easier than living with regret for the rest of your life. Therefore, take the steps to make sure that you leave this world with no hard feelings.

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14. Value Someone Else’s Life


The chances of you going out and killing someone are slim, especially if you are reading Buddha quotes! But, this is just something to remember so that you don’t do harm to other people. Killing others is extreme, but you can also kill someone’s spirit or confidence. Your words have a lot of power and can be just as sharp as a knife if used inappropriately. And, you can drive people to kill themselves with the wrong words. Put yourself in other people’s shoes and think about how you would feel before you do or say anything. Often this will be enough to avoid doing serious harm to other people.

Moreover, for some people, this is one of the Buddha quotes used to defend being a vegan. I have to say that putting myself in the place of an animal with feelings such as happiness and fear, and an intelligence that I’m sure we have not yet begun to understand, has caused me to value their lives highly.

15. Remember Your Own Value In Life


This was one of the Buddha quotes that I had never heard before, but I spent a long time contemplating this one. To me, this simply means that if you don’t find someone who is on the same path in life – aware, enlightened, purposeful – then don’t settle. It’s smarter to take the path alone than to be with someone who is not any of the things that you are focusing on in your own life or has not matured as you have in life.

People who are not where you are in life will drag you down. Their negative energy will drain you. Their complaining will make you question your optimism. Their inability to grasp what you feel or think will frustrate you. Why not just do it alone and value your own life enough to leave the negativity and frustration behind?

16. Practice What You Preach

Whether you are religious or not, this is one of the Buddha quotes that can help you to stand behind what you believe and make sure that you don’t just learn who you want to be, but act on who you want to be. I know many people who do not practice what they preach. Unfortunately, despite their intentions to do good in the world, they do more harm than anything. They offend people. They frustrate people. And they set a poor example of who they believe themselves to be. It is important to act on what you believe and not just think it.

17. Don’t Believe Everything You Hear Or See

Because everyone has different perceptions on life, believing what you hear is not truth, it is a perception. Someone saw something in a certain way and that’s what was relayed to you, but that doesn’t mean it was true. Therefore, always get information straight from the source, or keep a skeptical mind of how true it is.

Moreover, don’t buy into the lie that if the majority of people believe it, it must be true. They could all be wrong! You need to do your own research and have your experiences in order to form your own beliefs, so don’t just follow what the crowd says.

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