January 14, 2016

16 Powerful Rumi Quotes That May Change Your Life

Rumi quotes to change your life

Rumi was a poet from the 13th century whose words have a way of affecting your heart rather than your mind, which is the best way to create change inside of you! While some Rumi quotes speak of truths that many other great minds have spoken of, some are extremely unique. I find that all of his quotes speak to me in one way or another, and I think they will for you too. In fact, it’s amazing how true his quotes are today considering they came from the 13th century. Following are 16 awesome Rumi quotes that may help you shift the way you behave in life.

1. Get Out Of Your Self-Made Prison

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Too many people are living in a self-made prison. What they don’t realize is that the door for them to escape is actually wide open. They are trapped by their fears and limiting beliefs, and instead of choosing to go through the door, they keep their hands over their eyes and ignore it. Everything they want is behind that door, and they just have to walk through it to experience the freedom that they have every right to experience. In other words, always choose to go through the door and escape what is keeping you stuck.

2. Don’t Be A Child

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I’ve heard many versions of this quote, as I’m sure you have. It expresses the fact that the cleverest people have a level of self-control when it comes to the things they want while many other people are not looking to control themselves and would rather experience what they want when they want it.

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The problem is that acting like a child, and focusing on the candy, gets you into a lot of trouble: financial trouble, relationship trouble, career trouble, and happiness trouble. On the other hand, the people who display self-control end up having a much more rewarding and happy life in the long run, so it may be time to stop acting like a child and start considering your actions.

3. Let Everything Come In Its Time

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Patience equals power. When you can accept what is happening, and have the patience to go along with whatever is thrown your way and wait until the appropriate moment to take action, you will experience joy. But, when you have resistance to what is, and can’t wait for the right moment, then you will experience anger, sadness, frustration, and even fear. It will always be true that other people and things will not run on the timetable you want them to, so patience is something you need to have always.

Also, the people who can’t wait to do something often get unwanted results, while the people who have patience to wait until the right moment, get more of the results they want. For instance, approaching someone about a business deal when you are not ready could cost you a venture, whereas waiting until you have prepared yourself and your case could end up helping you create a million dollar business.

4. Stop Hating On Other People’s Successes

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Being envious of other people affects your life negatively in so many ways. It causes anger towards others for having so much. It causes anger towards yourself for not having what you want. It causes sadness as you long for more.

Envy also keeps you stuck in a negative energy state where you are unable to attract the things you want for yourself. Why? When you feel jealousy, rage, revenge, blame, worry, and disappointment, you cannot feel joy, enthusiasm, optimism, or even contentment. If you can’t experience those positive emotions, then you can’t get yourself into a state where you start taking appropriate action on the things you want in life; instead, you stay stuck in a state where you will never go after what you want or have success doing so. Therefore, never focus on envy. Always focus love and gratitude.

5. Break Free From The Crowd

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General opinion is that you need to go to school, get married, have kids, retire, and die. But, if your soul is longing to skip school, find love without marriage, have no kids, and never retire, then your soul is going to suffer if you live by conventional opinion.

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There are no rules that say you have to do what other people do or believe. You are your own person with your own desires, and if you find the courage to break free from the mold, you will experience a life that feels worth living. If not, you will always feel a longing for something more and a sense that you are not making the most of your time here.

6. Snap Your Fingers And Your Life Will Be Over

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This is one of the Rumi quotes that makes me a little sad. I was walking the other day and enjoying the breeze on my face, when I thought about everyone who has passed on and once felt the breeze on their face. Their life went so fast. I can see that from my perspective. But from theirs, life on Earth seemed like it was going to last an eternity when they were enjoying a nice walk and a cool breeze.

Don’t ever forget how precious today is. Remember this Rumi quote and take advantage of the day. If you are healthy, do everything you can to make the most of it. If you are not healthy, do everything you can to enjoy the day as much as you can. Never take for granted this day because one day you won’t be able to take action on what you want or enjoy it all anymore.

7. It All Comes Back To You

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This is one of the Rumi quotes that makes me feel good about life’s ups and downs. One thing I have learned is that everything comes back to you, and whether it is good or bad depends on your state.

For example, if you have a lot of money, and believe that you will always have a lot of money, then even if you lose it all, the money will come back to you. You will do what needs to be done to bring it back to you. You will have the energetic and physical blueprint to bring it back. However, if you are always living in lack, and believe you always will live in lack, then you are always going to bring lack back into your life. Even if you win the lottery you will eventually find yourself back in a place of lack because of your beliefs and actions.

The good news is that if you are stuck attracting lack to you, it just takes a shift in your mindset and beliefs to start attracting abundance. And, once you do, don’t grieve over what you lose because, in one way or another, it will always come back to you.

8. Stop Shouting About Things You Don’t Agree With

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You can yell all you want, but you will never influence anyone with a loud voice. In fact, you will cause them to hold tighter to their beliefs and actions and lose respect for you. The only way to really influence anyone is to convince them with smart, compassionate, and insightful words. Therefore, if you want to make a difference in other people’s lives, keep a level head and pay attention to what you say, not how loudly you say it.

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9. If It Feels Good, Do It

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One thing I have always remembered about Jack Canfield is that he lives by the mantra, ‘If it feels good, do it.” This is a great way to live, because your inner self knows what is best for you and what is not. If something excites you to the core, then it is probably something that is going to have a big impact on your life. Even if there is fear accompanying the excitement, go for it! Excitement is your body’s signal that you are going to do something that could payoff big time.

10. It’s All About Love

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Along with these Rumi quotes, everything I have ever learned about being happier in life boils down to love. Love is the one thing we all crave and appreciate, and the feeling of love is one of the most energetic emotions we can have. Big things happen when love is present. Rumi also said that if you are a true human being, you should gamble everything for love, which makes sense, because love is the ultimate prize in life.

11. The Best Way To Eliminate Pain Is To Do This

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The next time you feel pain, don’t try to numb it. Instead, look inside of your pain and pinpoint the reason you are feeling it. As Rumi says, that is the cure for your pain.

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For example, if you are feeling upset about an encounter you had with someone, embrace the pain and find the cause of it. You may find that it is not about the person at all but, rather, about your desire to be loved. Then, you can go out and find ways to surround yourself with more love and eliminate the pain from the root instead of covering it up temporarily with a Band Aid.

12. Break Your Heart More Often

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One of my favorite Rumi quotes is this one. The lesson is this: after so many heartbreaks, an awareness comes if you let it in. Sure, some people choose to focus on the pain and the loss each time their heart is broken, but others choose to focus on what they’ve learned and the good from the experiences that they have had. The latter end up opening their heart in a way that the former couldn’t even imagine. They welcome new experiences and people into their life because they know that their life will be richer for it.

13. Improve Your Relationship With This Rumi Quote


This is a fantastic tip for all relationships out there! We all find our lovers saying something stupid, and our eyes tend to roll and show them our annoyance or frustration. But, how about if we lit our eyes up with love instead of annoyance? What kind of impact would that have on our relationships? I would venture to say a big one!

When you roll your eyes, you tell your partner that they are not good enough, but when you show them just how brilliant you think they are, you validate them and make them feel great about themselves. When you are their biggest cheerleader, they will become yours, and your relationship will become full of love and respect.

14. Don’t Take Offense To Other’s Criticism

r (10)“If someone you love is giving you constructive criticism, try not to take offense. I know this is easier said than done, but as this Rumi quote points out, they are not attacking you, they are trying to get the dust out of you that is holding you back or mucking up your life in some way. That is their intention. Therefore, see it as an act of love rather than an attack, because that’s what it really is!

15. A Positive Affirmation For Your Life

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This Rumi quote is a great positive affirmation to add to your life! Say it as you wake up. Say it when you are met with problems. Say it when you are feeling challenged. It is a positive affirmation that will remind you of how important and awesome you really are. You are connected to everything in this universe, which makes you just as massive as the tallest building or the brightest star, and you can channel that power and use it to your advantage.

16. Don’t Hold On To Things

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This is one of those Rumi quotes that reminds us that everything comes to an end. There will be people and things that come and go in your life. For a while, they will be bathed in your light. Your love, joy, and gratitude will spill onto them, and together you will have a great time. Eventually, though, that person or thing will leave you, and you can’t hold on to them or it. If you do, then you will not be living in a state of light, but rather shade or even darkness as you struggle with what was instead of live in what is.

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I hope you can see the power in this Rumi quote. Your happiness depends on letting things go, even the things that shone the brightest in your life. If you hold on tight to things that are no longer there, you don’t get to experience what has now come into your life.

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