January 6, 2016

16 Dale Carnegie Quotes For More Peace And Better Relationships

Dale Carnegie quotes for relationships

There are two big things that I know Dale Carnegie for. First is his insight on how to win people over and second is his insight on how to stop worrying. The following Dale Carnegie quotes are insights into both of those things. And it’s a fact that if you stop worrying so much, you become more likable because you stop complaining and putting out a negative energy, which makes all these Dale Carnegie quotes great for helping you win more people over!

1. Have Fun In Everything


This is so important to remember. If you are struggling to achieve something, and you hate it, then the chances are good you are wasting your time because you are not going to succeed anyway. When something you are doing feels painful, you are naturally going to try to stop doing it. No one wants to live in a state of pain, and disliking something that you are doing is painful to your mind and your body. Therefore, either get on board with what you are doing and find a way to have fun with it or drop it and do something else that actually makes you feel good.

2. Hate Does Nothing For You


When you hate someone, you hold on to that hate daily. The intensity of your emotions towards someone doesn’t just go away. It sticks around, eats away at your mind, and affects everything you do. Your happiness, health, relationships, and success are all affected by that hate.

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Letting go of hate makes way for more focus on the things that benefit you and make you happier and healthier. And, if that isn’t reason enough to let go of hate, remember that the person you are holding hate towards has control over you as long as you hate them. They affect everything you do and every choice you make. Don’t let someone you don’t care for control your life!

3. Your Worries Don’t Usually Pan Out


This is one of the Dale Carnegie quotes to say to yourself every time you feel an ounce of worry about tomorrow. It will remind you that it never works out as bad as you think. You may not be able to see into the future to determine that for sure, but your past is a good predictor of the future, so remember all your other worries that didn’t come to pass and you will be more than likely to let it go.

4. Judge Less, Be Happier


Judging is a negative thing to do all around. It makes you dislike other people. It makes you question other people and worry about their intentions. It makes you rude to other people. And, it gives you a sense of false pride that makes you feel like you are better than other people. Don’t judge others and your life will be happier all around.

5. The Trick To A Long Conversation?


If you are ever stuck for something to say in a conversation, talk about the other person. Ask them about themselves and then discuss the information they give you. This is great for making friends, getting along with your coworkers, or even having success on a first date when you want your date to feel as if you really care about who they are and what they have to say. When you take the time to listen to someone else and talk about what they are interested in, you will always have something to talk about and someone who wants to talk to you.

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6. It’s All In Your Mind


The way your day turns out today is all in your mind. If you get upset, see the worst, and perceive things negatively, then you are going to have a crappy day – no matter what is happening. Even if you win the lottery, your day is going to suck because your mind is focused on the negative.

That’s why it is important to see the best in life. If you are positive and perceive things positively, then your day – no matter what happens, is going to feel good. We don’t have a lot of days in our lives, so make the most out of each one by letting your mind determine how well they actually go.

7. Make Sure You Rest!


Resting too much will keep you from getting the life you want, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rest! If you try to do too much, you are doing your mind and body a disservice. You become tired and stressed out. The stress affects your mind and body negatively. When you are not running at optimal energy levels, you become even more tired and stressed. And the circle of negative health continues.

If you want to keep healthy so that you can do what you want to do, then rest. Dale Carnegie pointed out that even your heart takes a rest for 15 hours each day. It needs to in order to be strong and do the work it needs to do. And, it doesn’t wait until it is tired to rest; instead, it takes regular breaks before it gets too tired, which is something he says we all need to do.

8. What’s The Number One Thing You Can Do For Your Health?


Dale Carnegie said that living in a state of fear or worry is bad for your health. It causes stress on your body, and everything from your digestion to your organ health is affected. If you stay in a state of fear or worry for too long, then your body can’t recover from the negative effects and that’s when disease sets in. In other words, overcoming fear and worry by taking action should be a priority in your life. It will affect everything else, including your relationships and happiness, in a positive way.

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9. Make It About Today


This is one of the Dale Carnegie Quotes that I have has always remembered when times got tough. And, this is one of those quotes that can help you overcome fear and worry.

Always remember that you only have to deal with the weight of today, not the weight of yesterday and tomorrow. No matter how bad things are, you can make it from morning to night with the weight of just today. But, this quote doesn’t just apply to life when things are bad. When things are good, and you are working towards the life you want, focus on today. Make your life all about today, from morning to night, and let yourself enjoy it and do the best you can in it without thinking about tomorrow.

10. Make Some Decisions In Life


If you are stressed out about a decision you are trying to make, figure out a way to make it. Dale Carnegie said that living in a state of indecisiveness is what drives people insane and keeps them stuck in a place of negativity. But, when they are able to make a decision, half of their worries vanish, and when they start taking action, almost all the rest of (if not all) the worries vanish too. Therefore, make some decisions and discover your possibliities. You don’t know unless you try, so don’t let anything hold you back from making a decision about your life and doing what needs ot be done.

11. Use Common Sayings To Better Your Life


Two wrongs don’t make a right. The early bird catches the worm. Don’t cry over spilled milk. You’ve heard these over and over again and probably didn’t put much stock into them, but if you take the time to really see the lesson in them, then you will value them much more. These little sayings will help keep you sane. They will remind you of what really matters in life and how to make the most out of life.

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12. People Don’t Give A Crap About You


Most of the worry we have comes from thinking about other people. We worry about how they view us, what they will say about us, and whether they will accept us, but our worry is for nothing because they really don’t give a crap about us! Stop worrying about what other people think and many of your fears and worries will go away. Moreover, you will have an easier time being yourself (which is the most comfortable state to be in!) and interacting with people.

13. Have Purpose In Your Days


The best way to get your mind off worries is to have purpose in your days and keep busy. When you are working towards the life you want, you feel good about yourself. You feel more successful and on track, and your life takes on a lot of meaning. You also become more liked as you demonstrate a willingness to live life to its fullest. And, your happiness and health benefit from it. When you have purpose, you are doing things for you – which is the greatest thing you can do to keep yourself feeling good both mentally and physically.

14. Want People To Take You Seriously? Do This!


If you talk too much about pointless and ridiculous things, people will start to drown you out, and when you have something really important to add, they won’t hear it. In addition, if you are always complaining or talking about negative things, people will not want to listen to you.

The old saying, ‘If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all!’ is one of those sayings you need to pay attention to. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share your feelings or talk about some random stuff once in a while, but don’t talk people’s ears off about stuff they don’t care about. And keep your negative opinions and perceptions to yourself so that you don’t become the doom and gloom person who people would rather run from than listen to.

15. Do You Fly Off The Handle?


I can’t count the amount of times I saw a guy with huge muscles punch a wall in anger. They thought they were showing off how strong they were, but in reality they looked like great big weenies who had no control over their emotions.

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Strong people don’t sweat the small stuff. They don’t get upset over things that are out of their control. They don’t get upset about how other people act or react to them. They don’t waste time being mean and yelling their heads off about nothing. They keep it under control, react to things appropriately, and see the truth behind why other people are acting the way they are – fear, loneliness, etc.

People who fly off the handle quickly are living a very poor life. They are not happy. They are not feeling good about themselves. And they have no control over how they react to situations. In other words, they are weak.

16. Get Interested In Things


When I was younger, I was interested in partying and dating. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to that. Unfortunately, when it came to intelligent conversation, I was pretty pathetic. I didn’t know anything, so I didn’t have anything to say. I lost potential friends and jobs because of that, and I would feel stressed out when I knew I was going to have to talk to a large group of people. But the more interested I got in personal growth, and life in general, the more I had to say. Now, I have a ton of insight and information that helps me hold my own in any conversation I have, and I feel good about myself after conversations.

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