January 31, 2016

15 Oprah Winfrey Quotes From Oprah’s Lifeclass

She has said so much that Oprah Winfrey quotes could fill up a few books, or maybe a few hundred. With 25 years on the Oprah Winfrey Show, and almost 5 years doing other things focused on personal growth and making life better, Oprah Winfrey has had many experiences in her life and many interactions with people who had something to teach. It’s no wonder that her lifeclass became so popular.

Oprah’s Lifeclass is a place where she reveals the lessons and aha moments she’s learned, and where she learns some new ones along with all of us. It is about living your best life. Some of the ideas and thoughts have literally blown me away and changed my life.

If you haven’t watched Oprah’s Lifeclass, you can always go to her website and watch some clips. But, before you go, following are 15 Oprah Winfrey quotes taken from some of the classes that had a big impact on me.

1. You Are Responsible For Your Own Life

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If you want to live your best life, then YOU have to live it. You can’t wait for someone else to do what you need or help you out because you are the only one who has the ability to move your life in the direction you want it to go. This is true for your happiness, health, relationships, career, and success in life. You are responsible for what happens to you, and when you take responsibility for that, like Oprah has, you do great things for yourself.

2. How Many Negative People Do You Have In Your Life?

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While there are many Oprah Winfrey quotes on dealing with negative people, this one stood out to me. In short, she says that you need to take responsibility for why they are in your life. If you are surrounded by negative people, then there must be a part of you that is willing to tolerate them or want them in your life. There must be a part of you that resonates with them and is keeping them in your life.

Oprah has talked about making it very clear that people – friends and family included – are not welcome in her life if they are going to be negative towards her, but are welcome back if they are willing to lose the attitude.

From experience, I know that if you refuse to let people mistreat you, then you won’t accept the negativity in your life. Life becomes much too precious to allow yourself to be mistreated by the ones you love.

3. Listen To The Whispers

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While there are some things that happen beyond our control, there are many other things that we have total control over, but let it get out of control because we are not paying attention to them. For example, we feel a pain in our side, but we don’t listen to the small little indicator that something is wrong, so it grows bigger and gets louder until we are willing to listen. Many times that means we let a whisper go all the way to a deafening noise before we do anything about it. But, if we can listen to the little messages that our body and the universe is sending us, we can stop things from getting out of control. Therefore, when you hear a whisper, tend to it before it gets too big.

4. Here’s How To Forgive Everything

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If you are having trouble forgiving, this is one of the Oprah Winfrey quotes that I find helps me. When you can see that you are holding on to hope for your past to change by not forgiving, you can clearly see that it is useless.

You can’t change your past, no matter how much you want to. Sitting around and hoping that your past is going to change is a waste of time! So, let go of that hope, accept what happened as final, and focus on your now and your future instead.

5. How Bad Is Fear Really?

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When you are operating out of a place of fear, you are always running away from the things that scare you. You don’t want to take risks. You don’t want to put yourself out there. But, getting everything you want requires you to face your fears first. When you face your fears, you do what your inner guidance system is telling you to do, and that’s when you get in alignment with who you are and what you are capable of doing.

6. Here’s How To Forgive Yourself

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When it comes to forgiving yourself, it’s all about recognizing the simple truth that Oprah often says – ‘When you know better, you do better.’ When you can recognize that as truth, you will never feel the need to hold yourself hostage over what you have done or who you were, because you couldn’t have done any different. You didn’t know any better, or else you would have done better.

7. Here’s How To Love Yourself

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Awareness will help you see yourself as the amazing person you are and live the life you want to live. Therefore, if you are having a hard time loving yourself, you need to search for who you truly are. You need to look at yourself from a place of awareness rather than a place of judgment. You need to stop listening to what others tell you about yourself and start listening to your own personal truth. When you can do that, you will become proud of yourself and start living life on your terms.

8. What Drives Your Life?

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This is one of the Oprah Winfrey quotes from lifeclass with Joel Osteen. He focused (and still does) on how the words ‘I am’ make a big difference in your life, and we can all see that this is true. We say things like ‘I am stupid’ or ‘I am fat’ and we are telling ourselves that those statements are true. When we think that they are true, we do things in our lives to match those beliefs. We don’t try to learn something new or we don’t try to get healthier because we believe that we are that negative aspect of ourselves. But, when we start saying more positive affirmations, such as ‘I am amazing’ or ‘I am worthy’, then we do things to match those beliefs, and that’s what helps us create an awesome life.

9. What Are You Here For?

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You and God, or the universe, are the only ones capable of finding out what you are here for. No one can tell you that you were supposed to be a doctor or a gymnast or a musician or anything else, because only you know what your true calling is. It’s important to open up your awareness and listen to yourself. If you focus on what others say, then you can’t really acknowledge the truth inside of you. So, if you are not sure why you are here, it’s time to ask the question and listen for the answer.

10. You Deserve The Best

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You deserve to be happy and fulfilled in life. You are not meant to suffer and feel pain at every turn of your life, no matter how much you have convinced yourself that you are. The fact is that you have the capability to feel good and receive the best, which means that you deserve it. All you have to do is change the way you behave with or think about something or someone, and you will notice a shift in your life. The more you do it, the more you will receive, and you will realize that you really do deserve to be the best version of yourself and receive the best that life has to offer.

11. Learn From Others


Oprah knows this truth well. She has interviewed many people who are in pain and taken many lessons from them, which has helped her become the woman that she is.

Don’t close yourself off to the powerful messages that people can teach you. Even if you can’t help them move through the pain, you can make sure their pain isn’t all about suffering. You can let it teach you and use it to teach others, and you can improve many lives in the process.

12. You Matter

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It doesn’t matter what color, size, or age you are – you matter! It doesn’t matter what society says about you and how you behave – you matter! It doesn’t matter what the negative and fearful people say about your lifestyle – you matter. And, if you take a page out of Oprah’s book and refuse to let anyone tell you that you don’t matter, then you will always feel valuable in this world.

13. You Can Handle It

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If you are worrying about something that is happening or going to happen, reflect on how strong you are. Reflect on all the things that you have overcome already, and how you are still standing despite them. Doing this will take your mind off the worry and boost your confidence to overcome whatever lies ahead of you, because you recognize that you always come through it and keep moving forward.

14. Your Thoughts Are Yours Alone

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People can tie you down and hold you back, but they can’t influence your thoughts – unless you allow them to. And many people do! People allow others to dictate how they view themselves, the world around them, and everything else, and never stop to think things through for themselves.

It’s important to recognize that you have complete power over your own thoughts, and no matter what situation you are in, or who you are surrounded by, you have the power to choose good, positive, and uplifting thoughts. It is the one thing you have always had and will always have complete control over.

15. Focus On The Good Things In Life

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It’s no secret that Oprah promotes and practices gratitude. You can find many Oprah Winfrey quotes that are geared towards gratitude, but I like this one. It really shows how gratitude works in life.

If you keep all of your focus on what is lacking, then you can’t see the opportunities to bring what you want in your life. But if you are grateful for what you do have, then you can see the ways on how to bring more of that into your life. It’s all about focus. Where you focus goes your attention flows, and you are able to clearly see more of what you are focused on, and realize what’s worth taking action on and what’s not. It’s so simple, but if you want to have a better life, then focusing on the good things in your life is the way to get it.

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