January 31, 2016

15 Bob Marley Quotes That Will Stand The Test Of Time

Bob Marley had an amazing life, even if it was too short. His music had an element of spirituality in it, and perhaps that is one of the reasons he became such a big hit with so many different types of people. Of course, he believed in smoking weed, so there are some Bob Marley quotes that idolize the herb, which may not be as widely accepted, but many Bob Marley quotes have a universal truth in them that will stand the test of time.

1. The Best Way To View Life

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Bob Marley had an easygoing attitude that seemed to be successful for him as he traveled through life. So, it’s not surprising that he viewed life as one big road, which is a great way to view life! If you imagine life as a road, with some bumps and some dips, and lots of signs helping you on your way, then you won’t question whether or not you are on the right path. You will know you are! Bumps and dips are just a part of the road, and going with the flow will help you enjoy the ride.

2. Nobody Can Tell You What To Do

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It’s obvious that Bob Marley believed in making your own path in life. Even when he was given the advice to have his toe amputated, after he found out that a lesion under the nail of a toe was a symptom of cancer, he refused, which resulted in the cancer ultimately spreading throughout his body and resulting in his death. According to my research, what he had, a malignant melanoma, has a high cure rate if treated early. So, he determined his own destiny.

We all get to do that. Nobody else, despite their advice, can make the final decision for us. He made his according to his religious beliefs. You may make yours according to what inspires you or to your morals, but it’s always up to you in the end, so don’t forget that!

3. You Are Either Corrupt Or Not

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The other day I was watching a show about a woman who cheated many people out of money, but blamed a man for convincing her to do it. This is one of the Bob Marley quotes that came up not long after I had watched her show. It’s obvious how true this really is.

Nobody can turn you into a dishonest or dishonorable person unless you already are one. If you have the morals and the ethics to do what is right, nobody can convince you that you must do what’s wrong. Not you or anyone else who has set their dial to ‘decent human being’ will budge for someone corrupt.

4. Some People Experience Life And Others Just Go Through It

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Two people standing in the rain can have very different reactions. One will get wet, and feel wet. While the other will feel the rain, smell the rain, and experience the sensation of the rain hitting their body. It’s all about how they perceive the rain, and life is much the same way.

If you get out and experience life, using all your senses, and enjoy it, then you are going to be the person feeling the rain. If you feel like life happens to you, and dislike what is happening, then you are going to be the person who is wet. The good news is that you always have a choice to experience the rain rather than just get wet.

5. Carry THIS Attitude For More Happiness

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The main lyrics from Three Little Birds is this quote over and over again. Is there a reason that this is still one of Bob Marley’s most popular songs? Probably! It’s a powerful little message that we can all hold on to during times of trouble or hardship. And it’s true.

If you think about it, everything always works out for the best. The hard times pass. Better times come. And everything is alright. Keep this quote in your mind as you go through life and the downs won’t get you as down as they used to.

6. Every Day Strive To Make This World Better

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For anyone who is trying to do good in this world, the quote will hit home. It feels exhausting to try to promote love or peace when there are so many people trying to promote hate and war. But, they don’t take a day off, which means we can’t either. It’s all about standing behind what you believe in and then making an example of that belief in everything that you do.

7. Happiness Is Not About Everything Being Perfect

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True happiness is recognizing that things aren’t perfect and being alright with that. The fact is that things are never going to be perfect. There will always be something that doesn’t work. There will always be someone to try and stomp on your parade. If you are waiting for imperfection to go away before you become happy, then you are never going to be happy. But, if you can look beyond the negative things, and keep your focus on what you are grateful for today, then happiness is what you will feel (for the most part) no matter what happens.

8. Don’t Discount Yourself

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This is one of the more motivating Bob Marley quotes. It’s amazing what we can make it through. We are built with strength that we don’t even realize we have, but once we have to go through something that is hard, we realize how much strength is really there.

And, sometimes we still don’t understand how strong we are after something bad happens. We believe we are weaker for it and beat ourselves up over it. But that’s not true.

So, if you’ve gone through something hard and feel like you are weaker because of it, try to see yourself as stronger instead. It takes strength to make it through something bad and keep moving forward.

9. Awareness Is Necessary For A Better Life

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Too many people go through life without actually acknowledging whether or not they are satisfied with it or doing something to make themselves happier and more fulfilled. They keep their awareness closed and act like robots going through the motions. As we already talked about, nobody can tell you what to do, which means you should have the final say on what goes on in your life. But, if you close your eyes to what you want, you have absolutely no say. So, you can’t do that.

Instead of living day after day without questioning your life, take a second to pause, look within, and ask yourself if this is the life you want to be living. If the answer is a big and clear ‘no’, do something about it! Make the changes, admit your shortcomings, admit what you need to work on, and get motivated to live a life that is much more satisfying.

10. Don’t Expect More Than You Give

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This is an important rule in life! If you expect great things to happen to you, but you do terrible things to other people, you are living in a fool’s paradise. You may get some great things once in a while, but, eventually, karma will catch up to you and you will get just as much as you have given. All the bad people in history have experienced this simple truth in one way or another. And, all the great successes in life know that giving equals getting, which is why they all give so much, whether it be time, money, or energy. If you find yourself complaining about what you don’t have, it may be time to look at what you are doing for others.

11. Don’t Waste Your Time Doing Stupid Things


There really is no point for a dog to bark at a flying bird. He’s not going to convince it to come down. He’s not going to scare it (the bird knows he’s not a threat). He’s not going to do anything but waste his breath, and it is a good lesson for all the people that want to bark at people who are flying above them.

So many people feel the need to try and bring other people down by spewing off a bunch of nonsense towards them. So many people blab and blab and blab thinking that they are going to affect the people who are doing something and making something of themselves that is helping them fly in life, but they can’t. They literally can’t touch the people who feel like they are flying, and it is a waste of time.

Instead of trying to bring people down by barking at them, try flying up to their level. You will find that doing this will erase your need to bark at them and, instead, you will enjoy flying beside them. If you are not willing to fly, then at least don’t waste your time barking at someone who can’t hear you.

12. Educate Yourself

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This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t jump in and start working on the things you want to achieve in life, but it does mean get your toes wet first and learn how to successfully swim. It doesn’t matter if you want to have more success or engage with someone on a level that they understand, if you don’t know how to do it, you need to learn how before you try.

When you jump in before you can swim, you will drown – or someone will save you and you will feel horrible. This can easily discourage you from trying again, but a little bit slower next time, but don’t let it! If you made it out alive, learn from your mistake of going all in without the knowledge or skills to help you be successful, and educate yourself to make the next time you jump in a complete success.

13. Stop Overthinking

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Thoughts come and go, but when you start to believe every single thought that passes through your mind, you get into trouble. That’s when worry, regret, and all those other negative feelings start to take over. Things get complicated, life gets tough, and stress becomes constant. That’s no way to be happy, as Bob Marley would want you to be.

Try to keep things simple. See things as they are. Don’t add your own interpretations or fears to the mix. What has worked best for me is to observe reality and avoid complicating my mind with thoughts that don’t need to stick around for too long.

14. Use Common Sense

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A lot of Bob Marley quotes have the word ‘me’ in them. I think it is a truly unique way to tell when Bob Marley was actually speaking or not! This quote simply means to explain things clearly – to yourself and to others. He said that if he talked to a baby, the baby would understand him because he explains things so clearly! But, being clear won’t just win over a baby! It will help other people, regardless of what kind of relationship they have with you, understand exactly where you are coming from, who you are, and how they can interact with you. It makes everything run smoother in life when you can get clear on what you think and believe. And, it can even help you write some songs that become so popular people still love you for writing them 35 years after your death.

15. You Have No Right To Judge Others

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The truth is that nobody’s hands are clean. We are all human, so we all make mistakes and do things that we would judge other people for. We just don’t judge ourselves that harshly! The next time you point a finger at someone, think about this quote and your own life, and imagine someone pointing a finger at you. It won’t feel good, trust me, and it will help you to keep your mouth shut and move on to another thought.

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