January 14, 2016

15 Aristotle Quotes For Success

How to be as successful as Aristotle

Aristotle was a man who understood logic. In fact, according to his biography, his aim was to develop a way of reasoning that would allow all men to learn everything about reality. It’s no wonder that a lot of Aristotle quotes focus on reason, and thanks to his interest in good living, they are also focused on making the most out of life by doing the right things. There are many Aristotle quotes that will just make sense to you, and when it comes to success, the more common sense you apply to life, the better.

1. Your Habits Define You

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There is no escaping the truth that your habits define you. Your habits determine how your days go, which ultimately determines how much success you have.

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For instance, if you are in the habit of procrastination, then you are going to constantly put off the things that are the hardest – and most valuable for your success. Therefore, if you want to be outstanding in any area of your life, make habits that help you become outstanding and work on developing them day after day.

2. You Will Master What You Enjoy

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This is just a simple truth of life. For example, if you enjoy cleaning, then you are going to clean perfectly, but if you hate cleaning, then you are going to miss spots and leave dust behind.

Only pleasure in your job helps you see everything that needs to be done and gives you the motivation to do it. Therefore, if your efforts at work are producing poor results, you need to see if there is a way to increase your pleasure in your job. If you can’t find a way to increase your pleasure, then you need to find a more pleasurable job if you want to start producing work that makes you feel proud at the end of the day.

3. Self-Control Helps You Stay On Track

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Do you want to make the most out of your days? Learn the art of self-control. Without it, you will take on things that you know don’t influence your success. With it, you will stay focused on what really matters and make the most out of your day. Self-control only takes desire to stay in control and practice to make it a habit, so find your desire to succeed, practice doing what you know will get you there, and avoid temptation to do useless things.

4. It Ain’t Easy Getting Educated

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You will find many Aristotle quotes focused on education and teaching. As a teacher to Alexander the Great, as well as a founder of his own school in Athens, teaching and learning were two very important things in his life. So, he should know better than anyone that learning is not always the easiest thing to do, but it produces some amazing results in life.

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Educating yourself can help you be who you want to be and achieve what you want to achieve. Whatever area of life fascinates you the most, make sure you continuously educate yourself in that area. You will find the genius in you starts to make its way out the more you learn.

5. Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

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Do you have a friend who can be easily swayed from one belief to another simply with a good argument? I hate to say it, but this is a sign that he has not taken the time to grow as a person through continuous education. If he had, then his knowledge of life wouldn’t let him be so easily swayed. Instead, he would hear a thought, process it with what he knows and has experienced, ponder the validity of it, but not necessarily automatically accept it as truth in his life. The more you know, the more you question things, and the less you accept as truth.

6. Children Need The Right Guidance

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It’s just a fact that if you don’t teach children good habits, they will grow up struggling. If you teach a child to eat poorly, then they will carry that habit into the years where the weight doesn’t easily stay off, and they will be affected negatively. If you teach a child to discriminate, then they will struggle with their social relationships as they go out into the world on their own.

What children learn they become, and children matter to the success of our future. They will literally decide what happens and what doesn’t, so make sure you influence all children you come into contact with in a positive way. Teach them the habits that will help them have the success they deserve and the influence that matters.

7. What Makes A Successful Leader?

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You don’t know it all. Trust me. I can guarantee that! If you have never walked a mile in someone’s shoes, then you can’t see things from their perspective, so you shouldn’t tell them how to behave, think, or feel.

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It’s very important not only imagine things from other’s point of view, but also see things from other’s point of view in order to fully understand where they are coming from. When you have that awareness, then you can go out and convince them that you are someone they can trust and who understands what they need out of their efforts.

8. Bigger Isn’t Better

A (10)

This Aristotle quote doesn’t directly relate to success, but the message does. When it comes to finding real success, it doesn’t matter how many people you have on board, it matters how much talent they possess. Two great people can do a better job that ten lazy people. So, as you reach towards success, don’t count how many people are on your team; instead, count the quality of people you are surrounded by. And always remember that one great friend can encourage you to greater heights than a million lousy friends could.

9. Don’t Trust A Friend To All


As you form relationships that will benefit your life, keep an eye open for the person who is friends with everyone. The truth is nobody can please everyone unless he or she changes colors with each person. Not even the friendliest, most well-intentioned person is liked by everyone. Therefore, anyone who changes who they are with each person is not someone to trust. They will tell others what they want to hear, do things that they think will please other people, and end up hurting you in the process.

10. Take It Easy

A (9)

All good things come to those who wait, but it is – without a doubt, hard to be patient sometimes. This is one of those Aristotle quotes that put a simple truth in a simple way.

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It doesn’t feel good to be patient, but the rewards are sweet. Moreover, often the most rewarding things take time. The successful business, the improved health, and the fixed relationship all require a lot of work and patience before they come to fruition, but the rewards are a healthier, happier, and more awesome life.

11. Reality Bites

A (6)

This is crazy, but true. You would think that the more you learn and become aware in life, the less painful life would be. But the opposite is true.

Ignorance is bliss, and when you start to become aware of your true self, how other people feel, what other people need, and what is really important in life, then you have to tolerate all the things that are out of your control. For example, you can’t make your loved ones aware of what they are doing if they don’t want to have that awareness, so you have to sit back and watch them suffer needlessly, and in the process hurt for their pain.

However, when you become so aware that you feel the pain of other people, you can also do things for your life that make more sense and give you more success. Taking action provides relief and helps to make it easier to understand that you only have control of your own life.

12. The Only Thing Keeping You Stuck In Life Is Fear

A (15)

This is one of the Aristotle quotes that we are just starting to accept today! It speaks of the power that fear has over our lives, and the lives of everyone who has lived between Aristotle’s time and now.

Fears force limitations on yourself, and keep you stuck from going after the success you want. If you can overcome your fears, then you can remove the limitations and have the freedom to do whatever it takes to reach the success that you want.

13. Do Something Because You Love It

A (13)

If you are doing something simply for the paycheck, then this Aristotle quote applies to you! My friend’s grandmother applies to this quote. She worked cleaning in a mall for over 40 years. She hated her job, didn’t have any particular passion towards what she did, and her mind grew dimmer and dimmer each year. The zest she used to have for life diminished, and her daily focus was simply getting things done so she could earn another buck.

If you watch people who are passionate about their job, you will see that their mind stays clearer for longer. Their zest to learn and grow sticks around well past their retirement years, and their mind stays as strong and intact as possible.

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I would take this a step further and say that if your mind is not focused on a job you love, then you are actually hurting not just your mind, but your brain as well. According to Daniel Amen, MD, your brain needs constant exercise in order to grow new cells and keep your brain strong. If you are working at a mindless job, then you are literally degrading the brain.

14. Realize How Much There Is To Know Still

A (14)

The more you learn, the more you realize how much there is to learn. You develop more questions and you start to see that many truths are just a perception, which makes you ask even more questions!

If you want to test the intelligence of someone, ask them how much they know about life. If they give you an answer full of assurance that they understand things perfectly, then you know that they are not as smart as they think they are. They are likely, instead, stuck in their beliefs and have been unwilling to expand and grow as a person.

How does this apply to success? If you understand that you are always going to have more questions, and then ask those questions, you will constantly tweak your actions in life to help you adjust on the path towards success. You will never get stuck on a path that is leading nowhere.

15. How’s Your Character?

A (8)

Success is about persuasion. It’s about persuading yourself to do what you need to do and persuading others to help you along the way. Persuasion is more effective than yelling, force, guilt, or shame. If you can persuade yourself and other people, you have success in the bag.

But you must have the right character in order to persuade yourself and others. You have to be set on a moral path. You must have everyone’s best interest at heart. You need to understand how other people think and feel in order to say and do the things that persuade them. You must have the mental capacity to convince them with your insight and words and be charming at the same time.

In other words, if character is the most effective means of persuasion, then it is also the most effective means to success. Character is built through the routine acts that are done in daily life. Every choice you make and every thought you think helps to define your character. If you want to develop the kind of character that persuades others and helps you get success, then base your choices and thoughts around good morals, ethics, and values.

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