January 6, 2016

12 Wallace D. Wattles Quotes For The Life You Want

Powerful insights from Wallace D. Wattles

The man who taught, and still teaches, people how to be rich is also a man who taught people how to be great. Wallace D. Wattles quotes are powerful little insights that can help you develop more confidence in your worth and what you can get out of your life. He truly makes being successful seem like a right that we all have.

He was the reason for the popular film The Secret. Rhonda Byrne accredited reading his book to the inspiration she got to change her life and make the film. That makes him a man who has influenced millions of people around the world either directly or indirectly. If you don’t have some favorite Wallace D. Wattles quotes yet, following are some that you may want to remember.

1. Have Faith In Yourself


Wallace D. Watlles said that you should not doubt or distrust yourself. In fact, he looked at doubt with such a negative viewpoint that he said you should cast it aside as if it is a sin when it comes around. I guess if you view doubt as a sin against your happiness and success, then this really does apply.

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When you doubt yourself, you are likely to give up and not go after what you want. That’s why it is better to listen to your intuition, decide what you should do for your own personal happiness, and then just do it. Don’t let yourself get stuck in a place of fear or worry, because you don’t know what is going to happen; instead, have faith and go for it, and let it play out as it will.

2. Mind Your Own Business


How much time do you spend judging other people for their way of life? I hope it’s not much! All the great minds agree that judging others is a waste of time and detrimental to your happiness and success in life.

When you judge other people, your attitude is what is labeling them. They may be doing just fine for them, but according to your standards or beliefs, they are doing everything wrong. That’s when you start to give advice and act concerned for other people, but you are not really helping – you are just telling them that their way of life is not as good as yours, and that they need to consider that fact.

If they are not hurting themselves, mind your own business. Get busy focusing on your own life and how you want it to be for you, and that will help you put more attention on your own life and have more of what you want.

3. Slow Things Down


For a man who lived in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, a time when things were slower, he had some awesome insight into time and how to make the most of it. Wallace D. Wattles said that feeling hurried is a result of fear. The fear of not getting things done. The fear of not doing everything you want to do. The fear of missing out. But, he also said that if you have faith in life, and believe that there is no lack of opportunity, you can stop rushing because you know that everything is going to work out.

He also said that when you live in a state of feeling as if you have to hurry, you disconnect yourself from the universal mind. For anyone who believes in flow and the law of attraction, you can understand how detrimental this would be to your life. When you are disconnected from your higher energy and out of tune with the universe, then you are going to miss a lot of opportunities in life that get you where you want to go.

Slow things down. Don’t be in such a rush. If you disconnect from the anxiety that comes from being in a rush, you will find that you get it all done anyways. If you fear not, you will have plenty of time.

4. Want To Be Great?


You can only be the person you dream yourself to be if you change your thoughts. For instance, you have to think like a millionaire in order to be a millionaire. You can’t think poor and negative thoughts all the time, beat yourself up over stuff, and still expect to have the kind of success that gets you into the status of a millionaire.

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Whatever kind of greatness you are reaching for, think great thoughts around it. Believe in yourself. Believe in your power to make great things happen. And believe in what you are doing. Doing all of those things will lead to greater thoughts.

5. If You Want To Make A Difference, Do This…


This is one of those Wallace D. Wattles quotes that seem to bypass our perception of time. It is just as true today, if not more so, than it was back then. Money is not evil. People are evil. If good people get lots of money, then they can do good things with it.

While money is not the only way to make a difference for others, it definitely helps! Being able to donate a large sum of money when you can’t do anything with your time or energy towards the cause makes a big difference. Being able to help someone out in a moment’s notice also makes a big difference. And, it makes you feel good about yourself, which keeps you busy working towards the success you want so that you can do it even more.

6. What’s The Purpose Of Life?


Everyone has a different perspective on what the purpose of life is, but I like this one. Everyone and everything grows, so it seems like a really good purpose to have! Trees grow taller and stronger. Plants grow bigger and heartier. Animals grow in size and intellect. So, humans should grow as well.

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The great thing is that we can grow in so many different ways. We can become a better person, a smarter person, a happier, healthier, and more loving person. As long as you are growing, you are making progress in some area, so take advantage of the knowledge out there and use today to grow in some way.

7. You Are A Genius!


I have heard many people say that they are just too dumb to be great. What a load of crap! If you hear someone say something like that, then this is one of the Wallace D. Wattles quotes you should bring up. Let them know that there is a genius inside of them just waiting to get out. All they have to do is focus on creativity, growth, and practice. If they can become more creative, they can find more opportunities to grow, and as they practice what they learn, they can become exceptional in any area of their life.

8. What Majority Do You Want To Be In?

27You can view this truth by looking at families. A family where the majority wants harmony in the house has harmony in the house, whereas a family where the majority enjoy being right and proving how great they are has a lot of disagreement in the home. A family is a small society and this dynamic can be applied to a much larger scale.

This may give you little hope for the world if you think about all the war and disagreements going on, however, it’s obvious that the mentality of the world is changing. Even back in his day, Wallace D. Wattle said that this world is not bad, but in the process of becoming (what I think is good).

So, be the person where you want the majority to be. You may not be able to sway other people to the majority, but if you stand in the majority, you can make a difference in this world. Who knows, we may be just a couple people off from having the majority desiring a world of peace, and you could be one of the deciding factors on which way we swing.

9. Your Mind Doesn’t Know Everything


Sometimes you can look at all the facts as you see them and still not know the truth. Things happen that blow your mind and shift your perspective and make you question what you knew. This is why it is better to keep an open mind and allow new facts or ideas to come into your awareness than be stuck in ‘I’ll believe it if I see it’ mentality.

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Staying open to the surprises and wonders of the universe help you grow as a person. It helps you stay aware of things that have no explanation (yet), and keep yourself open to the possibilities that are out there for you. Often, when you get out of your head and get into a state of listening to your intuition and heart, you will find that your truth – what works best for you – is much easier to find.

10. It’s All There For The Taking


Everything you need for success is here. The only reason you are not experiencing the kind of success you want is because you are choosing not to take as much as you need to have that success. The opportunities, people, insights, and tools are all available to you if you choose to look for them and take them. In other words, if you want something, stay open to the people and experiences that will get you there, and take action when you need to.

11. Take Control Of Your Life


I think that this is one of the Wallace D. Wattles quotes that was meant not to be as literal as it was to be insight into our choices. We all have the same organ in our head that helps us be human, but we are all different. It all boils down to choice.

We all have the same great potential or limited potential, and we get to choose where we want to be on the scale. We can choose how we react, feel, and think. We can choose what we do with our day and what we want to believe. We can choose how we treat ourselves and other people. And all of this adds up to the person that we are. All of our choices affect the brain’s development.

In addition, many things affect our brains, such as disease, our environment, our beliefs, our family, and the nourishment we give it. Many of the factors that affect our brain health are in our control. So, you can take control of your life by choosing what type of person you want to be and that will affect how your brain develops.

12. Without Action You Won’t Get The Life You Want


This is the part that was missing from The Secret. Yes, when you bring what you want into your awareness, you are able to see what you want – see that it is possible for you to receive. But, you can’t just think that it is going to come. You can’t wish for it to come. This is a physical world, which means you have to take action in order for it to come.

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For instance, if you want the perfect partner, you can’t cross your fingers and visualize them in order to get them. Once you know who you want, you will start to see that kind of person and eventually even cross paths with the perfect match, but you have to take action on asking them out, going on a date, and getting to know them before you can have that perfect relationship.

Therefore, decide what you want, remember that everything you want is out there for you to have, and then take action when you need to in order to receive it.

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