June 16, 2016

11 Powerful Deepak Chopra Quotes

If you ever have to go on a long trip, get one of Deepak Chopra’s audiobooks. He’s easy to listen to, and you will come away with a ton of Deepak Chopra quotes that will change your life in so many different ways. Almost everything he says has a lesson in it. He clearly explains what he knows to be true and feels to be true, and when you are done listening to him, you have a ton of things to think about in your life.

Following are some Deepak Chopra quotes that give insight into his view on life and teach us lessons in the process. Each one is as valuable as the next, so make sure you really take the time to understand them. And be prepared for some aha moments!

1. The Real Purpose Of Meditation


Meditation is probably the number one holistic recommendation for destressing in life. Obviously, meditation can be good for stress; however, as Deepak points out, the real purpose of meditation is not about busting stress. It is about finding peace, love, and joy in our lives.

By viewing it in that way, meditation becomes less of an antidote for an ailment that you ‘must’ do, and more of a way to balance out our lives and promote more happiness. Therefore, if you or someone you know is having problems meditating because it feels more like a chore that they need to do rather than something that they get the opportunity to do, make sure you share this Deepak Chopra quote with them!

2. Some Things Are Constant In Life

2Technology has made it very easy to get answers about almost anything, but there are some things that we just can’t get the answers to, yet. Some things are always going to be a constant, and in this world where we can get answers at the click of a button on Twitter and other social media sites, it can be very frustrating to deal with things that are out of our control.

Growing old is a constant. Getting sick is a constant. Dying is definitely a constant. You can’t change some things that naturally occur in life. But by accepting them, you can move them out of your mind and focus on other things that you do have control over.

3. You Need To Open Up Your Awareness


Opening up your awareness is essential to everything in life. If you keep a closed mind, then you are not going to have the ability to handle situations that require flexibility.

Moreover, if you are so sure that you know everything, and that you are right because you have experienced certain things, then you will be unable to see other realities that may be more beneficial to your ability to be successful in relationships, your career, and your happiness.

I’ve seen the results of a life lived bound by the ego sense ‘me’ and by the conditioning of the mind through experiences, and it was sad to watch. The man I’m thinking of believed that other people thought he was amazing and had all the answers, but, in reality, he was just a close minded person who was unable to cope with the real world and other people’s perceptions in life. In fact, he wouldn’t even let them in. That’s why he was unable to see what people really thought of him. And, that’s why everyone had more success, more happiness, and more sustainable relationships than him.

4. Don’t Be An Angry Activist


Obviously, there is a lot going on in this world that needs to be changed. The people in the world, the animals of the world, and the environment are all depending on us to change and do things differently. But, too many people are angry activists, which only adds more anger into the world.

You can’t change or solve things by yelling and fighting, even though you are doing it because you are trying to make someone else understand your point of view. You can only solve things by being peaceful and loving.

If you really want to make a change in this world that desperately needs change, you have to find the change in yourself first. You have to become the person who emanates what you want to see in the world. Then you will have the influence that you are looking for.

5. Everything Exists In your Consciousness


Your perception on life is what makes you who you are. It dictates what you think, how your relationships work out, and how your world is around you. This is why when you are in a good mood, everything around you is good, and when you are in a bad mood, everything around you is bad. Everything exists in your consciousness.

Don’t get caught up believing that you are somewhere in your body, mind, or the world. Instead, allow yourself to realize your full potential and power in this world. Allow yourself to tap into your consciousness and be that powerful being. To raise your consciousness, gather knowledge, pay attention, be compassionate, and take care of yourself.

6. We Need To Learn How To Use Social Media


This is one of the longer Deepak Chopra quotes in this article, but it is important because social media is such a big part of the world. It’s not going away – ever, and if we are going to stop being depressed, angry, and bitter because of social media, we have to learn how to use it to its full potential, like Deepak has done.

He is well-known for using his social media accounts well, and now we know why! He has a mission to reach a hundred million people with powerful messages. And, instead of using it to correct other people or let it affect his awareness negatively, he simply turns it off and takes a break when he wants to, because that is something that he (and all of us) can control.

Social media used correctly has the power to change our collective consciousness. However, used incorrectly, it will just make you miserable and hate the world and everyone in it. Always remember that social media is a tool and not something that dictates how you feel. Use the tool to your advantage.

7. Stop Lecturing Other People On How To Be Spiritual

7If you are a spiritual person, you don’t need to preach how to be spiritual to someone who is suffering. That doesn’t do them any good. You need to help them with their suffering, which is what a spiritual person – a person who understands that they are much more than just the physical body they are in – would do.

Speaking from experience, preaching to people who are suffering does nothing for them but make them suffer more. If you help them ease their suffering and lead by example as the loving, spiritual being you are, that is a thousand times more powerful than telling someone what they should do with their life.

8. Why Deepak Was Frustrated With His Career As A Doctor


This is one of the Deepak Chopra quotes found by listening to Deepak talk about his frustrations as a doctor. He could tell people all they wanted that they should quit smoking or lose weight, but they didn’t want to hear that from their doctor. They could hear that from their loved ones. From their doctor, they wanted to hear about a pill or shot that could help them become healthier.

In short, prescribing medicine is not about changing people’s lives. Medicine is about treating the symptoms that are occurring in their lives because of their lifestyle or other factors.

And, I’ve seen medicine keep people sick. I’ve seen doctors keep people sick by telling them that they can never heal – they can only take medicine to take away the pain or help with other symptoms, which their patients believe to the point that they keep themselves sick.

As a doctor who understands that healing is about more than just pills and shots, there’s nothing you can do when your patients don’t want to hear it. For someone who wants to heal people, that is a very frustrating place to be in. Thank God Deepak decided to break free from the place he was in as a doctor.

9. What Will Determine Humanity?

9Deepak says that genes are packets of information, but they’ve done their job. Now ideas have become the elements of culture that are passed from one individual to another, and they are going to shape the evolution of what happens to humanity. It’s all about our collective thinking.

This is a powerful reason to be the change you want to see. The more of us who engage in changing towards what we want humanity to end up like, the more of a chance that the collective thinking will automatically head in that direction. However, by spreading hate and being negative, the collective thinking could head in a very negative direction.

10. Focus On Being Loving And Raising Your Energetic State For Abundance


Not only will focusing on love help determine what happens to humanity, but it will also help determine what happens to you. This is one of those Deepak Quotes that I live by because it is so important to the creation of my life and, ultimately, my happiness.

If you want abundance, then focus on love. Love helps you stay in a state of energy where you can do what you need to do to attract anything you want. It also helps you attract loving people, loving circumstances, and loving situations into your life, which get you more of what you want. In short, when you do things in your life with love as the focus, you put yourself in a higher state of energy where all those good things that you want are waiting for you and you are clearly able to see that.

11. Intention Is Powerful For Creating


You must have positive intentions in life if you want to attract positive things into it. Your intentions dictate what will happen in your life.

For example, if your goals is to be healthier, you must get clear on what kind of healthy you want to see in yourself. Do you want to be energetic and upbeat? If you do, hold that intention in your head. Then feel yourself being energetic and see yourself being energetic. Use your senses to determine what an energetic person would taste and smell. And, act as if you are already energetic. Then meditate on it and allow the universe to pull all of those things needed into your life for your intention to come true.

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