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December 30, 2015

11 Mahatma Gandhi Quotes To Help You Live A More Peaceful Life

Live a peaceful life with Gandhi’s ways

Want to live a more peaceful life? What better way to do that than to read and implement Mahatma Gandhi quotes. The man stood for non-violence and had insights into how to live a more peaceful and loving life. In fact, he could clearly see how to banish violence, and I imagine that it had to frustrate him that people were not understanding it themselves. But, many people did, and you can as well by taking the following Mahatma Gandhi quotes to heart.

1. Stop Complaining And Start Doing

Tired of what is happening in the world? Stop focusing on it and start spending your time more wisely.

Start doing the things that you want to see more of in the world. Little acts of kindness and compassion have the potential to influence many people around you and even people who are not around you through the domino effect. In other words, by doing what needs to be done for more happiness and peace in the world, you are infecting other people with your goodwill and encouraging them to do the same.

Trust me, sitting around complaining is not going to make a change in the world. Well, that’s not entirely true. It may make the world worse off through the domino effect. Therefore, pick your action today. Make the world a better place or a worse one. You always have a choice.

2. One Of Your Best Features Is Forgiveness


You have the power to forgive everyone in your life, and by doing so you can remain in charge of your own life. You can see people with more loving eyes. You can be kinder and more supportive of other people on their quest in life. And you can react in a much more favorable way for happiness and peace in life. It takes strength to do that.

If you don’t forgive, then anger, hurt, pain, and revenge will be a part of your life, much like it is in the world. A lot of the hate going around today is because of the inability to forgive, and it affects everything it touches negatively.

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Weak-minded people who react quickly and feel controlled by others don’t forgive. They fight to show how strong they are, but all they are trying to do is prove that they are strong. If they were actually strong in character, then someone else’s words or actions wouldn’t affect them at all.

Don’t be a part of that negative energy. Choose to showcase one of your best features, forgiveness, and show how strong you really are.

3. Knowledge Is Power


What’s the point of learning as much as possible? You are just going to die anyways, right? That’s the viewpoint that many people take. They would rather save their brain power for more useful things, like – well, watching TV, complaining, and other completely useless stuff.

The fact is that learning gives you power. It gives you a broader awareness that helps you be happier and healthier. It gives you a sense of understanding, not just of yourself, but of other people, which allows you to be more compassionate. It allows you to become better and make more out of your life. It allows you to contribute more to the world, which is a great way to live a more peaceful life and influence other people to do the same.

4. Get Emotional About What You Want

Don’t pray for more peace, love, and understanding in the world if you are not feeling emotional about it. Saying the words without emotion won’t cause you to take action on bringing your prayers to life. It is the emotion that inspires you to do something to change your life and the life of the people around you.

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If you want something, find a way to get emotional about it. Feel the love or happiness that will come from having your prayers answered, and then follow the clues you get on how to bring what you want most to life.

5. Choose How You React


This is one of those Mahatma Gandhi quotes that may make you step back and think about how you want to react in life. A lot of people think they are going to get even with someone who is physically hurtful towards them. They feel rage, and they feel like the only way to take their power back is to react with violence. But, that actually does the exact opposite. It takes away their power as they let someone else influence how they act in life.

That’s why it is important to choose how you react to things. Non-violence allows you to move on from the situation with a clean conscience and a sense of peace. It doesn’t promote the negative energy any further, and it sometimes kills it in its tracks.

For example, my neighbor is very mean. She is physically violent with people, and she enjoys a good confrontation or even neighborly war. I chose not to react to her with violence, and because my energy was so different than hers, she stopped interacting with me completely. Like attracts like. If you react with violence, you will get more violence. But if you react to violence with love, you can repel it.

Obviously Mahatma Gandhi died in a violent way, which may make some people question this point. But the truth is that acting in non-violent way is always the better option to promote more peace and love in your life and in the world around you.

6. Lead By Example

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December 29, 2015

17 Buddha Quotes To Memorize For A Better Life

Buddha’s guide to a better life

Buddha actually means “enlightened one”, so it is no wonder that the following 17 Buddha quotes can enlighten and awaken anyone who they resonate with. Although some of these Buddha quotes may be familiar, they are all powerful pieces of insight. These quotes will apply to you no matter who you are, what religion you are, and what you believe right now.

1. The Truth Always Comes Out


The other day, I was talking to someone who let go of a lie they had been holding onto for almost a few years. They didn’t intentionally admit that they had lied. It just slipped out. They were embarrassed, and I was hurt that they had not told me the truth to begin with.

That’s what lies do. They come out in one way or the other and affect relationships, health, success, and happiness in a very big (and negative) way. And, if they don’t slip out, they are revealed in some other way – either through someone else who knows or by someone figuring out that things just are not adding up with what you are saying.

Therefore, remember that the truth is one of those things that cannot be hidden for long, and try to make it something you tell as often as you can. It is always better to tell the truth now than to be found out as a liar later on.

2. What You Think About, You Bring To Life


What you think about most, you bring into your life. If you think depressing and losing thoughts, then you will manifest depression and loses into your life. But, if you think happy and winning thoughts, you will manifest happiness and success into your life. Your thoughts determine what you perceive, what you will do, and how much resistance you put up, which all determine how your life goes.

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For instance, you can’t attract a positive life if you are constantly thinking negative things because you won’t let positive things into your life or even go after the positive things that you want. You won’t see the opportunities when they arise and you won’t do the things to get it. And if you do try, you won’t try hard enough or you will sabotage your efforts in some way. Therefore, focus on thinking more positive, uplifting thoughts about yourself, others, and even the world around you.

3. Stop Fighting Hate With Hate

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December 29, 2015

15 Albert Einstein Quotes That Can Help You Be More Like Him

How to be like Albert Einstein

There is not one person who has not heard of Albert Einstein. Most people simply know him as the genius who came up with the theory of relativity and had wild hair. But, once you start to go through Albert Einstein quotes, you see that he was not only brilliant in physics, but was also aware of things that many other people were not aware of yet. He didn’t just accept what he was told or saw, but he questioned everything and came up with some unique perspectives on life that we are just starting to really delve into now. Following are some Albert Einstein quotes that reflect how aware he really was.

1. Remember The Illusions


This is one of the Albert Einstein quotes that everyone has different definitions about, but no matter what they think, it always boils down to the fact that what we think we see or not is simply an illusion, not reality.

Many people think that this is about the passage of time and how it is not an actual property of the universe, but, instead, just something we perceive. Albert Einstein came to the conclusion that the past, present, and future all exist in the same time. Why is this important? Because we put so much emphasize on time. We worry about being late. We worry about what will happen. We worry about when we are going to die. We place an importance on time that dictates how we live our lives and what we will or will not do, but if you view time as here and now (the past, present, and future rolled into one), instead of in the future or past, then you will be more focused on the moment and what you are doing with it, which will benefit your entire life.

Another important interpretation of this quote is that what you perceive is not real, it is just a perception. For instance, matter is not a solid block – it is energy. Just because you perceive it to be a solid block doesn’t make it so. When you realize that your perception is what makes up your world, and that other people also have their own perceptions that make up their world, you won’t take things so seriously. After all, just because you perceive something to be bad doesn’t mean that it is. If you look for a new perception, you can find it.

2. Strive To Understand Others


If everyone understood this, life would be so peaceful. Could you imagine if this was one of the Albert Einstein quotes that was taken to heart by everyone when he said it? The world would be so much calmer right now.

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The point is that understanding is the key to letting go of anger and hate. It is the key to compromising where everyone can come away from the discussion happy. It is the key to stopping wars, both between countries and between you and your neighbor. Understanding other people and their needs, wants, and thoughts, is the key to happiness with others. When you can only see things from your point of view, and label people according to your beliefs, that’s when fights and wars start.

3. Make Lots Of Mistakes!

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