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January 6, 2016

16 Dale Carnegie Quotes For More Peace And Better Relationships

Dale Carnegie quotes for relationships

There are two big things that I know Dale Carnegie for. First is his insight on how to win people over and second is his insight on how to stop worrying. The following Dale Carnegie quotes are insights into both of those things. And it’s a fact that if you stop worrying so much, you become more likable because you stop complaining and putting out a negative energy, which makes all these Dale Carnegie quotes great for helping you win more people over!

1. Have Fun In Everything


This is so important to remember. If you are struggling to achieve something, and you hate it, then the chances are good you are wasting your time because you are not going to succeed anyway. When something you are doing feels painful, you are naturally going to try to stop doing it. No one wants to live in a state of pain, and disliking something that you are doing is painful to your mind and your body. Therefore, either get on board with what you are doing and find a way to have fun with it or drop it and do something else that actually makes you feel good.

2. Hate Does Nothing For You


When you hate someone, you hold on to that hate daily. The intensity of your emotions towards someone doesn’t just go away. It sticks around, eats away at your mind, and affects everything you do. Your happiness, health, relationships, and success are all affected by that hate.

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Letting go of hate makes way for more focus on the things that benefit you and make you happier and healthier. And, if that isn’t reason enough to let go of hate, remember that the person you are holding hate towards has control over you as long as you hate them. They affect everything you do and every choice you make. Don’t let someone you don’t care for control your life!

3. Your Worries Don’t Usually Pan Out


This is one of the Dale Carnegie quotes to say to yourself every time you feel an ounce of worry about tomorrow. It will remind you that it never works out as bad as you think. You may not be able to see into the future to determine that for sure, but your past is a good predictor of the future, so remember all your other worries that didn’t come to pass and you will be more than likely to let it go.

4. Judge Less, Be Happier


Judging is a negative thing to do all around. It makes you dislike other people. It makes you question other people and worry about their intentions. It makes you rude to other people. And, it gives you a sense of false pride that makes you feel like you are better than other people. Don’t judge others and your life will be happier all around.

5. The Trick To A Long Conversation?


If you are ever stuck for something to say in a conversation, talk about the other person. Ask them about themselves and then discuss the information they give you. This is great for making friends, getting along with your coworkers, or even having success on a first date when you want your date to feel as if you really care about who they are and what they have to say. When you take the time to listen to someone else and talk about what they are interested in, you will always have something to talk about and someone who wants to talk to you.

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6. It’s All In Your Mind

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January 3, 2016

12 Mother Teresa Quotes For Daily Life Fulfillment

Mother Teresa quotes on life

Mother Teresa was known for giving. She devoted a lot of her life to helping the poor and the sick, and she received a Nobel Peace Prize for the work that she did. Her 87 full years of living a life that most of us couldn’t imagine are what gives Mother Teresa quotes such weight. Whether you are religious or not, her experiences in life made her a wise woman. The following Mother Teresa quotes on life are good reminders of how to live each day.

1. Create Better Relationships


When was the last time you judged someone? Today? Probably! As humans we are built with the capability to judge others to an inch of their life. But, we judge them based on our opinions and beliefs, not on the truth. We don’t know what others are thinking. We don’t know what makes them do what they do or what their intentions really are. So why do we judge?

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Mother Teresa was focused on loving other people, and she understand that judging took away the capability to love. If you are too busy pointing a finger at other people, you can’t stop and feel connected to them in any way. Instead, you feel repelled by them, which puts a distance in between the two of you. In other words, instead of judging people, make your time about loving them for who they are and you will develop stronger relationships.

2. Speak The Best Words You Can


Do you know how powerful your words are? They have the power to start a war or promote peace. They have the power to make someone hate you or love you. This is one of those seemingly religious Mother Teresa quotes, but the reality is that your words can increase the darkness on a daily basis in your life if you don’t choose them wisely.

There is a lot of talk about negative and positive affirmations. They are something you need to pay attention to. You are always speaking negatively or positive to yourself and others, so make sure you choose the most positive words and affirmations that you can. You want to increase the light in your life, not the darkness, and you can do that by speaking words of love and acceptance, not hate and resistance.

3. Do What You Can Today


If you want to help the world become a better place, then do what you can. You may not be able to help a lot of people, but helping one person can have a huge impact on their life and the lives of people around them. Instead of focusing on what you can’t do in life, always focus on what you can do. When you see an opportunity, no matter how small it is, take it.

An important thing to add to the meaning of this quote is that you don’t have to give money. Changing the world involves more than just money. Time and energy are also required, and we all have the ability to give that to others. Therefore, if you can’t even feed one person, then spend some time and energy to make their life better in a different way. Help them out. Offer them love. Be someone who they can depend on. It will all have a positive impact on their life.

4. Live By This Mother Teresa Quote In All Your Interactions


Make it a golden rule in your life to make people happier for seeing you, and you will thrive in all of your relationships. If you concentrate on how you can make others happier, then you will do things that help you improve your relationships. You will think before you speak. You will not be rude or mean or judgmental. You will even listen better as you try to figure out how you can make them happier.

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While this will benefit all of your relationships, it will also help you make more relationships. Since relationships can help you get opportunities in life for more success and happiness, this is a small little tip that can have huge benefits for you.

5. Smile More


If you want to make peace with someone, smile authentically. Your smile has the power to affect their emotions in a positive way and completely change the way they view you. Even if you look at pictures of Mother Teresa, you will find yourself feeling more kindly towards her when you see pictures of a smile. That’s the power that a smile has.

I have been in an argument with a loved one and still couldn’t resist the temptation to smile when they did. A smile is truly contagious. And research has found receiving a smile to be as stimulating as receiving a large amount of cash, which will definitely make whoever you are smiling at feel better.

6. Remember Your Importance
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January 3, 2016

20 Confucius Quotes That Everyone Can Benefit From

Statue of Confucius

Famous quotes by the only Confucius

If I were to meet one philosopher from the past, I think Confucius would be the one. So much wisdom was in him, as obvious by all the Confucius quotes out there. Some of his beliefs are a little outdated, but still, he was wiser in his time than most people living in this time! The fact is that Confucius quotes can help you become wiser. Following are 20 that everyone can benefit from.

1. Steady And Slow Wins The Race

Most of us know the story about the Tortoise and the Hare. If you are not familiar, the Tortoise challenges the Hare to a race and ends up winning because the overconfident Hare takes a nap. The lesson in that story, and in this Confucius quote, is that you have to keep on going, no matter what. Don’t give up. Don’t get cocky. Don’t stop to take a really long nap! Don’t worry about how long you are taking. One step at a time will get you to your destination, always.

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2. Here’s How To Get Other People’s Respect


If you feel disrespected in your life, then you may want to take a look at how much you respect yourself. We all teach other people how to treat us, so if you disrespect yourself, then others will do the same. On the other hand, if you respect yourself a great deal, then other people will think that you deserve their respect. They will automatically have a higher opinion of you. You can respect yourself more by living by your ethics, understanding who you are and being OK with it, and speaking positively about yourself instead of negatively.

3. Work Should Be Fun


Are you one of those people who hate your job? Then you are not doing the right thing for work. Consider how much of your life will be spent doing work, and then consider whether you want to spend that time being miserable or feeling like you are engaging in a hobby that happens to make you money. If you choose the latter, then it is time to figure out what job would really give you the pleasure that you want out of life and then figure out a way to get it. There is no wrong answer. If something that bores other people excites you, then you will love what you do and work time will be much more rewarding.

4. Stop Being So Bossy

We are great at telling other people how to act and behave. We are awesome at telling other people what to believe. But we are not so great at behaving in the way that we preach. It is dishonest to claim that someone needs to do something that you don’t do yourself. This happens a lot in intimate relationships. One person will get mad at the other person for not doing something that they don’t do either! It’s ridiculous, and we need to be mindful of practicing what we preach.

5. What Do Your Mistakes Mean?


This is one of those Confucius quotes that can be taken in two different ways.

First, if you avoid problems, or even potential problems, then you are not going to make a mistake. But is that the way you really want to live? The people who are living – really trying to make something out of their lives and reach a new potential that they have – are the people who make mistakes. So, if you are annoyed by someone who makes mistakes in life, you may want to view them in a different light.

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Second, people who take the time to plan and think things through will have less chance of failing than someone who jumps in without consideration of how to have the most success. In other words, people who are constantly making mistakes may not be thinking things through as much as people who make fewer mistakes, even though they are trying just as hard. I think that this explanation of this quote is important to remember in life. While jumping in can sometimes get you the prize, there are certain things that take some planning and time in order to work out well with minimal mistakes and time wasted.

6. Think Before You Speak
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