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January 31, 2016

15 Oprah Winfrey Quotes From Oprah’s Lifeclass

She has said so much that Oprah Winfrey quotes could fill up a few books, or maybe a few hundred. With 25 years on the Oprah Winfrey Show, and almost 5 years doing other things focused on personal growth and making life better, Oprah Winfrey has had many experiences in her life and many interactions with people who had something to teach. It’s no wonder that her lifeclass became so popular.

Oprah’s Lifeclass is a place where she reveals the lessons and aha moments she’s learned, and where she learns some new ones along with all of us. It is about living your best life. Some of the ideas and thoughts have literally blown me away and changed my life.

If you haven’t watched Oprah’s Lifeclass, you can always go to her website and watch some clips. But, before you go, following are 15 Oprah Winfrey quotes taken from some of the classes that had a big impact on me.

1. You Are Responsible For Your Own Life

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If you want to live your best life, then YOU have to live it. You can’t wait for someone else to do what you need or help you out because you are the only one who has the ability to move your life in the direction you want it to go. This is true for your happiness, health, relationships, career, and success in life. You are responsible for what happens to you, and when you take responsibility for that, like Oprah has, you do great things for yourself.

2. How Many Negative People Do You Have In Your Life?

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While there are many Oprah Winfrey quotes on dealing with negative people, this one stood out to me. In short, she says that you need to take responsibility for why they are in your life. If you are surrounded by negative people, then there must be a part of you that is willing to tolerate them or want them in your life. There must be a part of you that resonates with them and is keeping them in your life.

Oprah has talked about making it very clear that people – friends and family included – are not welcome in her life if they are going to be negative towards her, but are welcome back if they are willing to lose the attitude.

From experience, I know that if you refuse to let people mistreat you, then you won’t accept the negativity in your life. Life becomes much too precious to allow yourself to be mistreated by the ones you love.

3. Listen To The Whispers

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While there are some things that happen beyond our control, there are many other things that we have total control over, but let it get out of control because we are not paying attention to them. For example, we feel a pain in our side, but we don’t listen to the small little indicator that something is wrong, so it grows bigger and gets louder until we are willing to listen. Many times that means we let a whisper go all the way to a deafening noise before we do anything about it. But, if we can listen to the little messages that our body and the universe is sending us, we can stop things from getting out of control. Therefore, when you hear a whisper, tend to it before it gets too big.

4. Here’s How To Forgive Everything

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If you are having trouble forgiving, this is one of the Oprah Winfrey quotes that I find helps me. When you can see that you are holding on to hope for your past to change by not forgiving, you can clearly see that it is useless.

You can’t change your past, no matter how much you want to. Sitting around and hoping that your past is going to change is a waste of time! So, let go of that hope, accept what happened as final, and focus on your now and your future instead.

5. How Bad Is Fear Really?

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When you are operating out of a place of fear, you are always running away from the things that scare you. You don’t want to take risks. You don’t want to put yourself out there. But, getting everything you want requires you to face your fears first. When you face your fears, you do what your inner guidance system is telling you to do, and that’s when you get in alignment with who you are and what you are capable of doing.

6. Here’s How To Forgive Yourself

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January 24, 2016

Top 21 Martin Luther King, Jr. Quotes On What Matters In Life

Top quotes by Martin Luther King

When one man can move so many people to do good things in this world, you know that he is doing something really right. That’s why Martin Luther King, Jr. quotes are so important to read and take to heart. They give you insight into what he believed, how he lived his life, and what made him such an amazing man that so many people in the world listened to – and still listen to.

He never gave up on living a life of strong morals and fighting for justice. Between the years of 1957 to 1968, he showed up and spoke wherever he needed to stand behind protest and action for injustice, and if he wouldn’t have been assassinated, who knows what else he could have done for this world.

You can make a difference too. You can make a difference in your own life, and get a real sense of what living with truth and morality is all about. And you can make a difference in other people’s lives by being a strong example of what’s right. Let these Martin Luther King, Jr. quotes move you to live a life that is full of meaning and potential.

1. Stay Connected To Everyone

1 (18)

Don’t isolate yourself as if you are in this world alone. You’re not! And, we are much stronger united then we are acting on our own behalf’s. We are all here to experience joy and feel good at the end of the day. We are all here to create a world that is sustainable for ourselves and our children. Staying connected, and viewing each other as one working together to create a better world instead of individuals working for ourselves, will go a long way to create a peaceful and habitable world.

2. Speak Up

1 (5)

You have a voice, so use it! Your voice counts. Your voice can make a difference. The day you stop using it, is the day you stop contributing to the world and making your life better.

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The truth about your life is that it is always in motion. You are either becoming stronger and doing more good for yourself and others, or you are becoming weaker and not affecting anything. You have to speak up to make it clear what you want out of this life or you won’t be able to become stronger and do more good. Instead, you will retreat into the shadows where what you want is far away.

3. Love Others

1 (12)

One thing you will notice, from the many Martin Luther King, Jr. quotes, is that he was a man of love. He loved everyone, and that was likely one of the traits that made him so powerful.

His message that you should love in order to transform an enemy into a friend is something to keep in mind the next time you face someone you don’t like. You can’t force people to like you by showing how great you are or try to influence how they feel about you. But, you can use love. You can kill their hate with love. Try it out for yourself! Watch what happens to your relationship with someone when you express love. You will be surprised at how easy it is to turn an enemy into a friend.

4. Be A Light

1 (19)

If you want to put an end to darkness and hate, you have to be a light. You have to be a kind, loving, and positive example, and stand in the light of what is right and good for yourself and everyone else. If you try to match darkness and hate, you will never be able to eliminate it.

This is important to remember if you feel a lot of darkness or hate in your life. You have to counteract those feelings with light and love in order to abolish them.

5. Stay Hopeful

1 (3)

Hope is an important part of life. It keeps you motivated to do what you need to do for the betterment of yourself and others. A great example of this is Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott. She was the woman who inspired a bus boycott that lasted just over a year against the policy of racial segregation on the bus. Martin Luther King, Jr. took part in the movement and received national attention as a rising leader because of it. It was a long process, but they held hope that what was right would prevail, and it did! Hope keeps your dreams alive and keeps you on the right path towards them.

6. Fight For Justice
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January 22, 2016

17 Abraham Lincoln Quotes To Increase Your Wisdom

As wise as Abraham Lincoln

The man who I know best for supporting the banning of slavery was an interesting man. Abraham Lincoln quotes show that he was thoughtful and compassionate, and had a sense of humor. He was alive in an interesting time, and he was president during a tough time in our history, but he still kept his head about him. We can all learn a lot from looking at life through his knowledgeable eyes. Following are 17 Abraham Lincoln quotes to help you become wiser tomorrow than you were today.

1. This Is The Best Way To Destroy Your Enemies

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This is such an insightful thing to say! If only everyone could think this way, what a world we would live in. There is a better way to take out your enemies in life, and that is to stop, take the time to get to know them, learn who they are and find ways to relate to them, and ultimately befriend them and make them a part of your life. When they become your friend, you will no longer have an enemy.

2. Moving Forward Is Great At Any Pace

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Another one of the popular Abraham Lincoln quotes points out that things come to those who wait, but they only get the stuff that the people who hustle leave behind. So, with that thought in mind, it makes you wonder how fast he really chose to walk in life.

Regardless, this quote is perfect for anyone who wants to experience continued growth and more success. If you stand still, you won’t get anywhere. If you walk backwards, you will make the same mistakes and have the same failures you had before. But, if you walk forward, no matter how slowly you do it, you will experience growth and more success.

3. Your State Of Mind Dictates Your Happiness

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There is no doubt about it – your state of mind dictates how happy or successful you are going to be today. If you make up your mind that life sucks, people suck, and that everything is out to get you, how can you possibly be happy? But, if you make your mind up that life is pretty darn awesome and each day is a gift that you get to open, then how can you not be happy?

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If you are not happy, take a look at your beliefs because they affect your thoughts, and your thoughts and state of mind are the cause behind your perception on life.

4. Everyone Deserves The Best In Life

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I fully agree with this Abraham Lincoln quote! It’s really important to give what you desire yourself to every human being. There is no human that is less or more important than you. There is no one who deserves your personal punishment. There is no one who deserves to be limited from what they want in life. Everyone should be able to experience a happy and fulfilling life, just as you want for yourself.

Obviously, this quote can be applied to slavery, however, it applies to anything in life. If you deny others food, they why should you be fed? If you deny others love, then why should you be loved?

I’m not sure if Abraham Lincoln was aware of this, but there is a universal truth that what you give out comes back to you. Therefore, if you are not getting what you want in life, you may want to take a look at what you are giving out. Are you making this world a great place for everyone, or are you denying others and yourself in the process?

5. Here’s How To Like Someone

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This is just like destroying your enemies, but it can be applied to anyone. Interestingly, as I was going through various Abraham Lincoln quotes, a neighbor of mine started making a ton of noise outside. Somewhere from deep inside of me the words ‘I don’t like him” rose up. I have no idea why I thought them, but then I found this quote within a few seconds afterwards and realized it was the universe trying to teach me a lesson. I don’t know him. All I know about him is that he makes a lot of noise outside. But, I’m sure if I were to get to know him better, I would see he is an interesting or caring person that has some qualities that I would actually like!

6. You Can Laugh Or Cry
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