April 19, 2016

Your Guide On How To Come Up With A Blog Name

The right blog name is important. It can help you stand out amongst the crowd and convey exactly who you are or what your blog is about. If you choose a blog name that doesn’t make sense or doesn’t resonate with your readers, then your blog’s success can be affected negatively by that. Moreover, your blog can be affected negatively in the search engines if your blog name doesn’t make sense.

Even Hubpages, a huge site where many different writers are writing about various topics, is creating new blogs with better-suited blog names that match the various categories. For example, ‘Hubpages’ is a blog name that just doesn’t make sense for things like food, which is why they created the blog name ‘Delishably’ and transferred all food posts from Hubpages into that blog.

In short, for your blogging success, it is important to put some thought into the name you want to use. Let’s talk about how to come up with a blog name that resonates with you and your readers.

Get Clear On Your Blogging Plan

If you haven’t already, you need to create a content plan for your blog. Figuring out what you want to write on your blog, the direction you want to take it, and what you will always focus on are all important aspects of coming up with a blog name.

If you are not crystal clear on your blog plan, there are some questions you can ask to get clear. Make sure you know the answers to all 4 of the following questions.

1. What is my blog about?

You probably already know the answer to this. But, if you don’t, you really need to sit down and figure out what you want to write about.

The main question to ask yourself is what large and small niche it will be focused on? For example, if it’s a food blog, that is the large niche, and if it is focused on vegan recipes, then that is the smaller niche. Deciding this in advance will help you answer the other questions.

If you want to write about many different things that don’t fit into one niche, that’s fine. But, you have to be clear on that so that you can pick out a blog name that resonates with that idea.

2. What topics am I going to write about?

What categories are you going to include and what topics are you going to write about? You may already have an idea, but if not, then research what your niche audience is interested in (especially your smaller niche) and create some categories and topics from that. And, if you are going to be writing about many different things, just jot down the main topics that you really want to focus on.

If you are not sure what you are going to be writing about, then you need to get on other blogs in your niche and find some topics that work for you. I recommend you create a list of the top blogs in your niche and study those blogs carefully.

Obviously, whatever those bloggers are writing about is resonating with their audience, so you can use that information to help you create a blog that is going to also resonate with your audience. You can even look at the comments on each post to see which blog posts are really resonating with the readers and which are not.

Don’t copy other blogs exactly – even if you do find a blog that is killing it on all levels. People on the Internet already have that blog to go to, and your copycat blog won’t add anything new to their life that the other blog can’t already add.

In short, find something that works and add your interests and ideas into the mix. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. If it is working for popular bloggers, then it can work for you too.

3. What do I want my blog’s writing style to be?

Do you want to write in a friendly or professional tone? Will you write swear words or will it be kid-friendly and non-offence? Will you include humor, be sarcastic, or be strictly serious? Deciding what the tone of your blog is going to be like will help you decide what your blog is going to feel like and what you want your readers to feel like when they visit. And, it will help you zone in on a blog name.

For instance, a vegan blog that is humorous could handle a funny or slightly off-the-wall blog name without confusing readers, whereas a serious vegan blog wouldn’t be able to get away with a funny or slightly off-the-wall blog name. It just wouldn’t fit.

4. What is my audience like?

Is your audience going to be mostly men or women? Kids or adults? Parents or childless? Rich or poor? Open-minded or close-minded? Knowledgeable or looking for knowledge? All of these things can help you narrow down a name for your blog that resonates with the audience who will be visiting.

Yes, it’s important to pick a name that resonates with you, but your blog – especially if you are trying to make money from it, should also really mean something to your audience. They are, after all, the people who are going to make your blog successful!

Coming Up With A Blog Name

You should have a pretty clear idea of what your blog is going to be about, what you are going to write about, what style your blog will be, and what your audience will be like. Now, you need to come up with words that fit with what you know. Following are some steps to take to help you do that.

Step 1 – Brainstorm Some Relevant Words

Take out a sheet of paper and create 4 columns. In each column, you are going to write words that come to mind for the above 4 questions.

– Column one: Words that describe my niche.
– Column two: What I am going to write about.
– Column three: Words that express my blog style.
– Column four: What my target audience wants or needs.

For instance, if your small niche is Golden Retrievers, the ‘golden’ may be a word that comes to mind for the first column. If you are planning on writing about training, then ‘training’ comes to mind for the second column. If you want your tone to be sweet, then ‘kisses’ or ‘hugs’ comes to mind for the third column. And, if your audience is going to be mostly newbies with Golden Retrievers, then ‘101’ or ‘tips’ or ‘help’ comes to mind for the fourth column.

Write down as many words as you can think of that associate with your blog and your audience. Even if they seem silly or out of place, that’s fine. Your objective is to follow your inspiration, not your logical brain. One out of place word may inspire your perfect blog name, so write down everything that comes to mind.

Step 2 – Create A Short List

Hopefully, you have a lot of words written down! Now, you have to pick your favorite. Creating a short list will help you remove a lot of stress. Believe me, if you don’t shorten that list up, you are going to go around in circles for days or weeks, and the stress of it may cause you to avoid picking any name and giving up altogether.

So, cross out the ones that you know you are not going to use, and then start underlining or circling the ones that you think you might use. Pick 2-3 in each column to run with.

Step 3 – Combine The Words

Now, combine the words from various columns to see if you can come up with a blog name that makes a lot of sense to you. For the most part, you are going to want to include one of the words from the first column – or, at least, I suggest it. The first column includes words that your blog is about. It describes the content that you can find in your blog. So, it is important to include in your blog name to make clear what your audience is getting themselves into.

Step 4 – Take Your Combinations And Plug Them Into Google

Let’s say you came up with the name ‘Golden Hugs’. Plugging that name into Google will help you find out if bloggers are already using that name and how they are doing so. This will give you some extra insight into where your name is being used (or names like it) and what tone they are taking with their blog.

You may find that you don’t want to use that name when you see what bloggers or websites are doing with it. In fact, you may find that the words you are using can have completely different meanings that you don’t want to associate with your blog at all.

Golden Hugs seems to be used for a dog rescue and adoption organization, and other things pop up such as a Golden Retriever senior sanctuary. Other than that, it’s hard to find a solid blog that uses the blog name or tone that Golden Hugs would represent.

You will find that you will get certain feelings when you do this. This is your intuition speaking to you, and I suggest you follow it. If you don’t feel good about what you are uncovering, scratch the name and look for something else. You don’t want to look back later on and wish you would have picked a name that resonated with you, but you didn’t pick it because you overthought it and decided it wasn’t a good match.

Step 5 – Take Your Final Combinations And Plug Them Into A Domain Search

Your domain name and your blog name should be the same. It makes things clearer for your readers, because when searching for your blog name or recommending it, they will expect it to be your domain name too.

I went to my hosting site and looked for a domain name there. I was surprised that goldenhugs.com is available! Usually, when looking for blog names, I don’t have that much luck with my first try. And, you may not either. But, you should have a few different names to try, and the chances are good that if you following all the above steps on how to come up with a blog name, you will end up with at least one original name that you can buy a domain for.

Two things you want to do when you find an available domain name:

1. You may find that what you thought looked good, doesn’t look so great in a domain name. It may read poorly, be confusing, or read completely different than what your blog name actually is. You want to make sure that when you look at the name as one word, it is still clear what your blog name is.

2. Make sure your domain name is going to stand the test of time. If you are using a slang word, for example, will it still be around in a few years from now? If you are talking about something that is currently hot, such as a technology, will it last long enough to make the domain name viable? If not, pick something different.

When you come to a decision, go with it. You’ve done the work on how to come up with a blog name, so it should resonate with you and your audience. If you feel it doesn’t, then don’t pick it and pick one of your other names. If it feels off to you, it will feel off to your readers.

When Your Blog Name Should Be Your Name

There are times that you will want your blog name to be simply your name. If you are starting a blog around YOU, then choose your name. People looking for you will type in your name and click on the domain name with your name much quicker than they will click on something that doesn’t match your name.

For example, if you are looking for Stephen King, then you are likely going to type in Stephen King or perhaps stephenking.com. It’s just natural to do that. And, of course, his official website is his name.

If you are a writer, vlogger, business owner, or any other personality, choose your name. It doesn’t matter if you are popular yet or not. If you are not, when you get popular, people will be looking for your name. And if you are popular, then you are giving people an easy way to find you and your blog and interact with you outside of the scope they normally find you.

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