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July 26, 2016

Dyspareunia “Relief for painful intercourse”

Men and women of all ages experience sexual problems. For older persons the aging process contributes to the cause of sexual problems, Research has indicated that 43% of women and 31% of men reported having sexual dysfunction to different degrees. At the same time not many persons are comfortable discussing their sexual issues with their healthcare providers. The good news is there are many medical and surgical solutions to relieve the pain and suffering caused by common sexual complains such as sexual pain, low libido (sexual drive), and impotence. The focus of this article is on painful intercourse and the conditions which result in many women suffering (at times) in silence. It is time to break the silence.


Persistent or recurrent painful sexual intercourse is called dyspareunia. There is usually either a medical issue or a psychological cause. Dyspareunia is far more common in women than men and can occur during or after sexual intercourse. The pain can be experience in the vagina, clitoris, labia or deeper in the pelvis when there pressure is placed on the cervix. Dyspareunia can cause problems in relationships and ruin sexual intimacy. Once the underlying problem is diagnosed and treated, painful intercourse can be alleviated.


The diagnosis requires the following:

  1. A detailed medical interview on the painful intercourse including:
  • When is the pain experienced (during or after sex)
  • Where hurts (the introitus, vault or deep in the vagina), pelvic area
  • Which position worsens or alleviates the pain
  • Other symptoms (post coital bleeding, urinary symptoms, vaginal discharge etc.)
  1. A complete gynecological examination entails visual external inspection, internal inspection with a speculum and good lighting, abdominal palpation, a digital exam. If the physical exam causes unbearable pain the doctor may then just opt to skip to the diagnostic tests
  2. Diagnostic tests
  • Pelvic ultrasound
  • Vaginal ultrasound
  • High vaginal swab for culture and sensitivity tests
  • Pap smear

Medical Causes

  • Vaginal Dryness

Typically a woman experiences vaginal dryness as she ages. Insufficient lubrication results in pain with potential bleeding during the sexual act. For younger women the vagina is naturally lubricated by the body as a defense against infection and injury. Once an individual is sexually aroused there is extra production of lubrication to facilitate the act of coitus and minimize bruising. Water soluble lubricants are sold over the counter to alleviate dryness. Vaginal topical hormone creams are also prescribed by the doctor

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July 18, 2016

What is Candida?

What is Candida?

Candida belongs to a group of fungi that has adapted to colonizing the human body as its host. The Candida species are in fact responsible for many of the commonly seen infections. There are two clinical presentations of candida species infections. The first type is the muco-cutaneous infections that is easily seen and diagnosed. The changes to the skin and the mucosa of the mouth have characteristic features. The other type is not easily diagnosed without the help of laboratory diagnostics. This second type is the invasive infection that can involve the internal organs.

40% of the patients who died as a result of healthcare associated blood infections have been found to have been colonized with Candida species. Also those who survive have to endure much longer hospital stays up to 30 days. Healthcare professional are growing increasingly concerned about the treatment-resistant, non-albicans species. Dr. David R. Snydman MD has written about the alarming increase in health facility nosocomial blood infections. This is being experienced especially in critical care units.

The favorable parts of the body that allows this type of fungus to grow and proliferate include:

  • The mouth
  • Pulmonary and laryngeal
  • Skin folds
  • The external genitalia
  • The urinary tract
  • The genital tract
  • The liver
  • Hair and nail

 What causes Candida Infection?

The skin fungus has a preference for areas that are warm and moist. There are underlying illnesses/ conditions which affect or overwhelm the body’s own natural defense to respond to eliminate the fungus. The risk of candida species overgrowth is increased with the following:


  • Poor nutrition
  • Excessive sweet foods in the diet
  • Poor hygiene


  • Diabetes
  • Auto-immune diseases
  • Prematurity
  • Gastro intestinal diseases
  • Organ transplant especially liver transplant
  • Drugs which include steroids and antibiotic abuse
  • Sexually transmitted illness
  • Blood diseases such as leukemia and leukopenia
  • Kidney patients on dialysis
  • Invasive medical procedures

Candida Symptoms

The wide range of symptoms suggestive of candida infection varies depending on the organ or structure which is affected.

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July 14, 2016

10 Quotes By Jim Rohn To Use As A Blueprint For Success

Are you trying to create a blueprint for success? Following are some quotes by Jim Rohn that will help you build a blueprint that will actually work. And you can use them to create a blueprint for success for any area of your life that you want to be more successful in, including health, wealth, and happiness.

Jim Rohn was a successful entrepreneur and motivation speaker. While he is now considered to be one of America’s first business philosophers, back in the 1960s, he started speaking at seminars simply telling his personal story and teaching his personal development philosophy. He’s known to be the mentor of Tony Robins as well as many other amazing people who currently influence our lives positively, such as Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy. Through his own seminars, books, and relationships, he has influenced countless people with his insights and beliefs on what it takes to be successful and happy in life.

In short, quotes by Jim Rohn are gold. They are not just ideas that you can ponder, but actual lessons that people have used to create a better life for themselves and others. Let’s look at 10 of them that can help you develop the successful life you want.

1. You Are Responsible For Your Life


Jim Rohn is known to have a work ethic that got him what he wanted in life. In fact, he met his mentor at the young age of 25 and within six years he had made his first fortune. You can’t do that kind of thing if you are letting the day run you! You can only do that if you are being productive and are focusing on accomplishing the things that will get you closer to where you want to be.

We all know how easy it is to let the day get away from us. I think most of us know how easy it is to let a week, month, or year get away from us. But, as Jim Rohn said, there are only two options each day – you either run your day, or it will run you.

So what are you doing today to run your day despite the setbacks and unexpected interruptions? Do you have plans in place? Do you have backup plans in place? Do you have a solid and structured routine in place? If not, you may want to look into developing these things.

2. You Can’t Just Be An Astronaut


I had to include this in an article on quotes by Jim Rohn for success because you simply can’t be successful at most things without the proper education or experience. For example, it doesn’t matter how much you want to be an astronaut, you are not going to be one without getting the education and experience needed. You can’t just go from here to there without doing the work.

If you don’t have the desire to get the education or experience, then you have to modify your dreams. But, if you can’t shake the desire to do something or be someone, then you have to make plans to develop the skills needed to do so.

Do you have those plans included in your blueprint for success? I suggest finding out what skills are necessary to reach your dreams, and then acknowledge where you are lacking so you can get to work!

3. It Takes One Really Good Idea To Be Successful


Sometimes I’m blown away at how someone had a simple idea that made them millions. Mostly I’m blown away that nobody else had that idea! But, I think the real truth is that no one else had the determination to bring that idea to life.

You, just like everyone else, are capable of ideas that can change your life. Just one idea could be the start to your fortune, better health, or more happiness. Of course, you have to act on them!

Therefore, I would highly suggest acting on any ideas that you feel passionate about. Don’t let them fade away (and they will fade away if you don’t act on them). Always remember that your latest idea could be the answer you’ve been looking for!

4. Success Means Doing What You Know You Got To Do

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July 14, 2016

7 Quotes About Determination For Everyone

Quotes about determination can help you focus on your heart’s desires and move towards your goals. They can help you push through your comfort zone and focus on changing the things you want to change in your life. They can help you take action, face your fears, overcome failure, and deal with criticism from people that you encounter every day. And, quotes about determination teach you how other people stayed determined and what they know about how determination benefits your life.

In short, if you want to get determined to achieve something in your life, the following quotes about determination can help! Let’s talk about why they are so important to remember so that you can start doing the things that need to be done to get you closer to who you want to be.

1. How To Follow The Path You Know Was Meant For You


Ben is a professional baseball player, so he knows a thing or two about following your callings in life. In fact, he knows a secret that only a select few people do about having the life you want. The secret is this: It takes determination and perseverance to follow through on the life you want.

People who have followed a mission that they felt called to pursue, know that it isn’t easy. They had to stick with moving forward even when times got tough (and they did). If they hadn’t put in the work, they wouldn’t be where they are, and that’s something everyone needs to understand.

You can’t get the life you want without determination. You will give up. You will change your mind. You will not do what you need to do. So if you want to live the life you feel you were called to do – whether it is to be a stay at home parent or a missionary or anything else – stay determined to make it happen. That’s the only way you will keep moving forward on a path meant for you.

2. Do You Believe The Path You Desire Is Not Possible?


One of the most important quotes about determination to remember is this one. It reminds you of what determination is and what it can do for your life.

If you don’t believe in yourself, you dreams, your purpose, or your willpower, then it is impossible to achieve the life you want. Why? You will never allow yourself to do what you need to do to achieve the things you want in life. You will sabotage yourself with limiting beliefs. You will beat yourself up and put yourself down. You will stop before you even start. It will be impossible to reach your dreams because you will be standing in your own way.

But, if you believe that it is possible for you to have the life you want, then you will see things differently. Your beliefs will support you. Your actions will support you. Your self-talk will support you. You will do what you need to do despite the fear because you believe that it is possible, and you will be determined to get there.

Whether it comes to love, work, health, or play, you have to believe that you can get what you want and be determined to see it through. I highly suggest having a visual of your ‘why’ – the reason you want to stay determined to reach your goal. That ‘why’ is a motivator to keep you moving forward and doing what you need to do. It may be your kids, your retirement, your happiness, your well-being, or anything else, but it is the reason you have the desire in the first place. Find it, and your determination will follow.

3. One Way To Boost Your Determination


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July 7, 2016

Free Your Mind Quotes To Help You Let Go Of Things That Suffocate Happiness

The term ‘free your mind’ means many different things to many different people. It all depends on what stage you are at in life, what is bothering you, and what you think your mind is or is not capable of. The following free your mind quotes will take a look at a few common things that can hold your mind hostage and how they can affect you, as well as ways to free your mind for more happiness.

1. Free Your Mind From Angry Thoughts For More Peace


If you want more peace in your life, then you need to free your mind from anger. You need to let go of the anger that is holding your thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs hostage so that you can open up to more loving and kind ways to think, perceive, and believe.

When your mind is always focused on anger, you are always ready for battle. The hormone adrenaline is released, which causes you to get worked up and prepare to fight. And, you can’t have a very peaceful life when you always expect a battle in your life. Anger produces hate, which causes all of the conflicts that we have seen in the world lately.

If you want to free your mind from anger, you have to realize that anger is primarily there to help you to fight off threats in the world. You get angry when someone is threatening your well-being, relationships, happiness, or anything else that you want in life. But, for the most part, it is all a perception.

If you are confident in yourself and know that other people can’t steal your happiness, cause you harm, or affect your life in a negative way, then your anger goes away because the threat goes away. And, the truth is that they can’t! You have control over your life. Other people’s opinions and actions can’t hurt you if you don’t let them.

You are not weak. You have nothing to fear from other people. You don’t need to get on your hind legs to prove how great you are because you already know how great you are. Other people’s thoughts and beliefs can’t hurt you unless you let them.

I guarantee that once you develop a confident mindset, anger towards other people will start to lift, and you will feel much more peace in your life. When you are full of peace, you can also affect other people in a peaceful and positive way – even angry people. This is great for making big changes in your life and the world!

2. Free Your Mind From Bias For More Awareness


To be bias means to have a judgment for or against something or someone. A news story that only presents facts or opinions supporting one view is biased. A person who can only present facts or opinions supporting one view is biased.

People who are biased don’t open up their mind to other ways of looking at the situation, person, or people. They won’t even try. It’s like their mind has blinders on and can’t see anything past what it has learned or thinks it knows.

When you free your mind from a biased outlook on life, your awareness opens up. You understand other people better. You can see that what you thought were negative situations were really positive ones. You can see things that your mind would not let you see before because you simply were not willing to comprehend it. In short, your whole world opens up and you are able to move past your judgments and experience other people and situations in a completely different way.

The first step to free your mind from a biased outlook is to accept that there are other ways of thinking about the world. You are not always right; you’re just opinionated. Just because you think that something or someone should be one way doesn’t mean that it or they should be!

Try to see where other people are coming from. Try to see why other people have the perceptions and beliefs they do. Try to see that there are many different ways to feel and express love, happiness, and self-worth. Try to see that there are many different ways to live. When you can do that, you can start to free your mind from the bias that makes you judgmental and even hateful towards people who are not like you and situations that you do not think are right.

3. Free Your Mind From Worry For More Success


If you want to increase the amount of success you have in life, then you have to free your mind from worry. The fact is that you often know what you need to do to get more wealth or live the life you want, but worry that it might be the wrong decision or too hard or anything else will keep you from doing what you need to do. It will hold you back. It will stifle your efforts and produce results that are less than what you want.

Iyanla once said that we don’t worry about the essential things in life, so why not extend that trust into all areas of our lives? I love that viewpoint. We put our faith in things that have been proven to us, but we lose our faith when we are confronted with something new or something that has the potential to change our lives in some way.
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