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June 30, 2016

15 Compassion Quotes That Will Bring More Compassion Into Your Life

Are you starting to feel more hateful towards people and the world? Are you desperate for more compassion in your life that will help you see things in a different light, treat people better, and feel better about yourself? Following are 15 compassion quotes that can help bring more compassion into your life through a new sense of awareness. Please share these compassion quotes with others and let’s send a message that we want more compassion.

1. If You Are Not Feeling A Lot Of Compassion In Your Life, Pray

22If you feel like no one is being compassionate towards your needs and wants, then pray. Allow yourself to connect to something bigger than individual people who may lack the compassion that you need. Allow yourself to connect to the compassionate energy that stems from source, God, or other compassionate people around you.

While research is still being done on the effects of prayer, there is no denying that when you allow yourself to believe in something larger than what you see, you feel a sense of love and compassion showering down on yourself and through you. It’s the ultimate way to feel as if ‘someone’ is concerned for you and fill yourself with more compassion for others.

2. Life Is Beautiful When You are Compassionate


When you can’t understand why people are doing what they are doing, and you hold grudges towards people for who they are instead of being compassionate towards them, your life gets a lot uglier. This is one of the compassion quotes that you need to take action on to understand.

I know that some days it’s hard to be compassionate. You can’t understand people and the world around you. You lose your faith. And life takes on a really ugly and depressing tone. But when you can feel concern for others instead of hate or anger, then your view of life becomes much less ugly and much more beautiful.

3. Don’t Give The Crazies More Hate And Fear


This is one of the interesting compassion quotes that can help you see hateful acts in a different way. I know it can be hard not to react with anger and hate towards the crazy people of the world who do hateful things. But, giving them anger and hate and fear is what they want. It’s what they know. It’s what they live for.

When you give them forgiveness, love, and compassion, they don’t know what to do with that. It’s not what they expect or want. It’s not the reaction they wanted to get from you. It makes their efforts less effective, in their mind, and without their reward, they may be less likely to keep doing the stuff that they are doing.

For instance, if you have someone in your life who likes to make you feel bad, your reaction towards their efforts dictates a lot of what they will and will not do. If you react with a lot of negative energy, you fuel their negative energy, and they get rewarded for their actions. If you react with positive energy, such as love, compassion, or even just indifference – as if their efforts don’t really matter to you – then you will find they are less motivated to try to make you feel bad. They get nothing that they want from it.

4. Self-Compassion Is Necessary For True Compassion

25You can’t go around having concern for other people and never having any concern for yourself, and expect to be a truly compassionate person.

For instance, if you call yourself stupid because you forget to pick up something, then you are – in part, a cruel person. Yes, it might be to yourself, but it is still cruel. If you want to be truly compassionate in life and experience the benefits of it, then you have to be willing to work on self-compassion.

5. Suffering Breeds Compassion

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June 30, 2016

13 Quotes That Answer Life’s Big Questions

Following are some quotes that I think everyone should read. These are quotes that make you think about your life and what really matters in it. I suggest rereading them when you are having a bad day, can’t get unstuck from a negative place, or just want to bring yourself back to a place where life makes a little more sense. Or, whenever you ask yourself one of life’s big questions.

1. What Is There To Be Happy About?


I know that someone said this quote before MarQuis Trill, but I couldn’t find the original person because the quote was always followed by ‘unknown.’ It doesn’t matter, though, because MarQuis Trill is the one who said this recently and it really is one of the quotes that make you think about what there is to be happy about in life.

It isn’t until you are fighting for your own life or have someone close to you fighting for theirs, that you realize how good it is just to wake up and be alive. We need to make the realization of that truth an important belief – not just when other people are struggling, but every day.

When you open your eyes and draw in a breath, be thankful for it. That gratitude will help you see what really matters beneath the noise and the ups and downs of everyday life. It will help you realize that living – no matter what is happening – is a daily gift that we receive.

2. What Is Life About?


Love this quote! It is definitely one of the top quotes that make you think about life and why we are here. The fact is that nobody knows exactly why we are here. But, what we do know, is that you have to give your life some meaning in order to feel like it really matters. Without meaning, it feels like you are just existing, not living.

How do you give your life meaning? It differs for everyone, but the bottom line is to focus on what you are passionate about. Focus on what matters most to you, such as relationships and having fun. Focus on making the most of each day instead of letting it pass by. The more you focus on these things, the more meaning you will give your life.

3. Why Is My Life The Worst?


It’s easy to get stuck in our bubble and think we have it worse than everyone else out there. It can be hard to even see that, in comparison to others, our life really isn’t that bad. But, this quote is definitely one that we can all resonate with.

When we turn on the TV to shows where people are struggling with problems in life that we can’t even imagine dealing with, we can clearly see what we have to be grateful and how much our life is simply not the worst in any way, shape, or form.

4. Why Is My Life Like THIS?


Wherever your thoughts go will decide how you finish the sentence, my life is… The fact is that your life is how you perceive it thanks to the big thoughts that you are having.

For instance, if you are focused on negative things, then you may say ‘my life is crappy from morning to night.’ But, the next day, if you focus on positive things, then you may say ‘my life is amazing.’ It all depends on perception and how you are structuring your thoughts. Moreover, two people in the same situation may have very different perceptions on how great or not great their life is.

The meaning you have towards life is created by the thought structure and can change from day to day. Remember that when you think you can’t get unstuck from a negative place. With a change in thought structure, you could feel completely different about your life tomorrow.

5. Why Don’t Great Things Happen To Me?


What happens tomorrow is a result of what you did today. If you are constantly talking negatively to yourself and setting yourself up to lose, then you are going to keep getting the same results you are getting now. If they aren’t that great, then that’s why great things are not happening to you.

For example, if you want to make more money, you can’t whine about how much you don’t make. You can’t sit back and complain. Doing that is setting yourself up to lose; it’s making you feel less motivated to do what you need to do, and it’s taking up your focus so that you are unable to do what you need to do. But, if you start to take action on making more money – get educated, start a business, take steps towards your career goals – then you are starting to set yourself up to win.

The people who have great things happen to them are not just lucky. They take action in their life that ensures they are set up to win at least some of the time. And you can do that too.

6. Why Can’t I Stop Feeling Pain?

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June 30, 2016

12 Fear Quotes To Help Everyone Get Through Fearful Times In Life

Fear is a hot topic lately, so there are a lot of fear quotes out there. People are fearful for themselves, their children, their friends, and their future. But, we can’t live in fear. That’s not beneficial to our society or ourselves. Following are some fear quotes to help us all remember what fear is all about and how we can overcome it.

1. The Best Way To Eliminate Fear


This quote is a great start to this list of fear quotes because it’s all you really need to know when you are feeling fear. If you are experiencing fear, then you are thinking – you are in your head. You are not focusing on what you are doing. Therefore, to remove the fear – or at the very least dim it a little, all you have to do is start focusing on what you are doing and get out of your head. Or, take action and get out of your head.

I know that one thing we can all relate to is calling someone we like romantically. It becomes more and more terrifying as we think about it. For hours, we can sit and stew about what could wrong and how scary it is to actually pick up the phone and call. But, once we get out of our head and pick up the phone, the fear subsides because we are focused on talking.

Apply this principle to everything in life for eliminating fear. Don’t overthink. Just do. Throw yourself into taking action that matters. That’s the best way to get out of your head and through fear.

2. Why You Need To Move Through Fear

11It’s easy to let fear get the best of you and retreat to a safe place. But if you do, you are not going to accomplish anything in life. If you let your fear get the best of you, then you will be frozen in place or move backward, and both options can be detrimental to your happiness, health, and relationships.

For instance, if you are fearful of quitting smoking, you are going to be frozen in place. Maybe you cut down in preparation for quitting smoking to become a healthier and happier person. But if you can’t move through the fear of not having your cigarettes around, then you may not just stay where you are, you may revert to smoking as much as you did in the past.

Obviously, quitting smoking is just one example of fear. It doesn’t matter what you fearful of, though. If you don’t move through it, you will never move forward in life.

3. You Got To Leap!

12I found this fear quote above a picture of a baby bird looking down off a curb. He wants to jump down, but it’s far, and he’s scared. I love how Maria Popova made this picture into something we can all relate to.

The fact is that a leap is always required. It’s that moment when you take the first step, pick up the phone, take the big action, finally say something, or firmly decide something. But, once you take that leap, you gain skills that help you master that fear and soon you are soaring through the clouds and no longer scared of taking that particular leap. Rinse and repeat this action and you will tackle many big fears in your life.

4. Sometimes Fear Is Good


Anyone who tells you to eliminate your fear completely is crazy. There’s no such thing. Fear is a basic instinct that we all have to protect us from doing dangerous things, like colliding with icebergs!

You should be celebrating the fact that you have such a powerful tool to let you know when things aren’t right or when your life might be in danger. But, that’s not all fear is good for.

Fear is also there to let you know that something is worthwhile. It is a sign that something could be beneficial to your life in a big way. We only fear to do things that are out of our comfort zone and have a possible new reward at the end. You should be glad that you have such a huge sign for future success built right into you.

5. Are You Focusing On Fear?


Rupert Goold is the artistic director of the Almeida Theater. This is one of the fear quotes that can have different meanings for many different people, but in this article, I want to talk about the media and TV.

It’s well known that fear-based headlines are used to drive people’s interest. They pull us in. They make us want to know more. Our fearful self can’t help but read them. But, usually, the stories don’t impact us or are just based on perception or beliefs and not facts.

The same goes for television. A lot of shows are created with fear in mind. The directors understand fear, and they use it to create a show that people will watch and obsess over. And it works! But at what cost to our happiness?

If you watch a lot of television, focus on the news, and constantly tune into the media online, then you are focusing on fear. You are letting ‘directors’ dictate how you feel, what you think, and what you will do.

I know from personal experience when you turn off the TV and stop listening to the media, life becomes much less scary. This is a thought I hope everyone will think about the next time they turn their TV on or read the latest news.

6. Learning From Our Past

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June 22, 2016

9 Wealth Quotes That Everyone Can Use To Get Wealth

If you want to acquire more wealth in your life, the following wealth quotes can help. They can give you a new perspective on wealth. They can teach you what it takes to become wealthier. And, they can help you understand what true wealth is really all about. Feel free to share these wealth quotes with your friends to help them understand the power of wealth and the way to it.

1. Should People Who Built Wealth Give Away A Large Portion Of Their Wealth?


The Giving Pledge was started by Warren Buffet and Bill and Melinda Gates, and it is a way to invite the world’s wealthiest people to give more than half of their wealth to philanthropy or charity in their lifetime or in their will. This may sound like a lot looking from the outside, but it is focused on billionaires. If you have two billion in your bank, giving away one billion isn’t going to make you broke by any means.

For many people, great wealth and giving to people and organizations that need it is not even a question. But, there are some people who are so unwilling to part with half of their wealth, even if they will never use it. For instance, Donald Trump is not known for his philanthropy. In fact, according to many sources, he ranks as one of the least charitable billionaires in the world.

For all the people who believe that you shouldn’t have to share what you earn, I would say that you only earn money because of other people. You earn because of their purchases, support, or recommendations. You earn because other people are helping you become a success in one way or the other. Yes, you do the planning or hire someone to do the planning for you so that you can create more wealth in your life, but in the end, without other people, you would never be able to become wealthy. So, why wouldn’t you want to continue the gesture and help other people become more successful, have more happiness, or be healthier in some way?

2. Being Wealthy Is Not A Bad Thing


I’m sure you have received conflicting messages on building wealth. Some people claim that being wealthy is bad. They claim it makes you egocentric, spoiled, or evil in some way. While that stereotype is starting to drift away with the younger generation, we all have those words lingering in the back of our mind thanks to the influence of past generations on our lives.

Moreover, we look at what people are willing to do for wealth, such as sell other people or torture animals, and we again think of wealth as a bad thing. We think that if acquiring money is going to make us that ruthless, then we don’t want to be like that! But, the fact is that for the majority of people, accumulating wealth is not about doing horrible things to get it or being a horrible person because of it.

Maybe there are still some wealthy egocentric, spoiled, and evil people out there. But it’s clear that most people who work hard to get the wealth they have and invest to get the wealth they have are just trying to bring wealth into their lives for more abundance and don’t have some sinister plan at hand.

According to Sandra Smith, eight million households in America have crossed the millionaire threshold. And, those people are buying things from others, and many are supporting other people through employment, which means they are contributing to society through their wealth in some way.

If you hold the belief that being wealthy is a bad thing, you are going to limit yourself from the type of wealth you want. Remember that you have the potential to create a lot of change and happiness with your wealth, and use that to fuel your motivation for accumulating it.

Moreover, remember that if you are doing good with your wealth, you may be able to eradicate the people doing evil with their wealth in some way. That is a huge motivator for creating wealth.

3. Are You Using Your Time With Relationships Wisely To Create Wealth?


If you are surrounded by people who don’t agree with your vision and waste your time by pulling your attention away from it, then you are going to have a hard time building wealth. This is a good reason you should be serious about the relationships you allow and nurture in your life. Regardless of how much you wish it were otherwise, some people are just going to drag you down and waste your time.

Take a look at the wealthy people of the world and note who they surround themselves with. You will see that wealthy tend to hang out with the wealthy. Moreover, their friends tend to maintain a level of excellence that they maintain, which is a huge motivator for them to stay in a wealthy mindset.

This doesn’t mean that you have to dump your family and friends who are negative. But, it does mean that you have to devote more of your time to positive, uplifting, and motivating people if you want to do the things needed to be done to create more wealth in your life.

Devoting time to your loved ones can also help create lasting wealth. You will have more motivation to do what you need to do. And because healthy relationships are the biggest predictor of good health, you will have more health and energy to get everything done.

4. Stop Expecting Wealth From Nowhere

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June 16, 2016

11 Powerful Deepak Chopra Quotes

If you ever have to go on a long trip, get one of Deepak Chopra’s audiobooks. He’s easy to listen to, and you will come away with a ton of Deepak Chopra quotes that will change your life in so many different ways. Almost everything he says has a lesson in it. He clearly explains what he knows to be true and feels to be true, and when you are done listening to him, you have a ton of things to think about in your life.

Following are some Deepak Chopra quotes that give insight into his view on life and teach us lessons in the process. Each one is as valuable as the next, so make sure you really take the time to understand them. And be prepared for some aha moments!

1. The Real Purpose Of Meditation


Meditation is probably the number one holistic recommendation for destressing in life. Obviously, meditation can be good for stress; however, as Deepak points out, the real purpose of meditation is not about busting stress. It is about finding peace, love, and joy in our lives.

By viewing it in that way, meditation becomes less of an antidote for an ailment that you ‘must’ do, and more of a way to balance out our lives and promote more happiness. Therefore, if you or someone you know is having problems meditating because it feels more like a chore that they need to do rather than something that they get the opportunity to do, make sure you share this Deepak Chopra quote with them!

2. Some Things Are Constant In Life

2Technology has made it very easy to get answers about almost anything, but there are some things that we just can’t get the answers to, yet. Some things are always going to be a constant, and in this world where we can get answers at the click of a button on Twitter and other social media sites, it can be very frustrating to deal with things that are out of our control.

Growing old is a constant. Getting sick is a constant. Dying is definitely a constant. You can’t change some things that naturally occur in life. But by accepting them, you can move them out of your mind and focus on other things that you do have control over.

3. You Need To Open Up Your Awareness


Opening up your awareness is essential to everything in life. If you keep a closed mind, then you are not going to have the ability to handle situations that require flexibility.

Moreover, if you are so sure that you know everything, and that you are right because you have experienced certain things, then you will be unable to see other realities that may be more beneficial to your ability to be successful in relationships, your career, and your happiness.

I’ve seen the results of a life lived bound by the ego sense ‘me’ and by the conditioning of the mind through experiences, and it was sad to watch. The man I’m thinking of believed that other people thought he was amazing and had all the answers, but, in reality, he was just a close minded person who was unable to cope with the real world and other people’s perceptions in life. In fact, he wouldn’t even let them in. That’s why he was unable to see what people really thought of him. And, that’s why everyone had more success, more happiness, and more sustainable relationships than him.

4. Don’t Be An Angry Activist


Obviously, there is a lot going on in this world that needs to be changed. The people in the world, the animals of the world, and the environment are all depending on us to change and do things differently. But, too many people are angry activists, which only adds more anger into the world.

You can’t change or solve things by yelling and fighting, even though you are doing it because you are trying to make someone else understand your point of view. You can only solve things by being peaceful and loving.

If you really want to make a change in this world that desperately needs change, you have to find the change in yourself first. You have to become the person who emanates what you want to see in the world. Then you will have the influence that you are looking for.

5. Everything Exists In your Consciousness

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Sweaty Hands

Sweating is a natural body function. It is through the skin that we sweat to regulate body temperature and release toxins. We sweat more in response to excessive heat and this is how the body cools down. Sweating can occurs all over the body but occurs less frequently on the palm of the hands and sole of the feet. Excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis.

Sweaty hands (Palmar hyperhidrosis)

Individuals who have sweaty hands do have personal and social issues which could drive them to seek medical attention. Some of the personal embarrassments include the inability to firmly grasp objects, drive, turning a door knob, typing on the computer and the inability to do other mundane activities. Socially the source of embarrassment is being constantly told how moist or wet the palms are during a handshake. Intimate relationships can be affected by the excessive sweating of one spouse. There is nothing romantic about being touched by wet cold hands. Sweaty hands can cause high levels of anxiety, nervousness, embarrassment, distress and stress.


Sweating is a normal and regular body activity especially in warm climates. Excessive uncontrollable sweating is linked to the overstimulation of the sweat glands also called eccrine glands. They are found mainly on the feet, palms, face, armpits and groin. The glands are stimulated when your body is overheated, doing heavy manual work or during exercising. Non-physical stimuli can trigger sweating such as when you’re feeling emotional, or as a result of hormones. Sweating is caused by heightened activity in the sympathetic nervous system which is a part of the autonomic nervous system and it is located within the chest cavity. Unlike the voluntary nervous system i.e. the motor and sensory functions which we have control over, the sympathetic system is involuntary. Some of the triggers are:

  • Emotional situations
    • Anxiety
    • Mental tension
    • Stress
    • Nervousness
  • Hormonal surges

Self-help home remedies


  • Doing an apple cider soak
  • Applying talcum powder
  • Soaking hands for half an hour in cold water
  • Soaking hands in a mixture of vinegar and rosewater
  • Soaking hands in baking soda or cornstarch
  • Applying a lotion made of vodka and lemon juice
  • Soaking hands in a mixture of honey and apple cider

Other remedies include:

  • Relaxation exercises such as meditation and yoga

Relaxation exercises focus on the breath, visualization and movement to reduce anxiety.

  • Dietary changes

It is recommended to reduce the intake of caffeine. The ultimate goal should be to eliminate caffeine.

  • Herbal teas such as chamomile, green tea or sage

These are some of the herbal teas which are calming and caffeine-free.

  • Consuming apple cider in the morning
  • Drinking wheatgrass juice up to 4 times daily
  • Charcoal consumed on an empty stomach in the morning

Medical Treatment

  • Botox

Botox injections are better known for the treatment of underarm hyperhidrosis. This treatment is offered by some hospitals

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Hairiness in Women

All through the ages women and men have groomed, styled and even adorned their hair. Body hair however is treated somewhat differently. In some cultures body hair is associated with virility and strength among males. With respect to females, facial hair is not always frowned upon or camouflaged. In some cultures it is admired, painted and deified.

Times have certainly changed in our modern world as the influence of Western civilization has far reaches to cultures all over the globe. More and more men and women are spending a lot of money to reduce the appearance of hairiness. Society is more forgiving of hairiness on men although they can sometimes become the subject of ridicule and comedy.

Excessive Body Hair in Women

In today’s western, fashion-conscious world any visible body hair on a woman is considered socially unacceptable. At the same time hair salons have been increasingly doing more business as there is a great demand to process, weave, style and shave the head in keeping with the current trends among the world’s most fashionable women.

Women spend a hefty sum to rid themselves of excessive body hair. The areas of the body targeted for hair removal are:

  • Face (eyebrow, sideburns, upper lip, chin)
  • Underarm
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Chest
  • Around the nipples
  • Abdomen
  • Pubic area

Luckily for some females the hair is thin and barely visible. Excessive body hair usually begins in puberty and progressively becomes more prominent with age.

What causes Hirsutism?

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June 13, 2016

14 Courage Quotes To Help You Move Through The Fear And Get Things Done

Test of Courage

What does courage really look like? What is courage really about? Why is it so important? The following courage quotes answer all of those questions and make you want to be more courageous in your everyday interactions. If you are in need of some courage – if you can’t get yourself to move through the fear, then these courage quotes are necessary for you to read.

1. You Are Courageous Even If You Don’t Know It

12Michel Bacos received the National Order of the Legion of Honour after he refused to leave Jewish passengers behind during a hijacking of his plane. When terrorists took over his plane, he was forced at gunpoint to reroute the plane from Athens to Uganda. When they landed all the non-Jewish hostages were let go, and the terrorists told Bacos he could go as well, but he stayed on the plane.

Even though he says that he was not a hero, and he was just doing his duty, he had a choice to leave, and he chose to stay. Whether he knew he was being courageous or not, he clearly made the courageous choice in the face of death.

Every day you are faced with choices. Sometimes it’s hard to make the brave choice and sometimes you are already built with the ability to make the brave choice because you believe it is your duty.

In other words, there are likely many times in your life when you are courageous and don’t even know it, which means you have the capability to be brave at any time.

2. To Change The World, We Have To Exhibit Courage


You have to be willing to do things that can help the future. In the speech this courage quote was taken from, Barack Obama talks about supporting educating everywhere in the world as that is a way to help the military avoid more conflict in the future. An educated person is more likely to think for themselves and work on collaborating for the greater good, and that in turn will ease the tension in the world.

It’s that ability to think outside of the box and see the bigger picture that we all need in order to be more courageous and change the mold of what has been into something more beneficial to the future of ourselves and other people. Whether it is in your own life, or in the life of others, take the time to see what’s not working and have the courage to do what will, even if it is not the widely accepted route.

3. You Must Believe In Yourself


You are your biggest cheerleader. If you don’t believe in yourself, then nobody else can match the power that your belief has and motivate you to do what you need to do and excel. Nobody can see things from your point of view. Nobody has access to your thoughts or what you envision past the challenges in your life. So they are unable to have the kind of ultimate faith you have in yourself when you can clearly see why you are doing what you are doing.

4. Find People Who Are Kind And Loving Towards You


Everybody gets knocked around in life, but the real test is whether you get back up and dust yourself off or not. Hilary Clinton’s mother was abandoned by her family and was working on her own at the age of 14. Her teachers, and the woman whose house she worked in showed her kindness and love, which gave her the courage to keep going.

It’s vital that you form strong relationships. For many people, their mother and father are the people who show them the kindness and love they need to feel good about themselves and gain the courage to do something with their lives. But, if your mother or father isn’t giving you the love you need, then you need to find friends or mentors who will show you love and kindness. They will give you the fuel you need to have courage to create a better life for yourself.

5. The Most Fulfilling Lifestyle Comes From Courage


If you want to live a fulfilling life, then you want to make courage a part of your life. It will give you the ability to go after your dreams and experience the kind of freedom in life that allows you to do what you want to do – what makes you feel alive and happy in life. Without courage, you will never take the steps needed to create the fulfilling and free life you want.

6. Stop Being A Victim!

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June 9, 2016

10 Wisdom Quotes That We Can All Learn From

Technically every quote you will ever read is a quote full of wisdom. Every piece of advice that someone shares is something that they have learned from their experiences, so it is sound advice teaching you what not to do and what you should do to create a better life for yourself. And that’s what wisdom is all about!

But, there are some aspects of life that stand out above others. There are some pieces of life that we all struggle with. And that’s where you really need to get as much wisdom as you can to make the right choices and avoid the painful mistakes that other people have made. Because we all share these struggles, listening to people who have been there and overcame can really help us out.

Following are some wisdom quotes on a variety of topics that apply to everyone’s life.

1. Practice Makes Us Stronger In Any Area Of Life


I love that Meghan Trainor was willing to share how much she practiced writing. She is well-known for her song ‘All About The Bass’. But what many people don’t know is that song was written for someone else because she had aspired to be a songwriter, not a singer.

She and her Kevin Kadish wrote the song in 40 minutes stemming from his ‘All Bass, No Treble’ concept, according to her. And that’s what happens when you practice your skill – you create something from one little inspiration that becomes a hit either in your life or other people’s lives.

Meghan still practices every day with her vocals and her writing skills. She studies other songs and other music. And the advice that her father gave her is something that we can all use to become better at whatever we are doing in our lives because practice really does bring out our strengths in that area.

2. You Have To Make Time For What You Want Most


It took Jojo writing three books before getting one published and writing eight books before a best seller. Now a big movie based on her book is out called ‘Me Before You’. This above quote is her wisdom to young writers who want to make it big. But it can be applied to everyone because the message that ‘you just have to make the time’ is something a lot of us forget.

If you ever find yourself saying ‘I don’t have the time’ as an excuse to avoid doing what you want to do – what you feel is your calling, then you are not going to get what you want.

You are not going to get the happy relationship if you don’t make the time to nurture it. You are not going to get the raise if you don’t take the time to be better at your job. You are not going to get the freedom if you don’t take the time to create a sustainable business. You must take the time.

3. You Must Go Through Hard Times To Learn More About Yourself

28This is one of those wisdom quotes that you should share with everyone you know going through a rough time. It becomes easy to see a rough time as just that – rough. But, the fact is that we learn our biggest lessons during those times. If everything always worked out great, then we would never have to overcome any challenges and grow as a person.

The more you struggle in life and come out unscathed, the more you know who you are and what you stand for, and that makes life much more rewarding. So, when you are in a valley of life, keep your head high knowing that it is going to make your peaks that much better!

4. Success In Anything Requires Work, So You Might As Well Embrace Work!


Stop resisting the fact that you need to put in the work to get what you want. Embrace it! If you do, life will be much easier and more rewarding.

Everything worth having requires work. If you go in with the attitude of excitement, commitment, and passion, then it’s going to feel like a great time in your life, not a burden. You are going to enjoy the process, not complain your whole way through it. And, after it is all said and done, you are going to celebrate the results of your hard work much more!

5. How To Create Peaceful Relationships In Your Life


Take a look at your interactions with other people. Are you someone who stirs the pot? Or are you someone who can empathize and help other people come together in a way that promotes unity? If you are always stirring the pot, you may want to rethink how you are acting around and talking to other people, because it affects your ability to live a successful and happy life.

The relationships in your life are your support system and ultimately determine how happy and healthy you are going to be. The longest running study on adults has proven that good relationships are the key predictor of a long, healthy life. Therefore, you want to be able to bring people together to avoid conflict and headaches in your life. When you can do that, they will look up to you and support you through anything in life.

Think of the head of the family. They can bring everyone together – even people who do not agree with each other, and promote a sense of peace because they are loving, compassionate, and able to smooth out the wrinkles when they are around. They are the reason that everyone tries to get along, and their life is rewarded with a happier family and more love.

6. You Can’t Just Say It, You Got To See And Believe It

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June 7, 2016

12 Romantic Quotes That Will Make You Celebrate True Love

Sometimes people say things that are just so romantic your heart can’t help but swell up! Whether you are in a relationship or not, these words make you feel all warm and loving, and you just want to reach out to the person you love or find someone to love in that way. Perhaps this is why romantic movies are always so popular despite the predictability that they hold. We all want to hear those romantic words and watch the romantic story play out between two people who are truly in love because we all want that in our lives!

Do you need to hear some romantic quotes right now? Despite your relationship status, there’s a very good chance that your soul is yearning for some romance. If you lack romance in your life, or just want to feel more in love with the person you are with, romantic quotes can help. They can remind you what romance is all about, help you think of something romantic to say to your partner, or just get you in the mood for some romance. Following are 12 romantic quotes that make romance something irresistible.

1. Let’s Celebrate Our Love The Will Last A Lifetime


I’ve often heard that the first love is the most meaningful love, but I’ve never seen it that way. The first love, for me, was where I learned a few things about myself and how cruel the world can be. I can barely remember the conversations we had or the reason why I felt like we were so in love. The first love is really the one that sets you on your journey towards true love, and the last one is where true love really begins.

If you have found that person you are going to be with until the day that you die, celebrate the fact that you are the one love in their life that is beyond awesome. You didn’t start them on their journey through love, but you are now going to be on the rest of their journey. That’s pretty amazing. That’s extremely special. I would much rather be the last than the first.

2. True Love Is Beautiful Beyond Measure

37There are so many romantic quotes in Romeo and Juliet, but I think this one really rings true to anyone who is in love right now. Romeo says this as he watches Juliet dancing, and it speaks volumes about how much that one special person can stand out amongst the crowd.

In fact, your one true love will always be more important and more beautiful than anyone else. There’s no one or nothing to measure them against because there’s no one or nothing quite like them. You can see that ‘something special’ in them that makes them brighter than everyone else in the world. That is truly a romantic part of being in a loving relationship.

3. Love Is Our Private Affair

38The most romantic moments in life are not when everyone else is watching. They are when you are alone, deeply focused on each other, and celebrating your love for each other in one way or another. Those intimate moments, where you express your love simply for the sake of letting that special person know how much you love them, means much more than a big public show of affection ever could.

I find that people truly in love seem to understand this. They don’t flaunt their relationship on Facebook. They don’t tell everyone who will listen how great their partner is. Yet, you can see how in love they are. That’s because their love is obvious by the way they interact, talk to each other, and smile. They don’t need to show you how much they love each other because they’ve already shown each other, and that’s really all that matters.

4. Each Day Is Better When The One You Love Is There

39If you are in a loving relationship with someone, the mornings without them feel awkward and less bright. It’s like every time they go on vacation or have to stay somewhere else during the night, you wake up with a sense that something just isn’t right. But, when they are there, even if they were there and now have left for work, everything feels right and good with the world. It feels normal, safe, and secure. There is no feeling like knowing that the person you love is in your immediate life for another day.

I have heard other quotes where people talk about romance as a barrier to a successful day. But, I truly believe that a real romantic relationship is a motivator for success in your day. Waking up knowing that you are supported during your day – that it’s not just you rooting for you to succeed, is a huge motivator to do what you need to do for more success not just for yourself, but for your lover too.

5. Love Makes Us Better


Being loved makes you motivated to be more successful, but it also makes you a better person. It does this in so many ways!

For instance, true love makes you think about someone else as often or more than you think about yourself, which promotes more compassion, awareness, and empathy in you. Also, a lover validates you as a person, which boosts your self-confidence and self-worth. True love also gives you an outlet to discuss issues and figure out how to improve yourself and your life. And, it gives you the best support system you could ever ask for which encourages you to go after your dreams and become more of who you were meant to be.

And, love makes you physically better, which also makes you a better person all around. For instance, it boosts your immune system, which means fewer colds and fewer struggles around trying to live your life while you are feeling sick. It protects your heart, helps you beat cancer, and promotes a longer life, which I think we can agree are all things that make you a happier person.

The bottom line is that when you make time for real romance in your life, you are giving yourself time to reconnect with someone who means a lot to you and can promote all kinds of health benefits, both mental and physical, into your life. And that really does make you a better person!

6. We Aren’t Making Love; Love Is Making Us

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