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March 6, 2016

20 Change Quotes That Will Promote More Change In Your Life

Change affects everything in your life and in our world. It is very important to think about and consider at every level of our progression. Sometimes change is a really good thing, and sometimes change is a really bad thing, but it is always happening in one way or the other. The following change quotes cover things like whether or not you can really change your habits in 21 days and the best way to influence change in someone else. If you’ve been thinking about a change, or wondering why change is so important, then keep reading.

1. The Ability To Change Is Important In Leadership


Considering this is one of the change quotes taken from the late 1400’s, we are assuming that he was talking about leaders in war or politics. However, this is a quote that can be applied to anyone’s life in this time, and it is very important to remember.

We all have places in life where we need to lead others. It may be with our family, friends, or in our business. The ability to lead requires the ability to change and be flexible. It requires the ability to make better decisions when unexpected things happen and past decisions or beliefs need to be challenged. And it’s impossible to be flexible if you are not open to change.

What happens if you can’t change? You will lead people down the wrong path. You will lose their respect. And you will become unhappy and unable to lead. Any parent, teacher, friend, lover, motivator, or boss should recognize how detrimental that is to your role in other people’s lives.

2. Get Unstuck By Changing Your Choices


If your life feels stagnant, and you feel like you are destined to be where you are for the rest of your life, then you are not embracing change. It’s not that life is working against you! You are simply not choosing to do different things in life that can lead you down different paths.

I know one man who is now 70 years old. He has always felt that his life was boring and that he was stuck, but he was unwilling to make different choices with his life. He did the same thing day in and day out and was totally against trying anything new. Yet, he expected things to change in his life! He expected more happiness, better health, and better relationships. Can you see how unrealistic his expectations were?

Don’t get stuck like him. If you are in a bad job, relationship, or place in life, don’t wish and hope for something better and then do the same thing over and over. You have to make changes to your mindset and way of life in order to get unstuck and start experiencing something different.

3. The Ability To Change Makes A Crisis More Like An Adventure Than A Tragedy

3Life is for the living, and since change and adventure go hand in hand, life is for the people willing to change! Often change comes in the form of crisis. You lose your job. You get dumped by someone. You have a major setback with your health. If you resist embracing the change that is happening, then you are resisting the adventure that lies before you. But, if you embrace what is happening, then you embrace the adventure before you. What will happen? How will your life change? What will you see? What will you learn? What will you do? That’s all part of the adventure.

This does not mean a crisis is not a time of difficulty and trouble, but it does mean that being willing to change and do what you need to overcome it will help set you on a path of discovery. That willingness to change and overcome means a new adventure in unknown territory is about to start.

4. Don’t Hold Your Breath For Others To Change First

4If you are in any type of relationship, you may be expecting the other person to change before things become better. That’s a horrible idea! Change is hard for many people, and the person whom you want to change may never be able to do that.

In addition, sometimes people won’t change until they see someone else changing first. I’ve read countless stories where one person in an intimate relationship decides they are going to start making positive changes and doing things differently in the relationship, and their changes affect their partner and they automatically start to change.

For instance, one woman didn’t feel loved by her partner. But, she realized that she was not giving as much love as she could give. She changed how she acted with him. She started to show him more love. And, within a short time, he started to show her more love naturally. It was a reaction to her action, and it only happened because she decided to change first.

The best way to change others is to change yourself and your relationship dynamics. As you change, they will have no choice but to change. They won’t be able to react to you in the same way they did before. They won’t be able to interact with you in the same way they did before. Change will be inevitable.

5. Not Changing Is Not An Option


This is one of the change quotes taken from someone who has to embrace change. Eric is the head of Global Brands and a member of the executive board at Adidas, which means that he has to be willing to adapt towards what is best for his company. He can’t get stuck on one idea and unable to accept others into his life or he would be slowing down the success of things like Adidas.

While you may not be making big decisions on one of the most popular brands, you are making important decisions about your life. Staying the same is not an option for success in life. If you want more victories in any area of your life, then not changing is not an option. You must be willing to change, adapt, and look at things from different points of views.

6. Why Change Is Really Important

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March 2, 2016

15 Must Read Hard Work Quotes If You Want Motivation To Work Harder

Working hard feels good. It helps you get closer to where you want to be quicker, and it helps you make more money and have more overall success. In fact, everyone who has success right now had to work hard to get it, and most of them are continuing to work hard.

I’ve heard many successful people say that they would rather work than go on vacation because it is so rewarding to them. While that may not seem like something you would say now, working hard is addictive, and it’s imperative to do if you want to have a better life and feel amazing about yourself. But, it’s not always easy. To get into the groove of working hard, you have to get motivated to do so.

As I was searching for these 15 hard work quotes, I got really inspired by them and the meaning behind them, and I’m sure you will too. Hard work should seem much more appealing and rewarding after reading these quotes. It should also feel like something that is going to energize you and make you feel alive and on track!

1. Three Key Factors To Motivate You To Work Hard


When it comes to working hard, Shay Carl Butler is a prime example. He knows what hard work is all about, which is why I could probably write a whole article with hard work quotes from him alone!

Shay started posting videos on YouTube in late 2008, worked very hard learning everything he could and implementing it in the beginning, and quickly came up with the idea of posting daily vlogs, which was an idea that worked for him for years. Daily vlogs means he worked every single day on filming and editing and interacting with his viewers.

Now, he’s worked his way up on YouTube as a popular personality who gets hundreds of thousands of views for each vlog he posts. He also started a business with some other YouTubers called Maker Studios, and in 2014, just 5 years after the launch in 2009, Walt Disney bought their company for a reported $500 million dollars. His hard work paid off!

Shay has always promoted hard work. And, the fire and passion he has always been evident. You can see it in every vlog he posts and all of his live events where he talks about what he does and teaches others to do the same. When it comes to his success, he has never held back on trying new ideas or working hard to make things work. He’s believed in himself enough to go forward and see what level of awesomeness he can reach next. And that’s what you need to do too!

Find the fire and passion inside of you. Find the reason why you want to work hard and achieve success. For Shay, a lot of it probably has to do with his wife and 5 kids, but for you, it may be a completely different reason. When you find it, hold onto it. Post your ‘why’ wherever you can see it and then let that ‘why’ ignite the fire and passion inside of you.

Then, believe in yourself. Have faith that you are going to be able to achieve the kind of success you want IF you work hard enough. That will motivate you to work, even if you are not getting a lot of initial rewards.

2. Choose The Most Rewarding Route


There are a lot of different routes you can take in life. You can choose to let your past define you and take the route you have always known. You can choose to take unethical routes to get to where you want to go. Or you can choose to work hard and see where that takes you (hint: it has proven to be the most rewarding path out there!).

Sean Combs, otherwise known as Puff Daddy, took the route of hard work. He hasn’t just been handed his success. If you look at his history, he has been working hard since the early 1990s and has had a ton of success because of it.

The point is that you have a ton of different ways you can go in your life, but if you want the kind of success and rewards in life that people like Sean Combs have, you have to work hard for it. You can’t choose to do nothing and expect to end up in a place of wealth. If you are unhappy, you can’t choose to stay on the path you are on and expect anything different than what you have been getting. You have to choose the most rewarding route, and that always comes from working hard and doing your best.

3. You Don’t Have To Be Smart To Be Successful


A lot of successful people have gone to college and have the degree and a brain full of information, and they never succeed like someone who works hard. That’s why hard work quotes, like this one, are so important. They clearly demonstrate that achieving goals is not all about intellect. In fact, many people believe that it is much more about hard work and having the willingness to do what it takes, no matter what it is going to take!

Jason Calacanis watched his father’s business go down the tubes and decided that he was never going to have that happen to him, and his hard work paid off, starting with the sale of Weblogs, Inc. for a reported $25-30 million. And, he’s still working hard today.

I have listened to many people who believe in hard work, and they all believe that the hardest worker can surpass the smartest person in any area of life. That’s because work creates results. The person who is willing to go the hardest and the longest is going to get more results than someone who is only willing to do the bare minimum.

Therefore, you don’t have to go in knowing what the right moves are and everything there is to know about what you are doing. You will learn a lot as you go, and because you are so in the game, you will have a pulse on what is happening and what kind of results your work gets, and you will know what the next move should be for yourself.

4. What Does Hard Work Look Like?


Elon Musk’s advice to people starting a company is to work hard in every waking hour. That’s what he did, and with a net worth of 10.7 billion dollars, it’s obvious that work paid off in a big way. He’s the founder of PayPal and SpaceX, and he has his hand in many different things.

In short, hard work requires sacrifice. You may not have to sacrifice what Elon Musk did, but you do have to sacrifice some time or energy or luxuries to get the results you want to get.

For instance, if you want to get the body of your dreams, then you have to sacrifice time out of your life spent doing leisure activities and start working out. You have to stop eating out at fast food joints and start eating healthier food. You may have to start cooking more, buying more food, and even buy some gym equipment. You may not be able to spend as much time with your loved ones because you have to put more time into working out.

While the word ‘sacrifice’ can seem harsh, if you are passionate about what you are doing and have a fire beneath your belly to succeed, then it won’t feel like a sacrifice. It will feel like something you need and want to do in order to get the results you want.

5. How To Be Better Than Other People

25Even though Derek Jeter was a professional baseball player, this quote can be applied to anyone going after anything in life. If you want to be better than other people, you don’t need to try and tarnish their name or drag them down. You don’t need to be smarter, prettier, or come from a better background. You just need to work harder.

The truth is that 98% of the people out there are not willing to work hard. I’m not sure if that is an accurate percentage. It may be more like 99%, but it can’t be too much lower than 98%. Think about all the people that you meet who don’t want to put in a lot of time working hard and are more inclined to do things that don’t really matter in the long run. I guarantee you will have a hard time finding more than 1 out of 10 people who deserve the title of being a hard worker.

We have it so easy now that it doesn’t seem like we have to work hard. But, the people that separate themselves from the other 98% of people are the ones that work hard and go further than other people are willing to go.

6. Make Hard Work A Part Of You

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