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How To Start A Successful Blog: What Tools Are Necessary For Your Blog?

You want to create a successful blog that inspires and influences a ton of people, right? You may know what topic you want to blog about. You may even have a content schedule in place and already know what your first 50 blog posts are going to be about. But, do you know exactly what tools are necessary to start a successful blog? If not, keep reading. Just like everything el [...]

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Insulin Resistance

Medical researchers and physicians are paying more attention to the metabolic disorder called insulin resistance. The very early detection of insulin resistance could halt or even reverse the onset of diabetes for millions of individuals. It has been predicted that by the year 2020 there will be approximately 250 million people worldwide affected by type 2 diabetes mellitus. It [...]

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Review Of Language Of Desire By Felicity Keith

Women, do you wish you had more passion and intimacy in your relationship? Do you wish you could access a part of the man's brain that turns on his primal instinct for passion? Do you wish you could say and do things with your man and not worry about being judged or rejected by him? If yes, then you need to read this review of The Language of Desire. Felicity Keith has written [...]

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Warts and Verrucas

Common warts are also called verruca vulgaris. Other names used in the literature are plane juvenile warts; periungual warts; subungual warts; plantar warts; verruca; verrucae planae juveniles; filiform warts. These are benign (non-cancerous) painless growths which can appear on the skin or mucosa. The appearance of the wart is rough and can be flat or elevated out growth from [...]

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11 Uplifting Quotes To Help You Feel Better

Sometimes things just feel like they are really bad and it's hard to talk yourself into feeling better socially, spiritually, emotionally, or physically. When you are in that state, it can be hard to acknowledge that there are better things to come, which is why uplifting quotes are important! They can give you a new perspective on yourself, your day, and your life, and the [...]

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Your Guide On How To Come Up With A Blog Name

Take out a sheet of paper and create 4 columns. In each column, you are going to write words that come to mind for the above 4 questions. - Column one: Words that describe my niche. - Column two: What I am going to write about. - Column three: Words that express my blog style. - Column four: What my target audience wants or needs. For instance, if your small niche [...]

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8 Depression Quotes Discussed

Depression is a serious thing. You can be feeling depressed thanks to a mood or physical disorder, or you can be experiencing major depressive disorder or dysthymia (mild depression). People who are not depressed have a lot of things to say about it, but the people who have lived with depression or are living with depression are often the people you want to turn to for advi [...]

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How To Start A WordPress Blog On Bluehost

The first step in getting your WordPress blog up and running is to sign up for hosting with Bluehost if you haven't done so already. You can sign up for optimized WordPress hosting; however, the price tag is a little higher than regular hosting. This is because optimized WordPress hosting offers a safer, faster, and easier to use the platform. Usually, people who hav [...]

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